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  1. thebunb

    Peeping eel watches RFA spawn

  2. thebunb

    Fish Suggestions for 32g

    I have a Caribbean red spotted hawkfish that people really like. Not overly aggressive but will definitely introduce itself to fish and will stand it's ground. Really unique looking fish, the dorsal fins look like hair. They stay small and are pretty cheap. Mine has been ok with 2 cleaner shrimp as well, although they're twice the size of the fish
  3. thebunb

    Help! Mushroom coral looks very bad

    I always put damaged corals in low light and flow areas to help recovery. I'd do that and hope for the best
  4. I used to let it grow but started scraping it and realized I like the cleaner look a lot more
  5. thebunb

    Igor's Peninsula

    Wow can't wait to see the progress. Igor would definitely be a holy grail fish for me I keep a golden dwarf moray eel in the mean time #nano-reef lol
  6. thebunb

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    I've got 2 rfas anemones in an IM 25G. They actually get to a decent size. One of mine is close to the size of a DVD when it decides to flatten itself out. I bought them pretty small but I think I went too crazy with the silverslide feedings and they grew really fast.
  7. thebunb

    IceCap IK vs 3K Gyre for Biocube 29 Gal

    1k would be plenty enough and smaller footprint. I use the 1k(only 1 side) on an IM 25g and it's really strong, even on the lowest setting
  8. thebunb

    Protein Skimmer Upgrade on a 25g

    Upgraded from a IM ghost skimmer to the aquamaxx 1.5 in my 25g lagoon. The ghost skimmer was ok but I'm pretty overstocked and feed heavy so I figured the aquamaxx would be the best option, it produced dark thick skimmate within 48 hours. Was only getting tea like stuff from the ghost. The 1.5 is designed and built really well and fairly quiet. One of the best purchases I've made, although pretty pricey
  9. thebunb

    4 month fts