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  1. 10 gallon ?

    Dredging up the oldies, huh Bird?
  2. Snails don't make babies alone any more than you do. It takes 2 to tango.
  3. when to start using kalkwasser

    That is why I stopped using a 2 part. The problem is that if you mix both parts into your topoff, they neutralize eachother and become ineffective. I have tried two different methods that worked pretty well. You can drop Sealab #28 blocks into your tank and they regulate calcium very well into the 410-420 range. They do not add to alkalinity, however, so adding Seachem Carbonate Alkalinity powder to your topoff water completes the mix. Unfortunately, you still need to drop in new blocks about every 4 days. Or you can start using limewater as your topoff. That's what I'm doing now, and I'm still trying to tweak it in. My ca/alk still drop. It takes a while to get the right recipe. I tied 2 knots into my autotopoff return line to restrict the limewater flow rate and put the outlet into my HOB so that there is a lot of tank water flow at the entry point. So far I have not had any negative effects.
  4. when to start using kalkwasser

    With b-ionic (I used Kent-CB ), you will add a capful of part A, wait a while for it to mix in, and then add a capful of part B. By adding equal amounts of both parts you add calcium and alkalinity in the proportions that they get used up in your tank. That will spike your levels up, and they will gradually drop until you add the next jolt. Dripping is not needed.
  5. when to start using kalkwasser

    Never add any ca/alk additives without test kits to tell you where you are. It's a wonderful way to totally bork your tank. Once you get your test kits, I recommend a two part additive until you get the hang of the whole calcium alkalinity thing. It's safer. After a month or two of that, you can decide if limewater will make your life easier.
  6. nano upkeep

    I definitely change water in my nano more ftern than in my larger tank. It's just easier to do 1 gallon as opposed to 5. Lazy me.
  7. Whats your favorite shrimp?

    My cleaner used to drive me nuts when I had to stick my hand in the tank. Apparently, the hair on the back of my hand looks like a parasite. Pluck! Yeowch!!
  8. So I Go On Vacation And...

    GFCI. Ground fault protectors can pop when a power outage causes a surge on the line. Not much you can do about it. God, that sucks.
  9. Not an anemone

    Great pictures!
  10. my new 20 long...

    I love that red plating coral in the center. I want it (like so many other things)
  11. 20000k - 10000k

    I disagree that the spectrum of lighting provided does not influence coral pigmentation. There is quite a bit of evidence that corals produce protective pigmentation in the presence of blue spectrum light. Also, although I didn't say it, I agree with you that if you go too low on K, you end up with less useable light for photosynthesis.
  12. Midgets - Pickles - Penguins

    Very nice. What does it have to do with pickles? I like Claussen Kosher Dills, myself.
  13. CA: Good places to buy Kaileni live rock?

    I bought mine from Tropicorium, which is in Michigan. Thats a bit closer, but not much.
  14. timer

    I use the twisty ones. The one on my FOWLR is 8 years old and still twisting.