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  1. your lucky you nearly lost both clowns
  2. hmmm.... they sound like a good Lfs awsome coral
  3. looks great
  4. sweet photo check your pm
  5. 1 year old!!!
  6. pretty
  7. Great Color
  8. how about this little guy I saw a couple at the lfs the other day there pretty cool
  9. eels with bearly any LR
  10. Last week we were visiting family in Clombus, Gergia.A reason why we went is to look for a new home and a good buissness location, mostly because my parents wanted to start a fish store.So we went to check out the compition,we didn't find a single store that was at our standards of a fish store, because our lfs is nice. One thing that bothred me was none of the stores had metal halides on any tanks even the display tanks,and some of them have clams and other hard to to keep animals.It was horrible:*( I don't know how they make mony. Maxima under pc
  11. Fire Clown
  12. candy cane
  13. I'll try to get the pics soon this is a Fire clown