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  1. that...... is some cool a$$ aquascaping! makes me wanna redo my 25.
  2. ooooooo. i love the scaping!
  3. -i would have halides w/ actinics from day one. -instead of a 25 tall i would have gotten a 20 long. -never got the damsel or the coral babnded shrimp. -finally... i wouldnt have let that hitchhiker crab slip out of my hands and back into my tank.( suspected of devouring a lovely patch of zoos)
  4. just a though..... the BBTA has outgrown ur tank so you want to get a tang?
  5. hey JASON! its me jake.... hey i love those cream color rics you have. really really interested. maybe when we meet up for our current trade we can go by your crib. i've been wanting to check out your setups...if you dont mind. but anyways yeah...THE RICS! i still have the red shrooms:P they can be real touchy though. just e-mail me back when you get a chance. later man.
  6. unless its a custom made and specificaly designed to be "reef ready" then i would have to say AGA all the way.
  7. MAN! you are just a F>in nano genius! and on top of that... your 2.5 F>in kicks ass too! way to go!
  8. DEFINETLY........not for a nano! keep them in the ocean. they will wasteaway unless ur a freakin marine biologist.
  9. very nice scaping....second one. LoOOve the caves. now get 3 more small rocks and make an arch over the whole thing!
  10. percula clownfish named YUGI(not after yugi-o after fushigi yugi!) blue devil damsel named BLITZ clarki clown name TIDUS coral banded shrimp named VIOLATOR and i have several sexy shrimp that i call GULLWINGS
  11. "aquarium corals" by: Eric H. Bornenam. awesome book awesome pictures and awesome info.
  12. up to a month but if you want it to cycle a little better i would pull some of that water out....50% sound good.
  13. thats a cool looking tank. great scaping. littlec whats wrong with the xenia?
  14. actually if you are cycling your tank.. you should be doing alot of WCs to rid the tank of all that die off from the LR. that is probably why your place smells like a sewer because of all that ammonia being released at once. i never used a skimmer. IMHO i think religious water changes are WAY more effective than they are. especially during the cycling of a new tank. check out this book. it will help you alot. "the new marine aquarium" by Michael S. Paletta. great book for beginners i recommend it to any newbie. he rely employs the "live rock as your main source of biological filtration tec."
  15. oh... sorry one more thing. i would wait at least 6 months before adding a clam. that way it gives your tank enough time to mature and become a more ideal enviroment for it. just MHO.