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  1. The pectinia is sold and the everything else is canceled due to a personal situation. I'll repost when I have the time for sales again. Thanks
  2. Yes the mini anemones are available still.
  3. Space invader is now on hold through the weekend for a local.
  4. I'm selling a space invader pectinia and 2 mini mini carpet anemones. The space invader is $50 and the mini's are $25 each. Local pickup preferred in Los Angeles. I'll ship if needed. PM me with a zipcode. Mini mini carpets don't grow larger than a quarter, and primarily purple/pink with striped green mouths. The two I'm selling are smaller ones I captured when they floated off my live rock. I haven't seen these around in a while, but super fun and readily splits if you feed them. Pics of the Space Invader frag and my colony Older pics of the mini mini carpets. (the ones I am selling are in a weird corner of my mushroom box, I'll try taking a pic when I move them tomorrow) Under lower light, more pink Under higher lights, more purple. They're the group next to the montis and mille
  5. D on hold through the weekend.
  6. B is sold and C is pending. FYI if I ship, I'll include a free bonus frag of something else.
  7. Trimmed my colony back and made some frags a month ago. Time to clear the sandbed. I'm in West Los Angeles, local pickup preferred. If you want me to mail it, pm me your zip code for an estimate. I'll only guarantee overnight. A - $40 B, C, D - $50 Colony
  8. That seems too good to be true. Is the water circulating and the temp where it needs to be? Without either, the bacteria in the liverock or the bottle will have a tough time even starting the cycle. You might just be seeing numbers from stuff dying off the live rock.
  9. Since someone's asked, here's the mother. I got the grandmother in 2012 from kmaintl.
  10. Some more growth...
  11. All sold. RR Supernova Montipora frag for $80. it's the one on the right. The mother is on the left. (Not selling the mother colony) Jawbreaker Mushroom for $60. Almost the size of a dime. $10 off each if you do local pickup in Los Angeles. I'd do a trade for something super cool :-) PM me a zipcode if you want a shipping quote. I'll only guarentee/refund for overnight.
  12. I got more limewood airstones on ebay. They got mentioned by reefbuilders and were pretty cheap, so why not. They're not as nice as the ones from pico, but fine imo since I can replace them more frequently.