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  2. I'd prefer to sell everything at once, but I'll let you know
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  7. I started at 500, dropped to 400
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  12. Hi All, I've got 2 AI sol blues, originally purchased in august of 2011, that I would like to sell. There's nothing wrong with them I just don't need that much power any more. They haven't been in use for ~1 year, and would like to see someone make some good use out of them. Items: 2x AI sol blue (1st generation) original boxes/cables/info 1x controller w/ 12' cable 2x wireless connectors (never actually used them) 36" mounting rails I'm asking $400 OBO. I do not want to part this out if possible. Able to ship. Please PM with any questions or details Please see photos below and/or links to my previous tanks for additional photos! Thanks
  13. i got 3 types of monti caps to fuse together red, green, a dark green with purple polyps
  14. nice picture there!!!
  15. nice picture!!!