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  1. There is a chair in the way
  2. ^^He cut some of the corals with a meat cleaver.
  3. Bright scolys. Very nice
  4. It's green.
  5. I think those are named, and pretty expensive. Not that it makes them any nicer, they are SWEET!
  6. Lol!
  7. Bonsai + PL? How far away from the light is the PL?
  8. Not on this one, the picture was taken 2 hours after I added it. However, I do have red bugs in my system. I'm getting interceptor monday
  9. Sony Cybershot DSC-H20.
  10. Click for better quality!
  11. From fish2morow.
  12. ehhhhhhhhffffffhsk
  13. I love birdsnests for this reason
  14. They have some freaking nice acros. Dang. Colonies too.. Uh oh.
  15. You probably did, they have some awesome hours. Am I allowed to walk right in and buy stuff, or do I have to buy it online?