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  1. Your rock will look better regardless once the corals grow in nicely.
  2. ^lol
  3. what if you removed the brace and glued down a plexiglass strip to act as reinforcement?
  4. there's so much going on! Nice picture.
  5. This is neat. It's so hard to decide who to vote for!
  6. I like the shell it's in!
  7. +1 lol
  8. haha
  9. that LR is awesome.
  10. it has two suction cups.
  11. I thought it would be pretty visible, but once the plastic is under water, it's very clear.
  12. yeah... I really like it.
  13. It's a soap-holder from wal-mart. It's not that noticeable in the tank...
  14. lol idk about the background...
  15. To me, the best part of reefing is when you set up the tank...