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  1. You're welcome! It's always nice to not have to make an ass out of yourself in general. It really isn't bad rock at all, I remember Reef Builders having a write up on it and saying pretty favorable things. I like the fact that it is sustainable, as much of our hobby is already detracting from reefs to begin with. But it still depends on each person, I can't say it's the right thing for everyone.
  2. Love that scape, it reminds me of one side of my old 33 gallon. Following along for this one, I have a feeling its going to be amazing.
  3. Be careful going in guns blazing, I think a lot of people don't know that "Real Reef Rock" is actually not live rock from the ocean. Check out this website, it looks like you could have some of this: I know a lot of stores charge a premium for it, and you're basically paying more because you aren't impacting the environment but are getting rock that is pretty legit looking and works well. One of my LFS just has a sign that says "Real Reef Rock $8/lb" so if you don't know what it is, you might be confused.
  4. Wow, that's pretty awesome! Great shots.
  5. I thought IM said about 1" below the third baffle was suggested?
  6. I'm guessing you'll drain the display whenever you need to do anything do it then? How are you sealing the back portion up against the tank itself? I feel like you'll want to test this quite thoroughly before your final fill, just in case anything doesnt work as anticipated. Awesome idea though!
  7. So I guess I forgot to post that I received some coral about two weeks ago from a friend, but I got a handful of different zoas, and a nice little pink and yellow goniopora. All are doing well, but the goni is still kind of upset, and one of the zoas decided it didn't like my tank and is pretty much gone. That plate that I was trying to rescue also seems like it didn't make it. Oh well! Coral has been kind of on hiatus lately, as I got a new car! A 2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude: However, I did buy something slightly special today, for a fairly special occasion. I don't know if anyone read about it (I may have only posted on my last thread, I can't remember), but I used to buy a coral every year on my brothers birthday and the anniversary of his death. My brother died 9 years ago of testicular cancer, and for some reason I started a chose to make reef keeping a way to honor him. Although he was never into aquariums, I stared buying a frag twice a year in honor of him, and when it grew big enough I would cut a piece off to give to someone for free. I wanted to get this tank running well so that I could pick something nice this year, and with things looking pretty good I picked out this little rainbow Acan. I hope to continue this tradition, and would not at all be offended if others wanted to borrow the tradition for anyone they have lost. I think it's a nice way to pass things along, in addition to honoring someone you've lost. Here are some of the other frags I picked up recently: And a FTS: This is probably going to be the last update for a little bit, as a car payment definitely means coral goes on the back burner.
  8. My last one would literally hang out floating a few inches from the burrow he shared with his pistol shrimp. I love the colors on them, and they have a little sass to them as well. My current tank is going to either have a tail spot blenny or a hi-fin as its next inhabitant. I think they're great fish!
  9. I'll be honest, I didn't read any option past "hi-fin red banded goby". That got my vote!
  10. Wow, looks incredible!
  11. Wow, incredible shots!
  12. WOW. This is seriously way more amazing than I anticipated, and I already had high expectations! I'll definitely have to take a few pages from your book, and this is making me want to make my project come to life a lot faster. Very well done!!!
  13. Thanks guys! I think I've made some progress on the plumbing ideas, I may post some diagrams up soon!
  14. This looks great! I want a hi-fin red handed goby and candy cane pistol shrimp, but I've been starting to like yellow watchmen lately. You're making it worse lol.
  15. Damn looks amazing!