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  1. badfish816

    Picotope Question

    I know man. Dug out and cleaned up my picotope. Really itching to get it started again but the wife has a freeze on my spending. Trying to get a house right now. Haha. Priorities I guess. Sorry for the thread jack. Once I went t5 over my pico, there was no going back to compacts.
  2. badfish816

    Picotope Question

    Stock lighting will keep them alive but won't bring out the full potential of color. That and I don't think anyone has used one long enough to test the quality and longevity of the light. Go for it and see how she does.
  3. Fantesticly Flaming Zoas Of Fear. Or for short, "orange zoas."
  4. badfish816

    FOUND: Anemones from Myrtle Beach

    I like pie
  5. badfish816

    Mr. Microscope

    wow. nice to see you take TOTM. sorry im late to the party. beautiful job.
  6. badfish816

    FOUND: Anemones from Myrtle Beach

    once you take something it is illegal to put it back. so all those saying he doesnt know what he is doing and to put them back dont know what they are doing either. pot calling the kettle black. he said the puddle would have evaporated and these would have dried up anyway. so why not take a crack and keeping them alive. figure out what the temperament is with the water and go from there. go out for a snorkel and see if you see anymore and try to mimic there environment (just sand, just rock, sand/rock, grass, etc.) keep them in a tank of there own. like one said, if they die they will annihilate an established tank.
  7. great build. sorry to hear about the heart problems. one thing that is bugging my OCD is the light looks crooked in the pics. is this an optical illusion of is one side lower than the other? cant wait for some more updates once you are feeling better. after everything i have read on nanobox, i am definitely picking up a nanotide for my picotope once setup again. awesome work Dave.
  8. badfish816

    3 gallon picotope build

    Wish I could. Been wanting to ever since it first crashed. But definitely going to do things differently this time. House hunting right now though. After that settles down and I have the money to spend I will. Till then I'll live vicariously through others tanks.
  9. badfish816

    3 gallon picotope build

    tank is looking great. makes me want to start my picotope again.
  10. badfish816

    Hammer babies ?

    they dont fall off. it just keeps branching and growing, unless you frag it
  11. badfish816

    Friar's 4 gallon Finnex - R.I.P.

    friar! good to see you still at it. tank looks amazing bud. neon candy is one of my favorite corals. and nice job on the arduino. its like you are speaking another language though. haha.
  12. badfish816

    HardDog's Menagerie of Pico Proportions

    nice start bud. reminds me of when i started mine. i had everything you have minus the light. if you think you are getting too much flow, you can mod the AC70. either replace the propeller with one from an AC30 or cut 2 fins off. i just turned mine down and added a pump for a swirling affect. good start man. and nice sportster
  13. badfish816


    awesome tank so far. brandon, good to see you around still as well. i wish i would have known about the peroxide dosing back when my pico was setup. i'll definitely be following this one closer
  14. badfish816

    Memoirs Of A Pico

    Hey everybody. It has been ages since I was on here. I was thinking about how my tank used to look and after my hard drive crashed I lost all pics. life happened after the tank crash and haven't had the time or money to invest since. But i've been getting that itch lately for another pico. Just trying to convince the wife its a good idea. Hope to see some familiar faces around here.
  15. badfish816

    Memoirs Of A Pico

    the bali was gorgeous when i got it, lots of life. and that is exactly why i wont use it again. if it is for a fuge or some type of biotope then awesome. but i battled and am still battling unwanted algea and pests that came with that rock. just too much of hassle. if i were to restart i would just use base rock, bake it then seed with some coraline. i can control it more that way. a lot of people like the nature of it. but it was a pain to control. lol