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  1. The woodwork in the stand is very beautiful who made it? Oh, good luck on the 3 gal nano. I hope it works out well with you--you have more guts than me.
  2. Yeah, I could put it outside--but I like having a tank inside and I'm not home during the daylight hours to enjoy the tank. I'll look into the bulbs--thanks
  3. I've been thinking about metal Halide lighting for my 12 gal but I'm worried about over heating of my tank....and the electric bill going up...is there a way to do both and not add any more big electric bills?? I'm using powercompacts and they do a good job for what I have in the tank but would like to add some hard corals.
  4. Spiderman is making me laugh........that is cracking funny:)
  5. You don't look any older then 2 years--only biggerX)
  6. SOOOOOO Cute.......aaaaahh.
  7. I just see a large hand.........................and not much else.
  8. eeew, take it out. It will screw up your tank---big time. It's a good thing you took it out............................
  9. I only use prerinsed carbon--have not had any problems. I have seen small changes..in my zoos. I only use it once a week though.........my little mushroom does not seem to be affected by it--but my zoos on the other hand do show a marked difference. It might be the lighting, or the water being ultra filtered and after making the water super bright?? I guess.........
  10. and smashed against a wall: How could someone not say something then.....I guess if your in shock--it would be hard to say anything at the stupid person doing the smashing. I would have slapped the idiot before I left the joint.
  11. Now--Go and get that tank running!!
  12. Pretty tank.......
  13. So, did you have fun cleaning up the water? I've done that before but than-- I keep my storage unit outside and an eye out before the thing goes over. As for a flood-in the house--we had a problem once and it was none to pretty. Thank God for ShopVacs, fan and the huge banana tree:)
  14. I got a great deal on mine----other than that it would have been just RO.
  15. LOL---- dehydrated tap water. I use RO/DI with filtered tap water.