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  1. 4.5 Gallon AIO full DIY cube

    The Skimmer is one form a old pico kit that I Have. It's from Skimz iBox nano. The mantis is a spearer Pseidosquilla ciliata and will remain small about 10cm.
  2. 4.5 Gallon AIO full DIY cube

    New update: And my mantis:
  3. 4.5 Gallon AIO full DIY cube

    New Update, some new corals and new light.
  4. 4.5 Gallon AIO full DIY cube

    First of all some information: Tank : 9.8"/11.8"/11.8" with build in back 2" sump Vieweble area is 9.8"/9.8"/11.8" In the sump: 1st sector - Skimmer 2nd sector - coarse aragonite sand 3th sector - activated carbon and return pump Lightning : 1pcs 10watt 20k LED and two 0.2w led strips for moonlight Stocking : Hammer coral - Green with purple tips 2-3 types of Toadstool coral Sinularia coral few frags of zoas small frag Acanthastrea lordhowensis small frag Favites sp. two types of GSP and one Ricordea yuma few small Abalones Maintenance: Manual top off every morning, change 0.7g water from 270g system every other week + change of activated carbon. In close future: Change the 20k Led with 10watt Hybrid super actinic Led. Because I don't like the colours that corals shows. The growth is more than good but the colours are in the brown end of the scale Here is FTS:
  5. Coral ID Please

    It is sarcophyton. In US this is most known as a "Neon Green Toadstool" coral It's not exact a nano coral, they grow pretty large
  6. 4.5g cube light

    I have a 4.5g cube with build in false wall sump. The dimensions of the main section is 9.8"/9.8"/10.6" or 25/25/27cm. I trie to make it simple and minimalistic and decide to use these led lights : GU10 3Watt (1pc White + 2 Blue leds) How much of them I need if I want to keep some montiporas, pociloporas, styloforas, seriatoporas and some zoas and LPS. Acroporas are optional Thank you in advance! PS. I'm sorry for my bad english.
  7. WTB Zoas;Palys;Ricordeas etc. frags

    Alright I'will wait for your answer. Send me PM when you check it
  8. Hello I'm new here. I want to buy some zoantid/palys ricordeas and some soft coral frags but it's have a little problem... I'm from Bulgaria and US is so far away. Thank you in advace! Best Regards Martin.