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  1. What ocean life to paint?

    THanks guys. I'll post the painting when i'm done with it if anybody is interested.
  2. What ocean life to paint?

    With me riding the squid? Haha just kidding about that part. Thanks for the suggestions guys they're great so far.
  3. What ocean life to paint?

    So my next art assignment for my art class is a painting with a marine life theme.... I thought it sounded pretty cheesy for an art assignment but I'm still pretty excited. I think I'll watercolor - I'm just not sure what subject to choose. Any recommendations? I'm open to anything. I was thinking a deep-sea angler or a lionfish.
  4. Using flatworm exit and interceptor within a week of eachother. Bye bye tank Using flatworm exit and interceptor within a week of eachother. Bye bye tank
  5. Can't Make Decision On Which Nano To Buy

    I've had both the biocube and the nanocube, and the biocube is much much easier to clean and customize in my experience.
  6. Mods please close this poor thread

    I do think vortechs are fantastic, but the difference between what I expected mine to be (2xMP40wES, 1xMP10) versus the hype around them was pretty substantial. I am redoing my biocube 29, and I will not be going with a MP10, just not worth the price in my opinion. They are great pumps, arguably the best, but many people definitely idolize them too much.
  7. Hypes Archipelago

  8. Anyone see the new Sexy Coral release?

    +1 Ridiculous.
  9. Cheap, easy 10-20g build?

  10. Cheap, easy 10-20g build?

    I don't have a set budget but I'd like to stay cheap. Because I'll be moving every once in a while, I'll have to stick with an all-in-one. I had a 120g build and the sump/fuge was nice, but that would be too much maintenance for a college tank. I definitely don't want to spend the $ on an MP10, I'm looking to stick to budget stuff and no SPS. I'll probably have a MJ-900 return pump and a Koralia 1. I'm also looking at buying a used Biocube 14 for <$50 and installing an LED retrofit and an inTank media basket, rather than the cadlight.
  11. Cheap, easy 10-20g build?

    Hello, all. Hopefully you remember me I'm wanting to get back into the reefing game, but without all of the naive impulses and moneywasting tendencies I had a year ago. I'm 16 years old, a Junior, and I don't have a whole lot of time. I really really really miss my old tanks though, I just don't miss the torrent of redbugs, alk spikes, broken equipment etc.... Also, I'll be going to college soon, so I'll need something small and simple I can take care of if I need. So I'm looking for a 10-20 gallon all in one system, with LED lighting (don't wanna deal with bulb changes or heat) that only requires weekly water changes. I'll be keeping ONLY softies and LPS (and maybe a RBTA and a monti cap) with a pair of clownfish so I refuse to do any dosing, except maybe the occasional monthly check. I have a decent amount of experience, but being out of the game for a year has put me behind. I don't want to buy any cheapo/outdated gear that will leave me regretting my purchase. I kept a biocube 29 and nanocube 28 at one point in time, and liked those but did not like the crappy filter system nor the PCs. Right now, I'm looking at the Cadlights 12 LED system. It looks simple enough for my needs, but nice enough quality to produce too much headache. Opinions? Steer me in the right direction, please.
  12. Jacob's Elos Mini

    Me gusta.
  13. Mini/Mini Maxi Anemone Showoff Thread

    Where can I get these?
  14. Bright orange coral..SPS? LPS?

    Lepastrea? (Sp)