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  1. I think you are referring to pale colour eventually? I've been there, lol. I had my previous tank lowered to 0/0 and polyps on Acro were almost transparent.
  2. I actually have KNO3 stock solution ready in case my tank is NO3 limited. Reason I didn't go with that route because I just stopped carbon dosing. Should I use mixed nutrition control methods? ie Cabon dosing plus GFO/GAC? I was told they should not being used together. That's what I'm using. LOL
  3. I thought GAC will help to control DOM along with skimmer to prevent DOM turn into organic phosphate via oxidative destruction, is it not?
  4. I'm keeping a small 20 gallon cube. I have 3 clownfish with 1 damsel. I feed mysis once per day and recently switched to home-brew food. I never experienced any problem until I noticed all of the SPS suffering from poor PE and STN on most of them. Not to mention they are all dark brown without any growth at all. I don't usually test PO4 but I tested today and shocked how high the reading is. I'm using Red Sea Pro PO4 kit and had to use high range method to got results in between 3ppm-5ppm! NO3 reads 0.5ppm on Salifert. My nutrition control is vinegar dosing via dosing pump. Tank is BB and established 10 month ago with all dry rocks. I change water weekly for about 3 gallon with Salinity salt. I run a skimmer that rated for 65-70 gallon 24/7. I do not use GAC/GFO. Since PO4 is the problem so I mixed 40ml of Rowaphos and 15ml Phosguard into media bag placed in sump, also added 100ml Seachem GAC. But I personally don't want to have to rely on these absorbers long term. I'm suspecting the source of PO4 is from my home-brew food, so I will stop that as well. I'm wondering what I should do to maintain low PO4 level? I'm thinking RDSB, small refugium with some marco algae, maybe a few mangroves; or just stick to carbon dosing (I have bio pellets reactor too)? Will my Acro to recover once PO4 level is low again? Tank parameters: Temp:77-79 F Salinity: 1.025 ALK: 10.5-11 dkH Ca: 440-450ppm Mag: 1250-1300 ppm NO3: 0.5 ppm PO4: 3-5 ppm í ½í¸± Any input appreciated! * I'm also concerned if rock will absorb PO4 and create a long term problem. Should I better just start all over again?