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  1. This should be interesting. What overflow is that? is it the pico aquariums overflow?
  2. I am confused even more! haha. From the video it looks like thats all the extra pot is doing. I don't see the Jebao being run in constant mode and adjusting the pot. He only adjusts the pot while in wave mode and it just seems to make bigger waves again only adjusting the timing pulse. I am terribly confused by this mode. I guess I will have to wait until someone tries it to really understand what is going on.
  3. I thought thats what the knob on the Jebao controller did? Is the problem the sensitivity of the potentiometer on the Jebao controller? I am confused as to why this mod needs to be incorporated? If this is the case, instead of adding another potentiometer, I am going to look for a more sensitive pot for the Jebao controller.
  4. Went down that avenue, by the time I pay shipping and duties, it is $300. I don't think I am prepared to spend $300 on a fragile overflow. Knowing my clutzy self, I would drop it and SMASH! Plus the nano (for now) is only $54. I just wish I knew more about the Pico overflow. I saw a thread where Chris was talking about releasing it last year. I guess he is overly busy with builds.
  5. Hmmm I wonder if I could contact them to see if I could get an overflow. Just don't know if I want to drill the tank as it is full or add an eshopps nano on there for the time being. I cannot find ANY info on the nano and a 60F
  6. What size tank are you getting? I am looking for an overflow for my 60F but am scared of the tank overflowing as the volume needed to overflow it is not much at all! Also who makes this overflow? Pico?
  7. You still have the mame for your overflow? I am looking for an overflow but the mame is $300 and I really don't want to spend that much on such a fragile overflow. I dunno how an Eshopps nano would look or how it would perform.
  8. Modding a Ikea stand, looking for ideas.

    Expedit or a Besta. I used a besta for a 45g cube and am currently using one for my 60F
  9. Thanks for the input, I was hoping you would chime in. I am really leaning that way because it is very similar to a sump but I don't have to worry about floods. I just wish the dimensions were a little different. That is really what has drawn me to the JBJ RL-20. Its basically the 34g and 45g combined.
  10. Going to start a new build and I am curious what you would buy and why? Price is somewhat of an issue, but I will not undercut myself and end up with crap. I want to build a super low maintenance frag only tank. Probably only live rock and corals. MAYBE 1 fish. What would you buy and why?
  11. WTB: Mame overflow and Silencer

    He doesn't want to ship to Canada. Getting hard to find and I refuse to pay $300. Might as well upgrade and get a cadlights 45g for $375.
  12. RRocky's CADlights shallow build

    Should really get longer screws and turn that light 90 degrees to get better coverage. But if you like the shadows, carry on! Great build so far!
  13. WTB: Mame overflow and Silencer

    I am not in the USA. By the time you pay for shipping and import fees it is almost $300 Canadian
  14. 45g Skimmerless & Sumpless tank

    More information definitely needed here. I would love to start an ultra low maintenance tank.