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  1. API Saltwater Master Test Kit

    Ammonia Lot 83A1009 Ammonia #2 Lot 84B1109 Nitrate Lot 17A1009 Nitrate #2 Lot 18B1109 High Range pH Lot 27A1009 Calcium Lot 70B1009 Nitrite Lot 26A0909
  2. API Saltwater Master Test Kit

    Bump... anyone?
  3. Only used twice API Saltwater Master Test KIt Purchased Jan 2011 - Cannot find Exp Date on package so if you know where to look let me know! Make offer!
  4. Cree LEDs

    All sold!
  5. Cree LEDs

    Bump Still available
  6. Cree LEDs

    Available.... $40 and they are all yours with S&H
  7. Cree LEDs

    Still available
  8. Cree LEDs

    I have the following LEDs and lenses remaining. Please PM if interested (13) XR-E RB (13) 60deg XR-E Lenses
  9. Cree LEDs

    I still have the following available (13) XP-G CW (13) XR-E RB (13) 60deg XR-E Lenses (6) 40 Degree XP-G Lenses
  10. Cree LEDs

    Leds and lenses from my LED project that never got past the design stage (6) XR-E CW (13) XP-G CW (13) XR-E RB (13) 60deg XR-E Lenses (6) 40 Degree XP-G Lenses Make a reasonable offer on the lot!
  11. I have two, new in box, Meanwell ELN-60-48P's available for $35ea shipped to the lower 48. I will sell together or separate. First PM gets em
  12. 2 1/2 foot Isopod!

    Hide the kids... Sweet 2.5' isopod http://gawker.com/5504969/25+foot-sea-bug-...hes-geldof-pics
  13. F/S Skimmers, DIY led fixture

    NEver saw a PayPal invoice for the skimmer. Did you sell it?
  14. Clownfish with popeye?

    Lather - rinse - repeat? You said that you had it in QT but did you have anything that could potentially have filtered the magnesium from the water? I'm not a biologist but I think that is the active ingerdient that you are trying to use if its a bacterial infection. Hope its doing well.