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  1. One extra thought, chromis don't always ship well. It's not uncommon for them to catch bacterial infections due to stress.
  2. Cadre's pro-style apartment build

    Aaaaaaannndddd my car broke down. I was hoping to get this thing wet by the end of January but I suppose that will have to wait.
  3. Cadre's pro-style apartment build

    I understand the concern but in my experience, corals to grow better in a more complete ecosystem (ie- one with fish and inverts). I would rather not do a qt for fish in the same tank that I qt corals in. Besides, I have a shop for that. I have a few other things in the works that will either go in a warehouse, in the shop or in my apartment depending on how business goes in the next six months. So yeah, qt isn't as much of a concern for me. I'm sure something will get into the tank no matter what I do and I will deal with that when it happens. No skimmer suggestions, really? Thanks for the love everyone.
  4. Cadre's pro-style apartment build

    Thanks, hopefully I will be able to get it wet soon. I was hoping to get the tanks drilled this week but it looks like my free time will be going to christmas shopping instead. Between the shop and my clients, I will be lucky to even get my shopping done! I did get my plumbing design worked out and picked up paint. Does any one know if Rustoleum's Painter's Touch is equivalent to Krylon Fusion? I can't find Krylon Fusion any more, I know that's generally considered safe for in-tank applications. Painter's Touch seems to be a similar product but I can't seem to find any information.
  5. So yeah, I'm back. New shop, new city, new apartment and now, I've got new tanks. Here are some pictures, since I know how visual you all are. The concept: Building the stand: Moving the 6' stand into my basement apartment was fun: The rundown: The system will have a 40b display, 20l frag tank, 29g sump and at least a 10g ato reservoir (tanks arrive Friday!). I'm trying to light the entire thing with leds. Maybe an AI Vega for the display and a Kessil a150w for the frag tank. I do intend to plumb all of these together, I am debating plumbing the frag tank to the display instead of the sump. I have a dj powerstrip so I will be using that and forgoing the controllers for now. All electronics will be on a shelf under the tanks and hopefully be safe from any leaks. The bottom of the stand will also be sealed so that it can hold water in case of an overflow from the sump. Oh and I will add a cover for the bottom eventually. I am thinking of going with an eshopps or a vertex skimmer, I would love to hear suggestions or comments on either variety. Lastly, I am considering trying ProdiBio products as an experiment when I finally get everything built. Shopping list: 3x Mp10 1x AI Vega 1x Kessil a150w Skimmer? Return Pump? Glass baffles Overflow boxes + plumbing supplies Livestock that I like (I have experience with animals requiring expert care, btw): Haddoni Carpet Anemone (obviously this is a big maybe and I would stock around it) Clarkii Clowns Pipefish Dragonets Firefish Flasher wrasses Chromis Gobiessssss SPS Corals Macro Algae Non-photosynthetic corals LPS Corals Zoanthids Sexy Shrimp Pom pom crabs Anemone Crabs So yeah, lots of work and lots to consider on stocking. Thoughts, comments and critiques are encouraged!
  6. Can I ask why you're selling? Tank break down or are you going to something else?
  7. Refractometer isses

    +1 for calibration fluid. Also make sure you're at the right temperature. I'm not sure about those cheaper refractometers so you may check it against a better one just in case.
  8. Zephs Zoo Haus !

    As one of the few people here with experience with cephs, I'm just going to chime in here. My understanding is that no one has actually died from a blue ring bite in the aquarium trade. Still, I would't test fate. They aren't that aggressive but as everyone else said, they don't show the blue rings unless their threatened or hunting. They're small, mostly inactive and shy. Also, they are escape artists and their small size makes it hard to keep them in a tank. Basically don't bother, but if you want an octopus I can recommend a few other species that would be better. You really want something that you can (safely) interact with. As you were.
  9. 40B Stand assembled

    I've built stands for 100+ gallon tanks that used less wood. Just saying. Many people overbuild their stands. Try taking a looks at commercial tank stands some time. I know this thread is pretty much over but the one thing that I would watch for is side to side movement (I believe it's referred to as wracking?).
  10. Couples Retreat

    I was attempting to build my ninety into a group/pairs tank as well. I think it's a cool idea. I also would recommend a pair of neon gobies, or maybe some other goby. It's always nice to have some variety in the swimming patterns of your fish. The hard part is finding pairs or groups but pairs will definitely be easier for you. Good luck!
  11. Did you ever use this with the lenses? Any idea if this would have enough coverage for an sps dominated 40 breeder? Any issues with leds burning out or wiring connections?
  12. Par38 growth

    Okay, I think I can give you some insight here. I had 2 par38s on my ADA tank that was up for over a year (which, by the way, is not a very long time). I had mostly sps and I had good growth. My Idaho Grape Monti Cap grew about an inch every month and my Milliporas grew about half of that. I did not dose, and for the second half of this tank's life I didn't even do many water changes so that probably slowed growth. I did find that softies and zoas did not seem to do well in that tank though, I could never get much growth there. Your tank is relatively new and it is very sterile. You have to give your system time to mature. LEDs can grow corals but in my experience the best growth is in well established tanks. Make sure you have enough live rock and keep up with what you're doing. I'm going to bet that things will take off in a few months. You could try lowering your light to see if that makes a difference.
  13. 40 breeder peninsula stand ideas.

    I too, am considering a dual 40b build, the stand is the hardest part. C-Rad is right here though, and that thread is definitely worth reading. I think with my build I will be using 2x4s for everything and the front will be mostly open. I may also add a sliding system so that I can slide the sump out for easier maintenance. For me, it's easier to use 2x4s for support instead of having a very closed in stand that is next to impossible to work on. I may just make a curtain or something if I need to cover things.
  14. Aqueon 15g tower nano question

    This sounds like it could be a cool tank, and you're off to a good start. As far as your powerheads are concerned, I don't think 800gph is too much but I always err on the side of more flow. The smaller koralias will probably be best here though. I would do two of those tiny ones over one larger one. The issue will be that your tank is tall. Maybe try putting a powerhead near the bottom facing up and one near the top facing straight or slightly downwards. You will kind of have to experiment to see what works because this is an unusual tank size. Your lighting sounds good to me, but I feel like the moonlights are all personal preference. Good luck and post pictures!
  15. Mods please close this poor thread

    This argument is like saying that Apple and BMW are charging too much. They have products that people like. Yes, it would be nice if they were cheaper, but it would be poor business strategy. Obviously they are making money. I'm sorry but the op's understanding of finance and economics sounds rudimentary, like a college freshman who just had his first week of classes. Ecotech has patents, the same things that keep a lot of prices high and reward good ideas with money.