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  1. sublunary

    How bad is rust?

    I'd ditch it. A couple years back my tank suddenly became a death sentence for motile inverts. Eventually noticed my algea mag had ruptured and was rusting into the tank. Things got better when I removed it, but I still had issues until I tore it all down and restarted.
  2. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    Thanks! I love IPSF. The only real downside is their weird ordering structure that makes me spend more money than I would if I could buy things al la carte. But their stuff has always been good to me. Weirdly, this time the micro stars didn't take off in my tank, but they are one of the big reasons I always buy from IPSF. I haven't found anywhere else that actually sells them.
  3. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    Very messy FTS. After my last post I cut down the Aussie turbinaria to get rid of as much dead skeleton as possible. Basically the only live part left was the top edge. It's still extending polyps, so here's hoping they stick around.
  4. sublunary

    Red Sea reefer nano

    Where are you located?
  5. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    The story of this tank seems to be me never having the time to scrape the glass and photograph it properly. So here are a few shots from just before lights out tonight. The gorgonians on the whole are doing very well. The purple plume is impressively fast growing compared to everything else. My snail population has been getting a bit low so I put in a Reef Cleaners order. The post office took 3 days (the hottest days of the year so far) to deliver it, so the 2 nassarius I got were DOA. All of the tiny snails I got seem to have made it and gone to work. I also got some extra shells for the hermits. I must have needed them because all of the crabs upgraded within a minute of me throwing them in. I mentioned a while ago that one of my rics got knocked into a hole in the rock. It had managed to climb most of the way out, enough to get light at least. Then a few days ago it vanished and I thought it died. Yesterday I found it halfway across the tank and shrunk to half it's previous size. So it's back with the other remaining ric and seems to be ok. My plans of them taking over that slope seem to be going nowhere though. I realized the new turbinaria was not getting enough flow, so it's been moved for the moment. I don't think I want to keep it this close to the blasto, so I need to figure out where else I can fit that damn frag disk. It's the most active eater I have in the tank and those tentacles are always out. As you can guess I haven't added anything new and my rocks are still pretty sparsely populated. I'm going away for a week at the end of this month and decided it makes sense to wait until I'm back (and know how bad my vacation spending is). Next month however Reefapalooza will be in my area the weekend before my birthday. So all of my presents to myself will be ending up in my tank. Here's hoping I can afford lots of pretty!
  6. sublunary

    What kind of fish is this?

    Yeah, it's kind of a shame. They get a lot less cool looking as adults.
  7. sublunary

    Corals you can’t keep alive?

    Acans. Every one I've had has done well and sprouted new heads and given me hope, only to suddenly give up on life for no apparent reason. That's why I'm not buying any this tank...
  8. sublunary

    What kind of fish is this?

    Good guess! Looks like a juvenile dragon wrasse
  9. sublunary

    Dying gorgonian

    I've dipped mine in iodine with no issue.
  10. sublunary

    Not sure what it is

    Can't tell much from the photo. My first guess is clumps of bubble algea. Can you describe it more? Color? Texture? Can you poke it with tweezers and see if it's sponge like?
  11. sublunary

    Dying gorgonian

    I have a red photosynthetic gorgonian that did the same a couple months ago. I haven't figured out a cause. I did frag it at the spots it lost flesh, and the smaller frags have not shown any signs of trouble. The main colony continues to lose flesh slowly. I think your best bet is fragging at the spot of tissue loss, so you at least have more chance of saving some of it. I hope you figure out a cause or clearer action plan.
  12. Oh you're right. I looked at the color pattern, but it's shell shape is much more margarita.
  13. Snail looks like a nerite. There are enough crabs out there who are whitish with orange spots that we might not be able to narrow it down without a picture. My first thought from the description was clown crab, but I don't know how likely they are to hitchhike in. If you ever get the opportunity, try to get clear pics of the body shape and claw shape.
  14. sublunary

    Help! What is this?

    Yep, vermetid snail. The orange windy tube towards the bottom of the pic.
  15. sublunary

    What could this be?

    Spionid worm. Helpful detritovors. I like them.