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  1. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    Received the chemi pure elite and blue. Thanks Nick!
  2. asting

    2 pairs 1 tank

    I like the plumbed in system idea. You could have chaeto or a frag rack setup in it too, to let it do double duty. Having said that, at 150gallons I would probably go for it in the display.
  3. Ah yes, the archimedes death ray.
  4. asting

    stand ideas? 40b specific

    Normally you just run your sump low enough that if it loses power and drains it doesn't overflow. Also, I've got that stand for my 20L (link in signature). It has worked well. Didn't realize skinning it was so common.
  5. asting

    2016 Secret Santa / N-R Gift Exchange

    You might just have a moderate slacker who has shipped but not had anything show up. That's what I'm hoping.
  6. asting

    Softball Sized Clumps of Cheato

    Mine arrived today, and was quite sizable. I'll probably have to weed some out of my tiny 5g soon! It looks to be very thick and healthy. Thanks for doing business.
  7. What size tank are you looking to do this for? I'd suggest looking at the nova extreme series (they have a 2x18w that i use and is good). I know you're looking used, but I got mine from petmountain (the cheapest i could find), although they upped the free shipping point to $75 (meaning you need $25 in other stuff). Good luck in your search
  8. asting

    FS: Nikon d3000

    Is it safe to assume that lens is the 18-55 AF-S VR?
  9. asting

    Rimless Cube. [ I] ]

    If it's just a standard 29 with stand, and its in good condition you could maybe get $50 for it. There isn't much of a used market due to the local sale nature of large goods.
  10. Congrats! I probably wouldn't phrase it that way to non saltwater enthusiasts
  11. asting

    Are you bored today!

    +1 talk about ugly trash.
  12. asting

    FS: Dragon Eel

    Do want!
  13. asting

    40 Breeder Nova Extreme Mod

    I imagine a 6x39 firewire would look empty with a 12x3 setup. I'd say sell it and buy a 2 light figure if you want a clean look.