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  1. Zoo Trouble

    No I've never found and Nudi's. Anyone know how to train a goby? lol I guess thats the draw back to the cute little guy.
  2. Zoo Trouble

    I got some nice zoos about 3 weeks ago. Now 1/2 of them won't open ,but they don't really look dead. I have them pretty close to my lights ( 2x40 csl) on a 18 gal via aqua, but that should be enough right? The only other thing I can think of is that my yellow goby likes to "sit" on them.
  3. 18g Via Aqua

    Looks Nice welcome to the club ! ")
  4. How often does everyone feed?

    I feed my fish once a day, my GSM gets mean and my sleeper and yellow gobys look skinny if I don't. My bta gets fed 2xs a week 1 silverside and one cube of forumla 1 .. plus (daily snacks from my GSM) And ya its grown quite a bit. My LFS makes fresh phyto and I try to add about 1 cup per week. ( when I make the trip up to get it) I like to keep my critters fat and happy, even if it means more water changes! lol
  5. red bubble algae?

    WELCOME TO BUBBLE HELL!!!! Well your not alone , my 18 gal is over run as well. About once every 2 monthes I break out the pocket knife and scrape my rocks, (out of the tank). My 2 cen. Try not to pop the bubbles, scrape from the base, rinse LR with SW before placing back into tank, and now that I use RO/DI water I have alot less growing back. Oddly I kinda like the splash of red it adds to my tank, and underneath I have alot of coraline. But I have yet to find any "crew member" that will eat it. Hope that helps
  6. Help...Urchin good or EVIL???

    Well I moved the urchin in to my 5.5 which is pretty much FOWLR, I was a little worried about him poking my BTA and GSM, as long as theres algea in there he should be ok right? Will he eat nori?
  7. Sorry no pic, Urchin is about the size of a large pea, kinda purlple-black body with about 1/2 inch long spines that are a brown- ish green. Moves slow and just hangs around under my BTA. GOOD OR EVIL???
  8. March 2004 photo - 18gal ViaAqua

    Sweet tank!! I wish mine looked as good.
  9. Epoxy

    I use the epoxy glue sandwich method. Make a ball of epoxy ( I used aquamend) stick glue ( zap gel) on frag, then mash frag on the epoxy, then put a dot of glue on the epoxy and mash that to live rock. Works like a charm but I don't think you can get it off. What I did was attach my rics ,which were on a tiny piece of live rock, to about 3 inch pieces so that I could move them around on my larger LR.
  10. I'm thinking of going with the black sand look, does anyone know if black sand comes live?? Also I need help with Ideas on a filter and heater for a tank that small. I have a cascade 80 but I don't think thats enough. I'm going to just run a 50/50 20 w coral life pc for now. I'm not planing to add corals (shrooms & rics) for a while any way. Thankx in advance!
  11. Nice start ! Welcome to the Via-aqua club
  12. what do you name your tank inhabitants?

    My orange line sleeper goby is Mick Jagger, cuz of his big mouth. My false perk is named Tweek, and Wimpy is what I named my maroon back when she was a baby, now shes almost 2 1/2 inches and theres nothing wimpy about her.
  13. I've had my via aqua 18 gal for about 7 months. I made the mistake of buying the closed hood model but now with the 2x40 CSL I got I love my tank. Good luck with yours!
  14. I already have: 3 mexi turbos 3 arista turbos 5 blue legs 1 emreald 4 narsi snails 1 sand sifting star And a orange line sleeper goby that keeps the sand well sifted. In my 18 gal via aqua.I need something that will eat, hair, red bubble, and grape cap. algea. Any sugestions? Thankx
  15. Maroon clown + True Perc in a single tank

    Get ready for a war, tried it and now have 2 nano's ! So I guess maby there was an up side. Maroon's are also a little aggressive toward other fish after they host. Good Luck