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  1. sublunary

    Tiny hard spiny orbs

    Foraminifera? Looks similar to these: Google image link
  2. sublunary

    Pom pom crab eggs

    Their larvae are pelagic, which means super difficult to raise. I'm not sure if it's been done successfully: last time I looked into it it sounded like everyone failed before settlement.
  3. sublunary


    Looks like a majano anemone. Some people treat them as pests, others seem to like keeping them.
  4. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    I hit up Reefapalooza today. It was really cool to be surrounded by so many people in the hobby (not to mention all the pretty things they brought with them). I took the bar exam in that convention hall, so it is also really nice to replace those memories with more fun ones. I stuck with affordable and easy corals, given things have not been quite as stable as I'd like (in my tank or my bank account). They may not be as bright and shiny as what other people were buying, but I like them. One of my first ever corals was a ricordea yuma, and I loved that thing. I've wanted one for this tank since I started it, but not enough to pay as much as the online places are charging. So I was super happy to find so many available today. I had to pass on the $400 rainbow one I saw, but I'm just as pleased to have this $15 guy, True color is somewhere in between these two pictures. A nice pinky-orange. My biggest (still not big) splurge was for this guy. I've kind of been wanting a walking denrdo since Cannedfish started posting about his "worm powered duncan" and I could not say no when faced with a whole tank of them today. I'm pretty sure it'll end up being moved around by the pistol shrimp, but at least it'll be able to wander off again. I also picked up some cheap zoas and monti caps. The caps were a grown in a high school that has a way cooler marine biology program than mine did. I thought that was kind of cool. (And a good sign I might be able to keep them alive for more than ten minutes.) Just basic color varieties, but I like them. I'm going to have to find a new spot for my blastos if I can actually get the caps to grow.
  5. sublunary

    What is this by my Spider-Man mushroom?

    Probably a baby mushroom. Mazel tov!
  6. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    More crappy cell phone shots, more excuses! Post water change FTS. Most things are back to opening up normally. I think we're past the rough patch. I'm wondering if it's the leather. Now that it's opened up, it looks a bit bigger to me. I'm wondering if it doesn't piss everything off as part of it's growing cycle. Just in case, I think I should stop buying turbinarias, because they clearly react the worst out of everything in the tank, and if it is the leather, this will keep happening.
  7. sublunary

    New creature in my tank

    I had something similar in my first tank. Never got a firm ID, but think they were isopods. Never bothered anything as far as I could tell. I had the same flatworms you do too.
  8. sublunary

    HELP!!! Is this hitchhiker bad???

    Sounds like a peanut worm. They are safe and neat detritovores.
  9. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    Yes, they are from KPA! They are slow growers for me, but they are tough. And thanks for the good wishes! Things continue to get a bit better. All of the gorgs shed and once they were done, the leather opened back up and things started looking back to normal. I hate not knowing what happened, but not much I can do about that. Reef-a-palooza is next weekend, so I need to decide how much I'm willing to buy. Knowing things might not be as stable as I'd like, it's a bit of risk, but also.. want to buy myself birthday presents...
  10. sublunary

    Could you identify for me

    Yeah given the texture, I'm leaning towards bleached out mushroom or similar.
  11. sublunary

    Hermit Crab Molting Question

    I'm surprised to see people saying hermits don't molt. They do. I've definitely seen mine do so. Not nearly so frequently as you are describing though. I am afraid I do not know what that means.
  12. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    Things are looking a little bit better today. Blasto, sympodium and gorgs are showing some polyps. Still don't know what's wrong, but I'll take any improvement.
  13. sublunary

    Sublunary's 16 Gallon Gamble

    I need to stop going on vacation. I was gone for a little over a week and cane back to find everything pissed. Gorgonians shedding, green turbinaria losing flesh, blastos looking beaten up, ricordea shrunken, leather, zoas and sympodium closed up tight. Nothing I can test for was weird, alk lower than I'd like of course, but not deadly low. Cat sitters kept the ato full so salinity was stable. Temp stayed stable. They forgot to feed, but the coral shouldn't care about that. Since Monday, I've done 2 water changes, changed out the chemipure, changed filter floss about 9 times. I'm not seeing any change. I'm really at a loss. On the plus side, fish, shrimp, cowrie and crab are all accounted for. So nothing bigger than a snail could have died in there. And whatever is going on only seems to be affecting coral. I'm so confused.
  14. sublunary

    What the heck is this!?!

    Hmm those don't look like any eggs I've seen yet. Let us know if they hatch or change appearance as they grow!
  15. sublunary

    What the heck is this!?!

    I really can't tell anything from that pic. It's probably why you aren't getting replies. My first two guesses are spionid worm tube or tunicates, but those are really just shots in the dark without a closer, more detailed photo.