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  1. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am going to sell my nano-tank. This hobby has brought me great joy, but I've put in too much money and unfortunately don't have enough time to properely care for it. 16 lbs Live rock with plenty of coraline alge 20 lbs live sand Red Sea Prizm Protein Skimmer Red Sea Prizm Deluxe Upgrade 20" Aqualight 96W Quad - Coralife 2 Emerald Crabs 1 Brittle Star 1 Clownfish 3-4 Astrea Snails 4-5 Nassarius Snails Mushrooms hairy Mushroom Frog Spawn (I think you can see it in one of the pics) Orange zoos Brown zoos Purplish brow zoos Green & Orange Zoos Little bit of Macro Alge 50w heater 2 Rio 180's Various test kits I'd like to sell it all complete instead oh having to part it out. $300 - negoitable easiest way to reach me is to email me here
  2. I have a new stil in the box 7 Gallon A.G.A. Minibow 7 Gallon and Custom Sea Life 32watt Smartlight Retrofit Kit. I have yet to install the retrofit kit but I can if you'd like. I already have a 10g nano-reef and not really in the mood to start another. I live in the Bay Area and would prefer to sell to someone who can pick up, but its not a requirement. I also have a 50w heater I can throw in and I will probaly be parting out my 10g so after your ready you can take a look at some of my corals I paid aboout $120 for the tank and lights and am looking to get around $100 but price is negoitable. You can reply here or emailing me at atrevigne@hotmail.com
  3. I was doing some maintanence on my tank and was moving around some rocks when two of my pimple mushroom slid right off the rock they were on. They appear to be in good health anwere opened up when the slid off. So I took some live rock rubble and set one of the mushrooms ontop of the piece of the rock and wrapped a piece of chhese cloth around it. Did the same for the other. Then I put a plastic cup in the tank and put the wrapped mushrooms inside. Does anyone know if this will help them reattach? Are they getting enough light even though they are wrapped in cheescloth? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks Twiz
  4. I have for sale a 29G long (36") glass aquarium w/ oak trim Also Brand new still in the box Coralife Aqualights - 36" 1x96W Coralife Aqualight CF hood w/ 50/50 I also have the Coralife Aqualight High Heat Silicon Retaining Bands & the Aqualight Mounting Legs 2 used 301 Powerheads 1 50W Ebo Jager heater, never used (too big for my nano) or a used 150W Visithem heater - Your Choice All for $150 I also have the stand for this aquarium, it is also oak and matches the trim on the aquarium, but it is not with the tank. It is in Lafyette and I live in Oakland and if you have a truck we can pick up the stand Everything plus stand $190 I can get pics if need be... As always price is negoitable and I am willing to barter. I'd like to sell the whole thing as it is but I may be willing to part it out Thanks OT
  5. Thanks guys... Now I can rearrangre my tank. Pictures to follow... OT
  6. If my mushrooms are too close to my clam will it sting the clam? Is the sting harmful? I have a feeling the answers yes but just wanted to check with some of the experts around here Thanks OT
  7. How about one of these.... Red Sea Star Got one in my 10g More info on the Red Sea Star http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/...d=23&pCatId=578
  8. sweele99: I would appriciate the address Marmain Aquarium & Aquatic Gallery . I haven't been to any LFS in the the South bay area but have been wanting to. Aquarium Concept is a great place, was just there yesterday. There corals have been looking rather poorly lately, though... They used thave really beautiful coral tanks, don't know what happend. Thanks cajastan! OT
  9. How about one of these.... Red Sea Star Got one in my 10g More info on the Red Sea Star http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/...d=23&pCatId=578
  10. I just got one of these and it fit nicely in my 96W Corallife PC Quad Unit over my 10g. Go for it, you'll love it OT
  11. Just got a little LED moonlight. I was wondering if people let them run all night or just for a couple of hours.... Thanks OT
  12. Off topic, but I see you are from Berkeley, CA. Have you been in Octupuss Garden on Shattuck? I love that place, just opened a couple of months ago. I have that powerquad 96watt, but no info on the actinic bulb. But the light itself is great!! IMO OT
  13. I always thought it was frogspawn. If you find out any different please let me know also. Were practically neighbors... I'm in Oakland. Any good LFS out you're way?
  14. Got 2 in my tank, one on each side. Flow turned down about one third. Plus Penguin 125 for flow and Prizm skimmer Alot of water movement, but it's not like tidal waves in there. Just enough so nothing is stagnant OT
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