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  1. cj_the_white

    Unconventional nano reef

    you guys are making me smile a big smile ))))))). give the guy a break . how will he learn if we didnt give him any advice . the starting advice should be . Get the fish back to the place you got it from
  2. cj_the_white

    Need help quick!

    Aiptasia oh aiptasia , i guess the best i can recommend is a kalk injection as all seem to find it useful . i will not try that in a small tank thu
  3. cj_the_white

    Animals To Avoid

    i think advanced reefers may be able to find solution , but for a beginner its better to avoid fish / inverts / corals that have special needs or harder to house.
  4. cj_the_white

    Clean Up Crews

    i do agree with frost . hermits become less useful when they grow . might attack snails for no good reason than to test the shell even if it is smaller than the one it has already . picky they are . but i do like smaller ones . they are good to watch
  5. cj_the_white

    Natural Filtration

    i have been using the natural way for a long time and it is working great . water changes is the main key element to keep things well .
  6. cj_the_white


    People Eater i guess . i have a similar colony , nice polyps
  7. cj_the_white

    Dragon God

    i will kill for some of those
  8. cj_the_white


    thanks for the tip , it used to be bleached , it gaining some color back but slowly , i am feeding it regularly
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    Purple and Orange Plates 2

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  11. cj_the_white

    Purple and Orange Plates

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    Zoa Frag

    Waiting to be attached

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    Palys and zoas 1

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  14. cj_the_white

    Palys and Zoas

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