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  1. Overgrown and neglected

    Met a new customer this week, found out she was on this forum and it reminded me of this thread from long ago. Everything in the tank went to my friend, but she ended up moving and tearing it down shortly after. She used only tap water, since she thought Algae was pretty. I tried to save a few corals for the BC29, and the Culupera simply came along and I had yet another pest tank. Give up? No way. Read, learn and have patience. The 75 got started with everything new, and I invested enough money to actually do it right. I now have a full Apex, 2 BRS dosers for 2-part, chiller, Reef Octopus, auto water change, etc. and I now use a QT for everything too. I have some SPS that are growing really well, so I must have learned a few things. I missed having a nano on my desk, so I designed and built a 25 gallon tank for my office that is 5 feet long, but only 8 inches wide. Sorry I never created the time-lapse, and reading back, I should have just kept it out of interest. Here is the BC29 that lasted only a year. Really cruddy tank. Here is the nano desktop. And here is the current 75. On the right you can see the only coral I've had the entire time, since the beginning. The hammer coral started with only 3 heads. In the last few years, it now has over a hundred.
  2. BC29: good, bad, ugly

    all great advice. thanks. I'm back on the water changes. I put Cheato in the back chamber today, and I'll lower the photo period as well. Also, note that I don't currently have any Aptasia in the 29. it's all gone, thanks to a single pep. shrimp (maybe he ate it out of loneliness?). A while back I was also having issues with red macro algae (not cyano-bac, but REAL leafy stuff). A tux urchin did nothing for it, but I violated the mandate of the tang police and the yellow tang got rid of it all in a couple of days. Then, a month later, he died because I thought I was "special" and he would be okay. I truly regret it, and have learned my lesson. HOWEVER, the in his/her absence, the algae is now growing back. What are the options for controlling THAT?? My goal is to learn to properly care for this before I add water to the new 75 that was given to me. Oddly, I had almost no issues with the 10 gallon for 2 years, but this 'cube is a total headache. Could it be as simple as I used to do water changes weekly and now I'm lazy???? Michael
  3. BC29: good, bad, ugly

    +1 on Medialab setup. I have the same thing, except that I need new Cheato. I even have the halogen bulb running. I ordered new Purigen and Chemipure elite today. I realize mine was from October still. I just did an 8gal water change, and then a 4gal a few days later. I'll go back to weekly 4gal, and less feeding. I'll probably pick up a few turbos when I get my Cheato tomorrow as well. Then, once it stabilizes, I'll need some advice on my corals. I got a few in the new BC29, and the peppermint shrimp I think took care of them almost overnight. I've heard mixed about that, but SOMETHING saved me from a second round..... Michael
  4. BC29: good, bad, ugly

    I started a nano with a little 10g, and had some real success. Built an LED from scratch eve. After an Epic Aptasia outbreak, I lit it on fire and got a BC29. Honestly, there's been some neglect on water changes and over-feeding. At this point, I would like some advice to get me back on track. The FTS: On the right side, I have nagging green algae (it's actually growing on much of the rock as well) And on the left I have stupid cyano things are generally good, but I would like to get it dialed in. Other than upping my game on the water changes, and perhaps adding some cheato, does anyone have suggestions? It's stocked with 2 PJ Cardinals and 1 Maroon clown. CUC consists of a pep shrimp, a dozen nassareus (yes, that's spelled wrong) and 3 bumblebee + 3 turbos. Cheers, Michael
  5. early cycle of a BC29

    I started the 'cube on Nov 1, with 30# live rock, and 30# of live sand. I have just started getting a brown color to the top of the sand (just under 2 weeks). I have little white things on the back panel (fig. 1). Hard to tell in this photo. My levels are really low. Everything is really low yet. When can I expect some spikes? Also, you can see from this third shot that I have set up an MP10. I replaced the stock PH with a Rio1200, so the flow is pretty strong. I have the MP10 set on EcoMode on the lowest setting,but you can see how much the sand is being moved away from the front, left corner. Here is a side shot that maybe better illustrates better: Is there better placement for my PHs that will stop this? Also, I'm going to run a media basket in compartment 2 with Purigen and Chemi-pure. When is the right time to add this to the chamber? After the first fish go in? After the CUC? now? I'm planning to add the CUC mid-December, and transfer my 2 false percs on New Years. Thoughts? Michael
  6. #1. What type/brand of salt do you use, and why? Does it matter if you are growing SPS versus just zoas? Do you change as the tank population changes? Michael
  7. bio-balls vs. live rock

    Thanks everyone. Now I may re-think chamber #2 in the BC29. I always planned to keep it full (not just wet/dry), and with some Cheato. I have time, so I'll keep reading. I started out looking for genes of interest in MRSA (multi-drug Resistant Staph A.). Then got a job with the Plague and Anthrax group at the Livermore National Lab. Found I hated lab work (and being poor). So now I sell HPLC, GC and Mass Spec to Universities for a major company that starts with "A". Michael
  8. bio-balls vs. live rock

    because the pore size of the LR is too small to collect degrading particulates? I'm a molecular biologist, give me a REASON!! LOL Michael
  9. Reefkeeper Lite

    Got my Reefkeeper Lite today in the mail. I don't know if I'm allowed to say where I got it (rhymes with Marine Mepot). Out of the box, you would think there would at least be a page that indicates where to get the software. LAME!! I'm looking at the parts and thinking, "what is an SID????". So off to the web. I finally find the software download, then have to use YouTube to figure out how to USE this thing. That's the bad part. The good part is: Once I found the obfuscated information (like that? I actually used "obfuscated" in a sentence! Some of you will have to look that f-er up!!) it was SO painlessly easy to setup. I got the $100 version since I'm not running PS and such, but it's expandable too if I go that route. I have the various lights all on different schedules, the powerhead to pause while I feed on command, and the heater on a safety over-ride. Worth $100? Dunno. Is a nano-tank worth $1000? To me it is..... I do think it's uber-f*ing-cool to be able to phase in my lights etc. It's a fancy $100 timer that does a ton of cool stuff, including monitoring over the web if I want to get really techie. I don't. But I spend that on lunch with a client, so why not on my favorite hobby? I don't want to over-sell this. It's a really cool, fancy timer for your lights, and a standby switch for your pumps while you feed. I do think that 4 outlets isn't enough, even for a nano, and will get another "PC4" to make it 8 total outlets (that are all individually customizable). But here is something that I simply couldn't do before: Friday and Saturday nights, when I'm up later than "school nights", I can have the lights on later so I can see my tank. A big deal? No. A nice little upgrade? Yes. I really don't think that a nano needs the Elite, but most of you are thinking that a nano doesn't need a controller at all anyway. It IS a toy. Fine. But I like toys. I didn't comparison shop since I'm an impulse buyer. But if anyone is interested in this, and wants to chat, that's what the forum is for. Ask away. Cheers all, Michael
  10. bio-balls vs. live rock

    I know we want to be uber-perfect in our Reef setups. And the upcoming move has forced me to be patient on the new BC29 setup, so I've had time to do it right instead of rushing it. I pulled the false bottoms out of chambers 1 and 2, and obviously removed the bioballs. My plan is to place LR rubble in there, and a ball of cheato on top with a submersible light. Then I got to thinking: Just how different is the biological activity in LR vs. Bioballs, assuming that I completely submerge both? The $25 for 5 lbs of LR isn't the issue at all. I just want to stay away from doing stuff "because I said so", and really get the WHY behind it. Is this a critical thing? or is it like PS vs. Water change? Michael
  11. Overgrown and neglected

    Honestly? Not really....LOL But I have the same goal for both hobbies: Nothing dies.
  12. Overgrown and neglected

    I gave EVERYTHING to a friend for her 75 gallon. I warned her a million times that she did NOT want what I had. Whatever!! I told her it was like I was giving her Bermuda grass to add to her putting green. She likes the look, so more power to her. I purchased a BC29, along with a stand, Reefkeeper, new heater, etc. I'm going to build an LED setup and add an MP10 once it is cycled. I'm using the "fire and bleach" method. I'm not letting even the fish or snails move into the new space. The 10g goes to my son for a freshwater community tank. I'm asking far more questions now instead of just winging it, since clearly that didn't work out so well. I still have cyano and Aiptapsia growing in the sand bed, but won't ditch it completely until we move next month and I set up the new BC. Glad to make history. Hope to do it a different way next time. Cheers, Michael
  13. what just happened!?

    + 1,0000000000,00000000,000000000,00000000
  14. How to NOT overfeed

    By now you ALL know that I'm a very bad father. Didn't do water changes, over-fed and let my Atapsia completely take over. Fine. Scorched Earth. Moving forward, I have a cyano outbreak and I realized that I don't really know how to gauge how much to feed. What are the guidelines? Michael
  15. Reef-safe putty?

    Place the first rock, build my "sandwich", place the second rock. Sounds reasonable. Do I do this underwater? Or configure all the rockscape, THEN add the water? Michael