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  1. Buy this guys stuff! Great seller to buy from. He shipped and packed the items pefectly.
  2. Perm Feedback

    I bought a skimmer from Perm at a good price shipped. He did an excellent job at packing the item for shipment and getting it shipped to me quick. The item was exactly as described and I have no complaints. The communication was definitely there and you should never have doubts when thinking about purchasing an item from him. Thanks again!
  3. CPR HOB refugium FS

    Look forward to receiving this. I know my post count isn't the greatest either, but i'll vouch for him here if everything turns out well.
  4. best place to order live rock?

    I've ordered some rock for one of my tanks from intmarinefish.com and the rock wasn't all that great. I've just picked up a biocube 14 and been looking at yourreef.com or even reefcleaners or bulkreefsupply for some dryrock. I guess the choices depends on your cash flow.