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  1. My favorite coral is a tie between gorgonians and sun polyps!
  2. delete

  3. 10 gallon with DIY LED lighta

    Your rock will look better regardless once the corals grow in nicely.
  4. Baby Jellyfish?

    that's so cool! Tell us if they stay alive.
  5. Uh...what are these?

    You're over thinking it. You can barely see the "mini jellies." Mine rarely produce medusas anyway. If you like them, keep them. They probably won't do any harm. If you rather play it safe, then remove them.
  6. Need Help with !0 gallon nano reef

    All I have ever run in my HOB (which is about the size of an AC 20) is high quality carbon. If you're good about water changes, I don't see how purigen, chemipure, etc. is necessary. I'm sure it would help, but again it would be optional. *The key to low nutrients is to not over-feed and do water changes weekly.*
  7. Need Help with !0 gallon nano reef

    1) don't get 20 lbs. of sand. If you want sand at all, only cover the bottom with 1/2 an inch. You'll thank me later. It fills up with junk after a while. 2) don't use protein skimmer 3) Metal halide works just fine. I have a 70 watt over a mixed 10 gallon. If you don't want to waste any money, I would recommend an old sunpod or its equivalent for $75-100. Better than LED IMHO. T5 will not give you a nice shimmer. I have a koralia 240, and the flow is okay. I wish I had gotten a 425 though. Although the AC 110 would create a lot of flow by itself. Personally, I just throw some caulurpa in my tank and keep it pruned. A HOB fuge is optional.
  8. Uh...what are these?

    They haven't spread in my tank. For some reason they commonly grow with clove polyps.
  9. Uh...what are these?

    +1 those are NOT aptasia. Keep them, they won't spread quickly.
  10. The transition is finally complete!!! Here are the pics. Let me know what you think. It's been a few days, and the clownfish and corals are looking good.
  11. Why a AIO

    I prefer a basic AGA with nothing but a HOB, heater, and powerhead.
  12. A rep from Current USA told me this....is it true?

    If I'm correct, light bulbs used in scientific research/reef aquariums/etc. are exempt from the phase out laws.
  13. Hi everyone, Sorry I've taken such a long time. Planning the big switch has taken a while. I bought a second 10 gallon and painted the back as well as my iron stand. I'm planning to make the new tank a bare-bottom. The sand bed is causing algae issues because it's clogged full of detritus. I painted the bottom the same color as the back. Here are some pics: My old tank currently on the floor: The new scape made with cultured dry rock (sorry for the bad pic.). I transfered the clownfish to maintain a source of ammonia. I'm selling the old live rock on Monday for $60. Some of that money will go to a 20k Ushio to replace the 14k.
  14. Snow Flake Eel

  15. WTB: Magnet mount for Hydor Koralia Nano

    they are the same...