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  1. Tell your wife I dont think she is old. Need to compensate for the age you've been assigning.
  2. Haha understandable. I'm not but would gladly pay shipping to 44123/price you're asking. Understand entirely if you'd rather find someone local.
  3. Good point. currently i have a couple rogue snails that seem to be keeping glass surfaces clean. my "sumP" is just an AIO chamber of the evo13.5.
  4. The pro would be, if you think you'll ever have a second tank, the 5x11 fixture could handle the 20L by itself, and the one you have now could go on a new tank. If you think that won't happen, you could double down on the small fixtures.
  5. niice. so shamelessly, did you replace v2? I was second in line if you are disposing 🙂 i could talk my FIL into sw aquariums. PM me a price and i'd pick it up.
  6. Cool setup! Seems like a good solution to adding space. I'm running my fuge 24x7 currently and it keeps my nitrates at 0, constantly. definitely limited in that regard.
  7. I had an oddysea 2x65w power compact fixture on my first tank, a 29g. Interesting, no fans on it? You could pretty easily get a "165w" 5x11 fixture for $70 or so. I had one on a 20L and it was plenty adequate. a little drop-off on the ends. Would think 2x would be needed for 4' tanks, and i'm thinking if i get a 90g or so i'd just add a second fixture.
  8. Yeah it looks like a smaller array of the marsaqua black box type (which is 5x11 i think, vs 4x7). I've seen that plus the "300w" version. interesting to see so many types.
  9. How in the hell did you find this post and decide to register? It's 11 years old... OP has moved on with their life.
  10. i'm still shocked by $70 for a 20L. I know that's monopoly money vs USD, but that's a premium. we have dollar gallon sales on those tanks down here.
  11. asting

    Old School Cool

    Got the water station sort of put together. need to use up the last of my saltwater before i install the uniseals. Obviously need new DI resin, but i've been at 0 TDS so haven't been SUPER concerned. I also need to get an outlet to mount to the back panel, and have a wifi outlet to put heaters on (so i can mix up and heat the saltwater before a change). Also need a longer waste line for the RODI.
  12. Good luck with your plumbing! There was a big salt sale at live aquaria if you aren't picky. i picked 3 buckets up at $30 a pop.
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