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  1. Odyssea lights?

  2. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    tank as if now, uncle estimates it can hold 1 ton lol
  3. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    alright, i'll just fuss with it to see what workd best have't updated lately but i started building the stand, cut my acrylic for the sump, made a cool frag statioin out of pvc and egg crate, and trying to see if overflow box and pump are working good together also have some left over acyrlic for putting over open area's of tank, stupid lowes and menards only sell .220 in acrylic inch 18" x 24" or 2" by 4", so i got a 2" x 4"
  4. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    hey thanks, i'm making chamber two into the place where the intake of my over flow goes to my sump. Much much time has been put into building the stand and i think i got a pretty good plan that will hold, at least it can hold a fridge
  5. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    here's pictures of my stand and sump so far this is my sump so far Here is my stand is of... now
  6. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    i have a pretty cool CUC planned, a lot of thought has gone inot this project, pictures of progress will be up tonight... haha progress good one Marian that is one crazy setup!! i think mine will be way less complex since i'll have more space
  7. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    well i decided DrsFoster and Smith is quite a quality company. i ordered my overflow box from them on sale and it came in 2 days standard shipping!! i've definately ordered things from places that took two weeks
  8. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    any suggestions on substrate for a fuge? i was thinking like miricle mud
  9. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    yeah for sure, got to get some good glue/ silicone or some thing. my pump came with like 4 1" bulk heads lol
  10. WTB Eggcrate

    i was just at lowes and the one by me you can get large sheets for like $13 or so
  11. Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

    less flow to to your chaeto means less nutrients for it
  12. Sump for 29 gallon biocube?

    well today i grew some balls and bought an eshopps overflow box 300 and some acrylic for my sump the Rio has a control valve in it
  13. JBM's 40 breeder

    hey just finished reading your story on your tank, it looks great and looks like everything in your tank is thriving lol
  14. id'ing Aiptasia, is it responsive?

    if you are really worried you could get a shrimp to take care of it
  15. yeah i would definately not put it by a window, my friends is and it has terrible algae and his silicon is slowly falling off