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    It's been a while

    LOL Tinyreef:D ! k sure i will..

    It's been a while

    yup.... its been a long long time since ive been on here. me and the girlfriend have been VERY VERY busy... new house, martial arts, work,my band, our first baby on the way, and worst of all... Final Fantasy 11 online (this game almost ruined our livesX) ) anyways im just jumpin back in to say hello to everyone. new members and old members. just want you all to know i havent been neglecting my 25 tall. i sold my 5.5 but transfered alot to my 25 tall. my 25 tall has is about three years old now, and its THRIVING ! all still on natural filtration alone everything has made INCREDIBLE growth. my motiporas and my colt frags have basically taken over, but alas.... all good things must come to an end. Since me and my girlfriend (Marivic) have moved into our new home... we have decided that our little 25 tall has gotten a little overcrowded.so...... we decided we are goin to upgrade and unfortunatelly, this will be the sad end of my nano days:*( . The new tank we purchased is an Oceanic 50 gallon sorta cube. Its quite a lovely tank. as with all my other tanks before it, i will be running all natural method of filtration (as i am a firm believer of this) using LOTS and LOTS of Liver Rock and only a HOB for suspended particles. I will post some last pix of the 25 as soon as i can, and also the transfering process X) wel.... i guess thats all i have to say for now, take care everyone and good reefin !

    i HAVE returned !

    HEY FLY waaaup my man !! ...yup im kind of dome restocking for the time being.....but i figure when i buy a house im gonna leave the nano world ...im porobably gonna go for a bigger tank...transfer all my stuff an what not ya know ..well anyways thanx for the welcom back guys...i will post up my new pictres tommorow.

    i HAVE returned !

    that issweet !

    i HAVE returned !

    HEY ALL....remember me !? eh....sorry ihavent beenaround...ive been in the process of moving and i got stuck on Final Fantasy 11 for sooooo long...BTW awesome game ! i like allthe great new NANOS!!! keep up the good work guys ! i will be postingsomeupdateson my 25 tall in the near future so keep ur eyes peeled..later !

    Calling all 5.5's!!!

    i shall return with a VENGANCE!

    5.5 setup for sale or trade

    no i never really shipped before....sorry

    5.5 setup for sale or trade

    sorry guys no zoo frags yet...i have green /brown zoo frags...motipora digitata....GSP....and lots of xenia....thats actually about it.

    OK. Lets see who wants to test their ego...

    damn....how can u compete with those two tanx ?!

    5.5 setup for sale or trade

    hey OTF im just temporarily out of the 5.5 club....once im settled im sure there willl be an ultimate 5.5 SPS nano on the way......i'll keep u guys posted..... and sorry guys i actually found a buyer today so the tank is no longer on sale.....BUT......i have a lot of frags for trade...PM me if ur interested...im in the NORCAL area.
  11. hey guys im moving and unfortunately i need to part with my 5.5. i am in the norcal area stockton,CA to be precise. pick up only please. looking to trade for some corals or sell. asking $250 specs are as follows: 5.5 AGA 25 watt ebo jager 2x 32 watt CSL power compact fixture millenium 1000 HOB rio 50 power head 6 lbs fiji LR / 2.5 lbs marshall island LR assorted candy canes GSP assorted red green shroom bright red zoos xenias this tank has been set up for about six months it is very healthy and just to let u know i really heavily on natural filtration for this tank. thanx people of nano-reef

    ESPI 37 gallon 4/1/04

    that...... is some cool a$$ aquascaping! makes me wanna redo my 25.

    16g BowFront Thread...

    ooooooo. i love the scaping!

    3/2/04 - If you could do it all over again...

    -i would have halides w/ actinics from day one. -instead of a 25 tall i would have gotten a 20 long. -never got the damsel or the coral babnded shrimp. -finally... i wouldnt have let that hitchhiker crab slip out of my hands and back into my tank.( suspected of devouring a lovely patch of zoos)

    Rose Anemone

    just a though..... the BBTA has outgrown ur tank so you want to get a tang?