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  1. House-hunting hermit

    my hermits do that too???
  2. Small Videos

  3. What Else Is There??

    an open brain would be nice if you can find room btw,awesome tankB)
  4. 30 gallon tank

    Awesome tank
  5. triggers

    if this is for a reef tank i would suggest a Blue thoart trigger i've had success with this fish in a reef tank it's very easy to pair them since the male has a large blue spot,sargassums are also great and may live with Blue thoart.Both of these fish are normaly peacfull TO THERE TANKMATES they will attack people --I would recommed a 60gal or larger if it's Fish only from what i've heard you can keep several small picasso triggers,they may or may not fight as they grow larger HTH;)
  6. Adding another Clown

    how long have you had this one clown & has it been stirring up the sandbed bioload isn't a big prob, it's pairing the 2 clowns correctly;)
  7. ID please

    are many of these clumped together?& are they on or near the sand bed?
  8. What is your favorite type of fish?

    Lion Fish!
  9. Foxface

    you heard right, it can take several weeks for it to color up;)
  10. A College Kid's Nanocube

    but the star looks great nice orange color
  11. 100_0364

    your lucky you nearly lost both clowns
  12. Something bit me!!!

    ohh.....that's deep good luck with the tank
  13. what to put in a jbj cube?

    small goby's or blennys neon goby,barnacle blenny,red head goby,etc...
  14. Heat and Metal Halide

    as long as you follow the set-up directions you'll be fine
  15. Sand selection

    never heard of the second one the first is a good choice;)