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  1. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

  2. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    I'd prefer to sell everything at once, but I'll let you know
  3. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    bumpity bump bump
  4. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    Bueller ... Bueller
  5. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

  6. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

  7. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    I started at 500, dropped to 400
  8. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

  9. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    Price drop!
  10. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    Any takers?!?
  11. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

  12. FS -2 AI sol blue - $350

    Hi All, I've got 2 AI sol blues, originally purchased in august of 2011, that I would like to sell. There's nothing wrong with them I just don't need that much power any more. They haven't been in use for ~1 year, and would like to see someone make some good use out of them. Items: 2x AI sol blue (1st generation) original boxes/cables/info 1x controller w/ 12' cable 2x wireless connectors (never actually used them) 36" mounting rails I'm asking $400 OBO. I do not want to part this out if possible. Able to ship. Please PM with any questions or details Please see photos below and/or links to my previous tanks for additional photos! Thanks
  13. Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    Wait ... what ... seriously I feel you on the traveling and maintaining tanks AND trying to get out of grad school, the tank will be missed
  14. Cruz's GaTech 40B - Back on dry land 5/28/15

    Sunrise Zoa's: Hornets Midas
  15. Cruz's GaTech 40B - Back on dry land 5/28/15

    soooooo its been a little awhile. I basically spent all summer out sea (in the Gulf of Mexico and methane seep hunting off San Diego) but I'm back now! Only had one causualty of travel and that my acan, I'm not really sure what happened, but the everything else looks really healthy and has grown! On to the pictures The sps Ark sent me is doing really well (except for part of Joe the coral, some is doing well, the other side is kinda just hanging in there) FTS galore (pardon the change in light, I started taking pictures in an hour or so after the time lights kicked on, and took the last few as it was getting to near midday on the tank) enjoy!