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  1. CAD 12g Reboot

    A couple of new arrivals... including some String of Pearls macro: Left side view 8-14-16 by Phil Memmer, on Flickr And an updated FTS: FTS 8-14-16 by Phil Memmer, on Flickr
  2. Yes, Gulf live rock... a couple other folks have also told me they thought it could be tube coral. Probably that's it. Thanks!
  3. CAD 12g Reboot

    Interesting... the tentacles definitely look similar.
  4. The base on these is stony, as it turns out.
  5. CAD 12g Reboot

    Thanks! And yes, the base of the mystery coral is stony.
  6. CAD 12g Reboot

    A few new frags added and mounted. tank 7-24-16 by Phil Memmer, on Flickr
  7. Soft, as far as I can tell without reaching in and molesting them. If there is any firm skeleton, it is at the very base. For the longest time, there were just 1-2 polyps, and they did not extend like this... they were very tight to the rock, and almost looked like some type of zoa. But in the past couple of weeks they have really come out of their shell.
  8. This came in as a hitchhiker on my live rock about eight months ago... any ideas? Bright green, and glows nicely under the actinics. Started as a single polyp and has grown slowly but nicely. Sorry for the junky pic. hitchhiker by Phil Memmer, on Flickr
  9. CAD 12g Reboot

    Tank is doing very well... haven't posted in a long while (because life), but after a long and intentionally slow start I added a couple corals a while back, and a couple more this week... the Darth Mauls grew from three polyps to a nice small colony, and the duncans started out as two heads. The blue cloves and the nuclear greens are new. There's also some GSP elsewhere, which hopefully will take over the back wall one of these days. frags by Phil Memmer, on Flickr Also have this live rock hitchhiker that has grown from a single polyp on the rock. Hard to tell in the photo, but it's very bright green that glows nicely in the actinics. Any ideas what it is? (not the little bit of star coral lurking in the background... the larger critter) hitchhiker by Phil Memmer, on Flickr
  10. This guy came in on my live rock, sat still for months, then suddenly today started to hike around the tank... he's in a small pico along with a red mithrax crab that I had to remove from my main tank. Any ideas? bivalve thingie by Phil Memmer, on Flickr
  11. So I ordered some halimeda from a guy on Ebay... he shipped it Monday, and "Priority" Mail delivered it Saturday morning Looks like this: algae by Phil Memmer, on Flickr I'd say that in person, it looks a lot less green than it does here... almost entirely white in person. Is it a lost cause, or might it perk up?
  12. So I've got this crab...

    Funny thing is, I've stopped using hermits, because even they have given me trouble (kept wiping out my snail population). Oh well.
  13. So I've got this crab...

    Well, as luck would have it, the little bastard ate the first frag I put in the tank (a little Duncan... I'm hoping he only got one head, but we'll see). So I'll set him up in a little Pico and stick him in my office, probably, before I add anything else to the main tank.
  14. So I've got this crab...

    I'm color-blind, and to me he still looks bright green (alas), but my wife says he's red and so do you all, so I guess that settles it. We'll see how he does.