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  1. Thanks tulip. It's just a rock pile though.
  2. Apparently not everyone thinks so lol... I think a 5.5 is probably from someone who isn't too find of me.
  3. On the left side of my tank I have three larger LPS. They do not appreciate being directly under the LED's so they are all clustered over on the left. Rainbow brain, 'superman goniopora' and an elegance that I rehabilitated from a recessed specimen.
  4. This is my tank now... its rimmmmless
  5. nice panther! I had a Werneri for 3 years
  6. My lps get mysis and brine every few days, Acans grow like mad... I'll try the prawn eggs though
  7. Purpose?
  8. Love these little orange plate corals. I've had mine for 3 yrs; I don't think its grown even a tiny little bit in that time. Beautiful though.
  9. I have that same acro.
  10. Excellent. Hope it's ok I made it my iPad wallpaper.
  11. I really wish this weren't here but I didn't know how else to change my signature pic...
  12. Quite good.
  13. whaaaaaaat?!
  14. Don't worry about bristle worms. You'd never be able to irradicate them even if they were a problem. Which they are not.