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  1. ATI controller has a separated channel for 5V output to the relay that's a simple timer. As you will notice while programing it, 10% doesn't turn on the light, you have to have a ON event first. You can get a WIFI relay for the same thing. This relay will control 110v going into the ballasts then your bluefish controller feed 0-10v for dimming and ballast won't be on unless there's 0-10v input so the sequence will still be the same: WIFI relay ON->Bluefish 1%->x%->1%->WIFI relay OFF. Link to the wifi switch: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sonoff-WiFi-Wireless-Smart-Switch-Module-ABS-Shell-Socket-for-DIY-Home-/182145570833?hash=item2a68b8d811:g:Br0AAOSwisVZrnNs One thing I forgot to add, if the ATI controller can still switch ON/OFF then you are all set, just feed the 0-10V signal from the bluefish and nothing else need replacing. This way you will still have the thermal control.
  2. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I got mine from a friend in China. I also found it on eBay when I was Googling for someone else though. Keywords #SEA #DC #Skimmer
  3. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    It's SeaHog DC60
  4. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    The new skimmer is such a gem. This is how much it pulled since water change on last Saturday. My tank reads 0.5ppm NO3 without detectable PO4. I have to add KNO3 to boost nitrate.
  5. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    Just an update of mine. 1. Moved out all the fish for ICH treatment so tank is fishless. 2. Replaced MP10ES/WP10 combo with 2 Jebao SW-4's in W2 mode @ 100%. So far they work 200% better and much quieter. 3. Replaced Reef Octopus NS80 with SeaHog DC-60 skimmer, it's got DC motor and performing really well. Fit nicely into the second chamber without any mods. 4. Glued some frags onto the rock and most of the frags that still on the sand will going into the frag tank.
  6. PLS-50 Elite

    Yeah I'm looking for one as well.
  7. Hey I'm looking for PLS-50 Elite skimmer for my Lagoon 25 tank. I'm located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Cheers
  8. IM Nuvo Lagoon 25 Owners Thread

    I have 1 x MP10ES running 60% reef crest and 1 x Jebao WP10 on Else mode. I have sand bed so I can't get too crazy with flow.
  9. I think you are referring to pale colour eventually? I've been there, lol. I had my previous tank lowered to 0/0 and polyps on Acro were almost transparent.
  10. I actually have KNO3 stock solution ready in case my tank is NO3 limited. Reason I didn't go with that route because I just stopped carbon dosing. Should I use mixed nutrition control methods? ie Cabon dosing plus GFO/GAC? I was told they should not being used together. That's what I'm using. LOL
  11. I thought GAC will help to control DOM along with skimmer to prevent DOM turn into organic phosphate via oxidative destruction, is it not?
  12. I'm keeping a small 20 gallon cube. I have 3 clownfish with 1 damsel. I feed mysis once per day and recently switched to home-brew food. I never experienced any problem until I noticed all of the SPS suffering from poor PE and STN on most of them. Not to mention they are all dark brown without any growth at all. I don't usually test PO4 but I tested today and shocked how high the reading is. I'm using Red Sea Pro PO4 kit and had to use high range method to got results in between 3ppm-5ppm! NO3 reads 0.5ppm on Salifert. My nutrition control is vinegar dosing via dosing pump. Tank is BB and established 10 month ago with all dry rocks. I change water weekly for about 3 gallon with Salinity salt. I run a skimmer that rated for 65-70 gallon 24/7. I do not use GAC/GFO. Since PO4 is the problem so I mixed 40ml of Rowaphos and 15ml Phosguard into media bag placed in sump, also added 100ml Seachem GAC. But I personally don't want to have to rely on these absorbers long term. I'm suspecting the source of PO4 is from my home-brew food, so I will stop that as well. I'm wondering what I should do to maintain low PO4 level? I'm thinking RDSB, small refugium with some marco algae, maybe a few mangroves; or just stick to carbon dosing (I have bio pellets reactor too)? Will my Acro to recover once PO4 level is low again? Tank parameters: Temp:77-79 F Salinity: 1.025 ALK: 10.5-11 dkH Ca: 440-450ppm Mag: 1250-1300 ppm NO3: 0.5 ppm PO4: 3-5 ppm í ½í¸± Any input appreciated! * I'm also concerned if rock will absorb PO4 and create a long term problem. Should I better just start all over again?
  13. AI prime wifi LED

    Sorry my bad, I meant to say from magnetic to electronic. Currently using Reeflex Cube, it's too loud, too hot and use too much electricity.
  14. AI prime wifi LED

    Your tank looks good! I really like how clean it looks. I'm going to swap ballast in two days from electronic from magnetic for less PAR output. But I'm also tempted to try Prime.