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  1. How tough are scolys?

    I have an Acanthophyllia too!
  2. How tough are scolys?

    I already have a ultra wellso There very nice, but i want some more green/orange in my tank
  3. How tough are scolys?

    Thanks for all the replys! I will probaly still get one, but feed it regularly!
  4. My Aquascape?

    +1 HAHA
  5. How tough are scolys?

    Ya i agree with you, thought they were hardy. I guess everyone on the internet has there own opinions
  6. How tough are scolys?

    Been thinking about getting a scoly. I read somewhere that there not very hardy long term. Any body have an experience they could share about the long term care of a scoly? Thanks!
  7. Tiger tail acans

    Wow! any frags soon?
  8. Craziest chalice i have seen

    Check out this chalice! https://www.facebook.com/aquasandiego youll have to scroll down but it's the yellow one! WOW!
  9. Tiger tail acans

    Man Nice!
  10. Tiger tail acans

    Oh no! I wish! they are "sexycorals" off his show off thread on reef2reef
  11. ID help please

    looks like leptastrea
  12. Tiger tail acans

    Anybody have these? Anybody seen them? I know sexy corals has them. They are nice!
  13. Your favorite coral in your tank

    My joker pectina and orange leptoseris
  14. P6190013

    Autumns Blaze
  15. Sweet Site!

    I really like there gold torch