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  1. I guess my Buttons decided dinner time was early. I'm happy to report no permanent damage to either coral.
  2. My clown and Green Chromis are great buddies too! As for hosting, my clown prefers the right back corner of the tank. I traded a frag of Zenia for a anemone but the anemone didn't like that corner and ultimately met its demise with a powerhead in the opposite corner. When cleaning and doing my water change today I decided to move my frogspawn to the clown's corner (only because the frog is getting so big and I needed it away from other corals). About 9 hours later, my daughter said the clown was laying in the frogspawn. I haven't seen it do this yet, but the clown is chasing away his best buddy from that corner now... Interesting!
  3. I don't see any pictures! Sounds like I should...
  4. Is that a do it yourself job on the background for the 29G? I love it! Nice tanks.
  5. I got a $25 gift certificate to my LFS, Aquatic Environments from one of my daycare parents. Used it to get a sweet green plate. Awesome color!
  6. HOLY CRAP! Thank you so much for explaining that. I always wondered why more people didn't have calp in thier tanks. Mine is growing very quickly along the backside of my glass. While I like the natural look it gives to the tank, I'm not willing to lose hundreds of dollars in livestock losses. So tomorrow, it's all coming out! Thanks again for the info! You've saved me from certain heartache
  7. Awesome! What happened w/ the caulerpa? I have some in my 20L. It's starting to grow like mad on the glass on the back of the tank. How did caulerpa cause a meltdown? I just want to be aware of any issues....
  8. Ok Birdman, armed with the proper scientific name of this coral, I did a bit of research on the web. Everything I've read so far says this is a difficult (at minimum) coral to keep due to it's high feeding needs, i.e. a constant supply of Phyto. So, I have a few questions for you if you don't mind... 1) how big is your MiniBow? My tank is a 20L 2) How often are you feeding Phyto and how much when you direct feed it? 3) How long have you had this Dendro? 4) What type of flow is yours getting; Hi, Med, Lo? 5) If your doing heavy feedings of Phyto, how are you keeping excess nutrients in check in the Minibow? Do you skim? I only use an Aquaclear Surface Skimmer attached to my HOB. Thanks
  9. OH MY! That is a gorgeous specimen you have Birdman! I also have THE PERFECT CAVE! I could hang it upside down in there with a medium flow. Sound good? Thanks for the info!
  10. http://www.roesmarineworld.com/_34caul.jpg Is this really a cauliflower coral? Other pictures I've seen don't look like this. Can anyone point me to a site with care requirements for this beauty? I'd love to add it to my 20L if I can meet its needs. Thanks.
  11. Chemi Clean took care of it for me as well. One dose, one day and bamo! Gone. However my outbreak was relatively small with only a few areas on the sand bed affected. Good luck.
  12. Float mags for algae cleaning! Definately easier than scraping...
  13. Thanks Acoustic. Your (harsh) but realistic advice is taken into consideration. I don't think its dead or dying. It still inflates to outrageous size and is still eating... Salinity is stable and I've never used Chemi-Clean or any other cleaner. I think the Peppermint is walking on it while gathering food. This would account for the excess slime the plate is producing (defense mechanism). So I've moved the plate away from the Pepps' hiding cave since he doesn't wander much past it. What type of hell has your plate gone through? Just curious. Thanks
  14. Alkalinity is on the low side of normal-- no exact value, using RedSea which only has a color chart which goes in gradients from low-normal-high. Plate is on the sand. Eats thawed brine (catches itself via current) or Mysis which I target feed once a week. I've also seen it eat a Pod. Other inhabitants = Frogspawn Green buttons Chili coral Pulsing Zenia various Rics various zoos GSP Clove coral yellow polyps Pepp shrimp Clown Yellow Tail Damsel Green Chromis snails/hermits
  15. I've had a short tenacle pink plate for around 3 months now. It had been doing great, tentacles expanding, eating regularly. Three days ago it began to develop white spots on its top. It almost looked like something precipitating out of the water and falling on it. It's also slimming more frequently and more copiously. It still inflates to twice its size but it is "lumpy" (inflated fat in spots, but then a large dip) kinda like this ~~, not uniform anyway. Water: Topoff RO/DI Sal 1.025 Temp 79 - 80 Amn 0 Trites 0 Trates >.2 but <.5 pH 8.0 ( weekly water change 20% today, probably higher now) Calc 360 -- still dosing to bring up to acceptable levels Anyone have these problems with plates? Should I take it out immediately? Is there hope yet?