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  1. I'm looking at purchasing a Red Sea max 250 (approx age 3 years old).. All pumps have been upgraded and tank is in fine atheistic shape. The one down side is that two of the lights only work 50% of the time. Current owner says he thinks it's a faulty ballast. Anyone have experience with this? How much to replace a ballast? Is this even the problem? How difficult of a job is this to do? Guy is asking 500 bucks for the tank
  2. Looking for a 3.5gal or 5 gal PicoAquarium that is used.
  3. Ok, how do i create a cool looking signature like most of you have here? Very cool!
  4. Great looking tank and love the history
  5. SCA. I like. I'll have to measure
  6. Thanks Saltcube. I'll check them out
  7. Looking for a skimmer for my 50 gal cube In sump, small footprint needed.
  8. My power supply went out on my 1st gen MP20. Was wondering if anyone has a extra that they could sell.
  9. Thanks Lawnman... FoUnd another tho...
  10. Looking for a reef cleaners coupon...
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