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  1. I like the new tank! Quick question... what are you using to hold your MP10 cords? Tom
  2. Glad I could help. Your tank reef has inspired me for a long time.
  3. Oh, you noticed that huh. Still working in cleaning up the hair algae but just realized I have not posted many livestock photos. This war coral was 4 browned out polyps I noticed on a piece of LR at the LFS. I think it paid off... top-down FTS Top down left side Thanks for looking, Tom
  4. Thanks. The new sump is working well so far. I’m a little concerned the return pump section is too small to get the Mame overflow running the way things are currently set up. I’ll run some trials this weekend and tweak water levels and float switch heights as needed. Here’s hint on the box surprise... Thanks for looking! Tom
  5. Looking good! What’s the big plastic grippy looking thing attached to the right side? Tom
  6. New-to-me toy just arrived! This will be a long-term project, as it requires some rebuilding and modification. But it is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of getting. More to come as I make progress. Tom
  7. Thanks! I’m looking forward to a sump with better flow through it. The old sump was a de-rimmed 10 gallon with no baffles. There were a lot of dead spots in there. I don’t use any mechanical filtration. Tom
  8. Finally got the sump swapped out... before look how filthy the display is! after still need to clean up tubing and wires and put all the other stuff back! Thanks for looking! Tom
  9. Looking good! We need a FTS to fully appreciate your re-scape efforts. Tom
  10. The AL T5 Hybrid (or Giesemann) would be total overkill for for the OP... they asked about adding a single T5. I am in a similar boat. I’d like to add a pair of T5s to the mix, not two pair. Tom
  11. Sump swap did not happen this weekend. I caught a nasty bug and slept all day Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday. I’m finally feeling better and may try to pull it off one evening this week. Tom
  12. I’ve been wanting to add T5 to my Duo as well! @DaveFason What does it take to become a Beta tester? Tom
  13. Real soon. I’m close to intalling my new DIY sump (the tank on the right). It’s an Aquamaxx 11 gallon with baffles for the return and a little bit different take on the first chamber. The overflow tube is 100% silicone and will replace the small piece currently stuck in there. That first small chamber is intended as an area to settle out detritus (though flow may be too strong) and serve as a spot for media (GAC or Phosguard). The second small chamber will have my DIY air driven skimmer. The big chamber will be a refugium. The whole thing will replace the unbaffled, de-rimmed 10 gallon currently serving as a sump. I’ll use the white stand for the new sump both to make siphoning it easier and storing things under it. Best case scenario I’ll make the switch this weekend. Thanks for looking, Tom
  14. Sad news. I lost my male Banggai cardinal Sunday night. He had stopped eating but was not holding eggs either. I’m chalking it up to old age as I got him around three years ago and he was pretty big when I got him. On the bright side... he wasn’t a very good dad (he only carried one clutch of eggs through to release). Hopefully the next male will be a better dad. A more positive post coming soon. Tom
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