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  1. IM Nuvo Skkye LED's

    Selling 2 Nuvo 18Watt LED fixtures. Only one month old. These are beautiful lights I just want to upgrade to something that has wifi capabilities. $129 $99 for both shipped PayPal only http://www.marinedepot.com/Innovative_Marine_Skkye_Light_Clamp_LED_Light_18_Watt_20_Inch_LED_Light_Fixtures-Innovative_Marine-0I10460-FILTFILDTN-vi.html
  2. My Mr Aqua 25g Cube

    Following. I'd love to have a setup like this one day.
  3. Tristan got his PicO

    Nice job with the overflow and return. Your tank looks clean. Have you had any issues with the noise from water gurgling or dumping?
  4. Mr.aqua 7.5 gallon aquarium

    Take look at my build thread on this tank. It might give ou some ideas. Link is in my signature.
  5. Eco Pico Reef Video

    I had a similar five strip lighting setup on my 7.5g mr.aqua tank. Slightly larger than the ecopico tank but very similar. I used two all blue strips and three strips that were a mix of two white and one blue LEDs. Very nice color. I eventually upgraded to a par 38 reef lamp. You can see the setup in the link on my tag.
  6. Getting back in.... 30G Finnex

    Awesome tank. I miss my finnex 30g.
  7. Help me decide what skimmer i need.

    I had this skimmer a couple months back and thought it was awesome. It's a Chinese bubble Magnus nock off. Just search ebay for "Factory direct sale 65 Gallon Protein Skimmer SCA-301" $80 shipped There are a few threads on this skimmer just have to google it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-direct-sal...=item2c67d71916
  8. Hydor Slim Skimmer Nano

    Here is my two cents. I have owned both the slim skim and the tunze 9002. They both skimmed very well in a 24g jbj nano. I did not like the way that the hydor slim skim attached to the wall of the tank. It's difficult to describe, but they use the same magnets that hydor uses on the koralia power heads, but that attaches to the back of the skimmer with plastic dowels that are prone to falling off and then you skimmer comes loose from the wall of your tank. That alone was a pain in the a$&. I ended up modding it with super glue. If your not skimming much then keep in mind that all skimmers have a break in period usually about two weeks sometimes a month where they really start to work good. Sometimes their isn't a lot to skim. Check to make sure that your foam is coming up to the bottom to mid potion of the neck of your skimmer cup on the tunze. Very small adjustments is the key. It could take three days just with adjustments to get it just right 1/4 turn at a time. If yor water level is not stable then your skimmer will not skim very good. Look into getting an auto top off set up if you don't already have one. IMHO the tunze is superior the hydor because of the build quality, easier to attach to tank wall, proven skimmer. Just my two cents.
  9. Nate's 7.5G Mr. Aqua Part Deux

    I'm going to experiment by buying an identical fixture and replacing the lamps with 26w 20k/10k each. Well see what that can support.
  10. fuge light with acrylic adjuster and 4 mini fan

    how much for just the fuge light shipped?
  11. Our "Little Jetty"

    So awesome! Mini news are cool.
  12. Tristan got his PicO

    Wow, awesome start. I had a vortech mp10 on my 7.5g and it was over kill in my opinion. Good move with the Stevie t media basket / AC50 combo. I had the same setup but with the AC70 and I should have stopped there. I had the ledtric par 38 and it was very powerful. I had to position the lamp a foot from the surface of the tank to avoid frying my coral.
  13. Nate's 7.5G Mr. Aqua Part Deux

    Well, I only bought it because it was on sale way back when.
  14. Nate's 7.5G Mr. Aqua Part Deux

    Thanks. Still a work in progress as you can see.
  15. Our "Little Jetty"

    Looks like a good start. I too have been trying not to go overboard with the $$$ on my latest project. I saw the Spec V in the store and almost bought it, but I don't need two tanks and could not justify the spending. Nice work with the tank for the wife idea.