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  1. Display tank plans: For the most part, I plan to keep the livestock to what I know and love. It will largely be a softy and gorgonian tank. I may go back to some of the flowy LPS that I haven't kept in a while. I miss having duncans and frogspawn. I want to stay away from high light corals. I love my AI Prime on the smaller tank, and would rather run 2 of those near full power than upgrade to something pricier. But, I also want to eventually keep a maxima again, so an upgrade may be in order once the tank is mature enough for that. I am a huge fan of small fish, and plan to continue that in the bigger tank. My Yasha and candy striped pistol will be moving over. I want a yellow assessor. I may get a bimaculatus blenny or firefish. I would LOVE to find a group of trimma tevegae, but have more or less given up on finding them ever, so I might go for a few trimma rubromaculatus instead. Of course, the ultimate aim is a pair of captive bred green mandarins, but that's maybe a year down the road. I need to learn to culture phyto and pods first, in addition to letting the tank mature. I will also be getting a mesh screen to cut down on jumping, because I also tend to like fish who jump. As far as scape, I fell in love with what @vlangel did in her main tank. I have some Two Little Fishies Stax rock, and want to use it to make a retaining wall so the tank would be part deep sand and part shallow sand. With the pistol shrimp, I probably will not get an anoxic DSB going, so this would be mostly for the aesthetic effect. One side of the tank would have my gorgonian forest, the other side would have a taller rock structure for mounting corals. I'm not sure if it would come together anything like I'm imagining, but I'm excited to play around with the rocks. Flow in the tank will be from an Ice Cap gyre. Probably one of my biggest concerns in setting up the terraced sand bed is figuring out how it would affect flow in the tank, and whether the gyre should be mounted on the low sandbed side or the high sandbed side. This will likely be an all dry rock tank. I know with the bigger tank it's going to be harder for me to spot invasive hitchhikers and harder to motivate myself to get in there and get rid of them, so it's better to just avoid the problem from the start. But I do miss the diversity you get from live rock, and I know I'd get a more robust microfauna population with live, so the matter isn't entirely settled.
  2. @FSTanks thanks for that. I've got a 1.2 gallon reservoir for my 16 gallon and it lasts me 7-10 days. I definitely didn't think through how that would scale up.
  3. The tank: I went with the RSR largely because of the plug-and-play aspect. I don't trust myself to do anything involving plumbing or drilling or stand-building, so this was a good way to jump into a sumped tank with minimal danger of me screwing it up. It arrived super quickly and the delivery guy was super nice. Everything said it was curbside delivery only, but he brought the tank right into my garage. I suspect it was partially to distract me from the puncture wound at the top of the box... Luckily the only thing damaged was the removable part of the overflow grate. Once I contacted Red Sea customer service I had a whole new set of grates within 3 days. I've very pleased with their responsiveness. Tank is set up in the living room. There are a few things about the placement that are less than ideal, but it's definitely the best spot in the whole house for it. My partner was really pushing for a kitchen set up so he didn't have to worry about me ruining carpets, but it would have been too much in the way. Everything was fairly easy to put together, with the exception of the things that push the doors open when you push on them (I'm sure they have a name, but I don't know it). There were no pre-drilled holes, and I got blisters from forcing screws into the stand to get them on. The doors don't hang as nicely as they should - they actually don't touch the springy parts, so I feel like I got blisters for nothing. But other than that, it's a lovely set up and seems incredibly sturdy. The plumbing was also easy to put together. The directions were very clear and I feel pretty confident it will hold. I'm going to use the stock ATO reservoir and float valve to see how I like them. I have the version that came with the refugium partition, so I'm going to use that as a refugium. I still need to decide what light to use and whether I want to do something more than a ball of chaeto. I need to decide on a skimmer and get a dosing pump. I really want an Apex, but should probably put off that expense just a bit longer. I also need to decide what heater to get and where to place it.
  4. I have upgraded from an apartment to my very own house, which means my aquatic friends are getting a housing upgrade too. I bought a Red Sea Reefer 250 and am both excited and terrified to get it up and running. I've only ever had AIOs - 12 and 16 gallons. So the sump and water volume are big changes for me. I'm starting this thread as a place to collect ideas out loud, where people can give me feedback before I actually do anything. It will probably be a few months before I have purchased everything I need to get wet, so there's plenty of time to brainstorm.
  5. There are numerous ways to do it, but I'd recommend keeping it as simple as possible. I use a 10 gallon with heater and HOB filter with filter floss. Koralia nano for water movement . A couple of PVC elbows so fish have something to hide in. Do frequent water changes. I add an amonia alert badge, so if things spike for some reason I know to do a larger than normal water change right away. Unlike a display tank, I do not have a biological filter for quarantine. I throw in some biospira, but theres probably not enough porous surface area for that to make a difference. I also feed less in QT, because I know anything not eaten will foul the water. I keep one fish (or one group of fish if they shipped in together) in the quarantine at a time. I dry the tank out and clean it thoroughly between uses. Even if my fish do well long enough to be moved to the display, there's still a chance something could end up there that I don't want passed on to the next resident. This is the main reason I wouldn't use live rock in QT. It adds too many variables and chances for cross contamination for my liking.
  6. Thank you vlangel. This year was a lot. But I'm ending it with good things on the horizon and high hopes for 2019.
  7. That is helpful, @Tamberav Thank you!
  8. My New Year's gift to myself this year is a Red Sea Reefer 250. So far all of my tanks have been skimmerless, but I think with the bigger setup and bigger planned bioload, I should go for one. I've started looking into what's available for the RSR sump, but I have no idea what to look for in a skimmer. I'm a little overwhelmed. What specs should I actually care about when picking one out? (Other than the footprint fitting my sump.) Also, anyone use a drip tray or other carpet protector under a tank? My partner is being paranoid about leaking on the carpets. I've never seen anyone use something like that, but figured it can't hurt to ask. Thanks in advance!
  9. The tank move was terrifying, but successful. There was apparently a power outtage in my apartment the night before. While the flow had kicked back on, the heater hadn't, so I had a lot of very cold and angry critters. (The responsible powerstrip has been soundly thrown away.) I way underestimated how long it would take to drain a 16 gallong tank using airline tubing. I need to get some wider water change tubes in the future. My boyfriend about gave up and left halfway through it was taking so long. But we eventually got things settled and packed up and carted them over to the new house. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. Everything seems to have made it through the cold spell and the tank move. Fish and shrimp have made new burrows. Pom pom crab and cowry have been running around like normal. The walking dendro looks a bit worse for wear, so I'll be target feeding...as soon as I go out and get some new frozen food. What I had did not make it through the move. I ended up with a different scape than I started with, going from 2 islands to one with a bunch of arches. I like it for now. Unfortunately the upheaval seems to have made the cyano redouble its efforts and there is a ton more of it than there had been. So there will be more maintenance to be done. After the tank move, I had some time to sit down and look at finances, and was able to place the order for my tank upgrade and some of the equipment for it. Next week i will be getting a shiny new Red Sea Reefer 250. I am so excited. It will probably take a few months to get wet. There is so much unpacking and organizing still to be done! But it's nice to have that waiting in the wings for when I'm ready. I have 2 potential places picked out for it. One is better location in a lot of ways, the other is more appealing to my partner because it's in the kitchen where there's not carpet for me to spill stuff on. I have so much reading to do on how to work a sumped tank and what other equipment I might want. It's a lot to look forward to. So the Nuvo just needs to make it a few more months and then I can retire it for something more secure. Or turn it into a QT. or something...
  10. So... When I started this tank the plan was to move in with my partner mid-2019, meaning I'd be able to pick out the upgrade tank around now, and have several months to set it up and get it cycled before I moved my critters in. Things changed rather suddenly and now we own our own house, It is amazing, but doesn't have a ton of available wall space. I need to be out of my apartment by the end of the month, and I really shouldn't drop $2k+ on a new tank right now. So instead of a nice leisurely upgrade, I'm faced with moving the nuvo 16. I really, really didn't want to do this, because I'm scared of the tank cracking. It's done great for the past 11 months, but the move will put extra stress on it. So it's got me all anxious. I've got a lot of decisions in front of me - how to do the move, where to set up, what to upgrade to... I think I want a red sea reefer 250. I want to try a sumped tank for the first time, so something that's basically plug and play is really appealing. But I don't know that we have a good place for something that size. I also still need to set up a water storage/mixing station. It's a lot of stress, coming right on the heels of the whole lot of stress from buying a house, and right in the middle of all of the normal moving stress. So I'm going to continue to be quiet here, maybe float some ideas for how to move forward. I will probably start a new build thread once I decide on a plan. if anyone has any advice or recommendations of sumped stands for people with no plumbing acumen, I'd love to hear them.
  11. Have any nerite snails? Their eggs look like that.
  12. They look like worms of some sort. Hard to tell you more without close ups. Which would be pretty tough at that size. We're they swimming around crazily like frantically gyrating ribbons? If so then they are epitokes - basically free-swimming worm reproductive parts. If not, then they may be full worms of some sort.
  13. Thanks! I tend to like scapes with lots of open space and I'm never sure if they look ok to other people. I know gorgs tend to like dirtier water, which I think is my saving grace here. I'm happy they got through it as well as they did. In case anyone is wondering, fish and shrimp are still just fine and doing their thing.
  14. So. Things have been a bit... rough. Two days after my last update, we found out my mother had cancer again. (She'd been clear for 25 years!) Two weeks after that she died. Between the emotional stuff and the practical stuff, I let a lot of my home care and self care slide. I'm just starting to get back on track, and things are still a bit dicey. Unfortunately the tank slid as much as everything. I was able to fill the ATO and occasionally chuck in some food or Alk/Cal. But everything else fell behind. I think I forgot to change the filter floss for a whole month.... So here's where we were this evening: Yuck. Cyano has moved in pretty firmly, especially in the back chambers. I've got some green hair algea. And some weird really dark purple mats that are more solid than cyano, but also clean up easier. I've lost the montis, and the turbinarias. The yuma has vanished, as have the florida zoanthids. Sigh. Several gallons of water and one very sore scraping arm later, we are here: Still a ton of cleanup to do, but that's all for tonight. Luckily it's not all doom and gloom. The gorgonians are all doing great. The leather is bigger than ever. I've acquired a spiffy new sponge, also known as the giant white blob in the center of the blurry photo. Surprisingly, the walking dendro is super plump. (And has wandered pretty far from where I started, which makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth.) Assuming the sudden shock of getting attention doesn't send things into a death spiral, I feel pretty good about things going forward. I've got a lot more scraping to do, but I finally ordered the flipper that will help me with that. I also ordered some Fritz RPM, which I think will make mixing water less of a chore than the Coral Pro. I might even charge the fancy camera again! Plus I should reup my snails... After weeks of looking at my tank guiltily as I ran out the door, I feel like I can finally get invested in it again. It's a really good feeling.
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