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  1. Phosphate in RO DI product

    So i guess after spouting off a bunch of easy answers you've gone silent ? I really only come on here when I have a real issue that doesnt have an obvious answer, but obviously none of you know any more than just the basics, which I'm not interested in, so Im not sure why I bother...
  2. Phosphate in RO DI product

  3. Phosphate in RO DI product

    Checked tds, its 003 and 004 after the ro membrane, about 100 from the tap, so that seems in line with 96%. 000 after DI. Still have phosphates in the product. Now need suggestions. Double DI? My DI's are vertical, and packed tight with resin, wicking up nicely.
  4. Phosphate in RO DI product

    Which is why i tested several times with salt added..... I willl switch out the DI elements today and see what effect that has; perhaps my resin had gone bad on those units...
  5. Phosphate in RO DI product

    The coralife for sure isnt great, but the aquafx units are good quality units. The elements are very new, and the DI carts arent used up, so they cant be doing all the work...... TDS is reading at 0 on both units.
  6. Phosphate in RO DI product

    So... Here is where Im at and Im not happy. I run about 10 salt tanks for customers, each has a 4 stage RODI. Each has the elements replaced frequently. Two of these tanks have algae issues., and are geographically close together, same municipal water supply. Last night, I decided I would test why these two tanks consistently have phos of about 0.1-0.12 Testing the RODI with a hanna meter, I found that the output was at 0.08!! Then tested fresh mix, to correct for the fact that many people say you cant test rodi. Still 0.08. Then tested a bottle of distilled with from the grocery store with a bit of salt put in it, and the level there was 0.00. These units are both new, one is coralife (not my choice) the other is AquaFX Barracuda. Both DI carts have had perhaps 300g run throug, membranes perhaps 1000g. They have not changed colour to brown from blue, they're perhaps 80% blue. The tap water consistenly reads 0.12 ppm... Why am I getting such poor phosphate removal and how can I improve this? I am quite certain the units are installed properly, membranes seated, etc etc.
  7. 3 corals to be identified

    Zoanthus polyps, goniopora (possibly alveopora) and torch coral.
  8. Reefkeeper Lite Overkill

    RKL can do that. It can even kill your lights if it gets crazy hot. Or t can control a fan for you as well to keep it nice and cool. Your heater should already shut off for you without a controller as they generally have thermostats.
  9. The Ethics of Reefkeeping

    IMO, all home aquariums are unethical. Most hobbies are. Look at the amount of waste and the amount of electricity... I feel bad about it sometimes, but I love it. It's much like driving. Definitely not ethical, but I love my tdi and my motorcycle too.... Enjoy.
  10. Then I retract my recommendation.
  11. Which skimmer

    I havent, but I have seen some in action. I've used 4 vertex skimmers on various sized tanks; the 80, 100, 180 and the biggest one... 280? I forget, but its huge. I've also used one of their LED strips on a big cichlid tank. My opinion of vertex is universally positive; relatively low prices for absolutely beautifully made, high quality, high end gear. Every time I get a new saltwater customer, I have to upgrade them from a Coralife super skimmer to a vertex. Day 1.
  12. I prefer sump. You can also go sumpless and forget the canister. Live rock, protein skimmer, powerheads/flow pumps. If you want to use chemical filtration, throw on a cheap HOB like an aquaclear or go fancy with a chemical media reactor from TLF or Kent. A sump is always going to win here though. its a great place to keep all your equipment.
  13. Which skimmer

  14. Which skimmer

    I've seen two things happen from way over kill skimming 1. Bleached corals from too nutrient poor water or 2. The skimmer doesn't work consistently because there isn't enough waste to consistently foam up, resulting in algae issues. Those were my theories as to what was happening anyway.