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  1. Min # of leds on a buckpuck?

    thanks alot!
  2. Im trying to run 2 or three led strings for spectrum suplementation. My question is what is the least number of drivers I can run on this buckpuck? Thanks http://www.ledsupply.com/03021-d-i-1000.php
  3. Shmoopy's BC14 moneypit

    Just changed my system around. Went with a minimalist aquascape. Ive got plenty of room for the sps to grow in now
  4. Awesome new LED fixture out

    how heavy is it, those are really close for 3w leds. Very professional looking
  5. Steves leds Is taking orders

    I have seen his completed setup and it is a quality product, not to mention alot cheaper than anything else on the market. The catch is that he started making retrofits for full size tanks and not nanos. He is just getting started and wasnt aware of the popularity of LEDs in the nano market. For anything less than a 29 ish gallon aio the fan is a little too much because it is a positive pressure fan and not just a spinning computer fan in a hood... Give him some time and some suggestions and he will accomodate everyone, ive met him and he is making strong work to make this a viable business so help a fellow salt water hobbyst, you wont be dissapointed
  6. Steves leds Is taking orders

    You can follow his thread here http://dfwmas.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=66885 He has ordered bulk leds from china, they have been tested for months and blues are actually in the actinic range in nm unlike cree's and other brands that are slightly higher than true actinic. This is not a big corporation, it a fellow reefer who is trying to help the community by offer the cheapest and best lighting possible. i have seen his work, its impressive and will post pics soon. He did not work for another led company he started this after diying his own tank. He is offering complete customization, whatever you dream he will make at a fraction of the costs of other lights. Im trying to share a good thing here,
  7. Stevesleds.com is up and running. He is making an awsome product completely customized. He is making a retrofit to go in my Biocube. He is selling fixtures that range from a bag of parts to complete plug and play systems.
  8. MP40 in Biocube 29

    Just wondering if this is the same one on DFWMAS website?
  9. FREE! to a good home

    Crab and microalgae if ya want it, great for a sump. Does not eat coral but likes to rearange. In North Dallas, local pickup
  10. spencers' 12G Cadlights

    Wow, it fits in there perfectly. Look great!
  11. Santa hats

    i love the he did for me. its even got the classic comic book "BAM" lol very nice! take that shark!! nobody eats Batman
  12. New AIO Project...Coffee Table

    I love your cat stalking the lion fish
  13. Santa hats

    Haha batman is awsome! looks great, now how would i go about making that my avatar?
  14. new LED fixture online (pictures of difference)

    any reason you went with the 700ma bucks instead of the 1000ma? 1K ma would have been brighter. Looks nice!