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  1. kalawai

    Konolua - Volcano Tank

    Cool Tank! You buildt it, we show up at your house and stare at it for days.
  2. kalawai

    Do you wear gloves when working in your aquarium?

    I can't feel anything with a glove. It kinda ruins the moment--IMO
  3. kalawai

    Toadstool Leather Slumped over.. How long ?

    maybe it was taking a nap...
  4. kalawai

    order(simi) pre-cured live

    leave it to a teacher(nit-picker) of grammer--- to ruin a perfect --ask for help-- a funny thread. LOLOLOLOLOL
  5. kalawai

    Am loosing my mind!!!

    herb: I think your banana is cute;) It takes time to build a great reef tank......an ongoing project.
  6. kalawai

    Stupid Bristleworm

    This is fun....(munching sound) Hey Tiny! stop bogarting the popcorn-- pass it around.
  7. kalawai

    How to remove bubble algea???

    Thanks for the info..... COOL
  8. kalawai

    How to remove bubble algea???

    Hey bravoreefer, where did you get that little green guy/mouse that tells me what I have??
  9. Yeah, I could put it outside--but I like having a tank inside and I'm not home during the daylight hours to enjoy the tank. I'll look into the bulbs--thanks
  10. I've been thinking about metal Halide lighting for my 12 gal but I'm worried about over heating of my tank....and the electric bill going up...is there a way to do both and not add any more big electric bills?? I'm using powercompacts and they do a good job for what I have in the tank but would like to add some hard corals.
  11. kalawai

    Sps Nano Anyone?

    Spiderman is making me laugh........that is cracking funny:)
  12. kalawai

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, Nano-Reef.com!

    You don't look any older then 2 years--only biggerX)
  13. kalawai

    Dog w/ Fireshrimp

    SOOOOOO Cute.......aaaaahh.
  14. kalawai

    Check out My Live NANO CAM

    I just see a large hand.........................and not much else.
  15. kalawai

    dead fish

    eeew, take it out. It will screw up your tank---big time. It's a good thing you took it out............................