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  1. picOcean

    It's 6% I use, I'll have to try and get my hands on some stronger stuff as it's really starting to piss me off and I need my tank looking it's best to sell bulbs lol
  2. picOcean

    ok since my last update a lot has changed..... i have no sps. not by choice but because like a complete idiot i filled my tank with tap water and didn't notice for half an hour. i have added a second clam and the sps are doing well but still battling with the bryopsis, the h2o2 just isn't cutting the mustard, think its time to sacrifice the corals on that rock and get the blow torch out i am starting to sell full spectrum par38 bulbs, here are some shots of one over my tank I'm loving the look of it so far
  3. Jgpicos Pico

    marine depot have a deal on using the code epicsale i was going to get one but a guy got me a shipping quote of $220 to the uk lol
  4. clams in picos

    Look through my ig feed and you will see better pics of the rainbow acans
  5. clams in picos

    Yup and added a second yesterday but just wondered if anyone else kept them
  6. My first pico! Dymax IQ3 now 5 YEARS OLD!

    still one of my favourite picos!
  7. clams in picos

    darned snail
  8. picOcean

    Thanks mike
  9. clams in picos

    bump....anyone else?
  10. Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    this little tank is still stunning mate! a real credit to ya
  11. picOcean

    thanks im getting it all back on track now things have settled down from the mayhem of an arriving baby lol
  12. clams in picos

    sweet, no sign of you coming back to picos newman?
  13. Need to fatt'n up my citron without over feeding pico

    over feed and do huge water changes, mine are 100%
  14. Need to fatt'n up my citron without over feeding pico

    ill back what brandon said 100% thats how i run my 3gallon and everything runs sweet
  15. clams in picos

    Cool thanks, let me know who it is so I can hunt out a thread.