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  1. Paly/zoa ID help?

    I used to have those same palythoas. Don't have any further ID on them, just know they spread rather quickly and aggressively when happy....
  2. Coral Dip Equivalent for Fish or Shrimp?

    Thank you both! I'll look into the hydroplex and freshwater dips to see if either seems like it will help. Even if I might be fine without them, I really want to take no chances with this restart.
  3. Coral Dip Equivalent for Fish or Shrimp?

    Bump. Plus edited topic heading to see if that helps. I'm still nervous about starting QT without some sort of guidance.
  4. Hi All, I've got a 12 gallon all-in-one that's been limping along for a few years now. (There was a power-failure related tank crash and I never got things back to normal.) Several weeds have overrun it, including caulerpa, bubble algae, aiptasia, and some nasty goo that looks like the same stuff in this thread: So. The plan is to take the few live things I want to save - yasha, pistol shrimp, leather, porcelain crab - quarantine them, throw the whole rest of the mess away and start from scratch in a new tank. So here's my question - is there a way to make sure none of these pests travels into quarantine with the fish and arthropods? I know there are coral dips that will minimize what hitches a ride on corals and rocks. Is there anything similar that I can do for motile critters? I'm mostly concerned about bubble algae spores and the nasty goo. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

    Hey guys! I've been away from the site for a while. While I love my tank, it's been frustrating, and I haven't really been feeling the internet side of reefing for a while. Figured I would pop in for a brief update while I'm here at the library. We made it through the storm ok, but lost power Tuesday night. My mother has been wonderful in letting me run the tank heater and return pump off the generator when we have it running. So for the past three days it's been cycling between running on a generator, resting with a blanket over it, and using a battery powered air pump that's sitting in a bucket with hot water bottles to try and keep the air temp up. We have two inverters which I was trying to use when the generator is off, but for some reason they aren't holding a charge at all. Sigh. The biggest problem is of course keeping everything warm. The tank was down to 68 degrees at one point, before we found the extra blankets. Thankfully all of my fish and motile inverts have made appearances over the past day or so. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but so far I haven't lost anything. Corals might be a different story, since they hadn't been doing so well lately anyway. But what's important is this hasn't been a major heartbreaking disaster like last year's hurricane. I'm getting through, and my animals are ok. I hope all of you are getting through this ok. I don't have time to check in on everyone's threads. I have been thinking about all of you a lot in the past week. Good luck to all of you without power. Hopefully I will be back soon with more updates.
  6. Sweet Small Snail 1/8"

    Probably a collonista. They stay small and are good to have.
  7. 210 Things with Stings tank.

    Excited to hear that Renee! I hope all is well, definitely have been thinking about you guys while the thread was quiet.
  8. Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

    Ugh, I just do not know what to do with my hi fin goby. I went to change the filter floss before doing a water change, and found him in the top part of my media basket, under the floss, out of the water, and looking very dead. I scooped him into the display and was SO relieved to see him start swimming and looking only a little beaten up. Not 2 minutes later, I hear splashing and he's stuck between the surface skimmer and the intake. So I rescue him again. Now he's hanging out in a corner, and every few minutes he's been swimming dangerously close to the overflow again. So I get up and chase him back down. His shrimp is standing at the door of their burrow waiting to welcome him home, and he's just not smart enough to go there. Either that or he's suicidal. Stupid fish.
  9. Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

    There is one that is clearly dominant, and the non-dominant one knows when to give up his perching spot. But the closest they come to fighting is getting into each others personal space. I know yellow clown gobies will kill each other... And YES we are overdue for a brunch. This needs to happen and I will do everything I can to be there (just not this weekend). Thanks gena! Hopefully it will mean more photos. All of my excuses have now expired!
  10. Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

    Quick text update - my life has been crazy since I last posted. The bar exam was the last week in July. I survived, and I can't be happier it is over. Now that I don't have to study every day, I have time to do stuff for myself - like apply for jobs and take care of my reef. I spent last week in Disney with two of my best friends. It was utterly amazing (even if I did not get to see the giant tanks there) and I'm sad to be back. My family did a good job watching over things. The powerstrip timer decided to die about 2 hours after I left, so they were switching the lights manually every day. It doesn't look like they over fed. There is actually less green slime now than there was when I left. My duncan seems to have sprouted 3 new heads. The acans still look bad, except for the one that still looks great. I have no idea what's going on with them. Everything else seems to be fine. So today is water mixing day. Should be able to squeeze in a water change and some pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.
  11. Hypes Archipelago

    I was at the Baltimore one earlier this year. It's very cool, definitely go if you have a chance!
  12. Hypes Archipelago

    Gorgeous pics, Hype! Last time I was there was for a class trip in the third grade. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then. Glad to see they've got some nice fish at least. I haven't been back since then, cause it's kind of far away, and, well..
  13. Markushka's 20 Long Rimless Tank

    Looks nice! Can't wait to see it with the zoas all opened. What's up with the brain? It looks like part of it's bleaching?
  14. Markushka's DIY < 3g pico

    Sorry to hear the move was so rough. I hope changing the filters will be enough to save everything else.
  15. Sublunary's 12 Gallons - reborn

    Aw, what's going on with yours Mark? Last update I saw things were looking pretty good...