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  1. Edge DIY leds

    Yep 4 cw 4 rb
  2. Edge DIY leds

    So I started an edge for weeks ago today. The cycle is almost complete and I just did my first diy leds. I still need to figure out how im going to mount it so it does not fall in the tank and probably need a splash shield or something if i keep it that close to the water.
  3. 50g cadlights

    Updated shots of my tank.
  4. What kind of SPS is this?

    Got this frag a few weeks ago dont know what it is though.
  5. 50g cadlights

    Hello everyone this is my 50g cube I started at the end of Febuary. This is what I have so far. 50g cadlights cube 24" remote led 18g sump with stock return pump Bubble-magus nac 6 skimmer two little fishies phosban/carbon reactor RKL with temp and ph probe 2 koralia 1050 powerheads Tunze ATO 50 lbs lr 60 lbs sand/crushed coral Stocking list 1 clown fish 1 anthias 1 ywg zoa frogspawn gsp favia brain candy cane mushroom monti cap acro Sorry about the crappy pics
  6. Need to seed base rock?

    I just set up my cadlights 50g and I have 50lbs. of base rock from reefcleaners. My question is do i have to seed the base rock with some live rock or will it eventually become "live"?
  7. CAD Lights Group Buy

    I should have waited ...just ordered a 50g system earlier this month. Still waiting though!!
  8. Matt's CADLights 22g... NOT!

    I'm not bashing either just ready for it to be here! lol Eddie has always responded to me as well..not always as fast as i would like. I ordered mine with thier new remote led system and it wasnt even supposed to ship till the 2/18. I will be curious to see if this light is capable of supporting anything?!
  9. Matt's CADLights 22g... NOT!

    I didnt even mention that they charged my credit card $1300 3 EXTRA times not including the initial purchase! Needless to say my wife was p!$$ed. It took around 6 days to get the $3900 back
  10. Reefcleaners.org Base rock

    I just ordered 50lbs from them and it looks awsome. Still waiting on my cadlights 50g though.
  11. Matt's CADLights 22g... NOT!

    I ordered the cad 50g on 2/5 and I have heard everything from "it will be ready to ship next week" " some pieces or being help up in customs" "your package is being put together and will be ready asap". Emailed Eddie today and no response. I am starting to get really frustrated with them!
  12. Help! Is this bad?

    So i bought some zoa frags and a friend was holding them for me in a holding tank until my tank is ready....Been having trouble and this what i found!! [img=http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae120/jrbrashear/spider2.jpg] [img=http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae120/jrbrashear/spider1.jpg]
  13. jrb's New 20L

  14. jrb's New 20L

    So I bought a K-1 today! So i have the k-nano and the k-1 for flow and I can always put the other nano in there if I wanted the extra circulation I guess. I am also starting to get a lot of the lovely brown algae! Today the params are - ph 8.2 ammonia-.50?? (this one is kinda hard to read i think) nitrite-0 nitrate-5
  15. jrb's New 20L

    I got the lr at a lfs in Dayton,OH. I do think I will end up replacing one of the k-nano's for a k-1, and just use the nano for mixxing up new water. I seem to be getting a lot of evaporation so I think that I am going to invest in an ATO. Need to reasearch and decide between the jbj or tunze? Any suggestions on which is better? My cycle is starting too. .50 ammonia is what the test showed last night. I still need to get a little better at those damn things...kinda hard to tell what readings it is sometimes!