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  1. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    Received the chemi pure elite and blue. Thanks Nick!
  2. asting

    2 pairs 1 tank

    I like the plumbed in system idea. You could have chaeto or a frag rack setup in it too, to let it do double duty. Having said that, at 150gallons I would probably go for it in the display.
  3. Ah yes, the archimedes death ray.
  4. asting

    stand ideas? 40b specific

    Normally you just run your sump low enough that if it loses power and drains it doesn't overflow. Also, I've got that stand for my 20L (link in signature). It has worked well. Didn't realize skinning it was so common.
  5. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    You might just have a moderate slacker who has shipped but not had anything show up. That's what I'm hoping.
  6. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    Ha, I was joking. I assume those who have received by now are eligible.
  7. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    I get that it's verbose, but it's grammatically correct.
  8. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    You should limit the drawing to those who met the shipping deadline and have had their recipients confirm receipt, but have yet to receive theirs.
  9. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    How? I used a fake name. Untraceable.
  10. I just use fountain pumps for large HMax applications.
  11. I would think lighting would be by far the biggest challenge. You'd pretty much have to live somewhere tropical and have an outdoor tank or large sunroom. Circulation could be achieved with a watermill or something similar. The tropical aspect helps with the heat also. Pretty sure battery packs and air pumps weren't common in the late 19th century.
  12. asting

    Moving tank across the room

    Why not just buy another 20L and move it straight over? Sift the old sand as you throw it out.
  13. asting

    2016 NR Secret Santa Gift Photos!

    Frankly, I'm just surprised the M&Ms weren't tossed.
  14. asting

    Macintosh Classic - pico reef

    Just looked through this thread after reading your 40 build. Am I missing something, or is there a blenny in a 3g?
  15. asting

    ~40+gal Oceanic Reef

    Ha. Seems overengineered, but moving a sumped system adds a level of complication.