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  1. DIY LED fixture

    Ohhhh its not done YET! It hasn't really been a major priority, but I figured Id do it right from the start. The 10 gal underneath has space/flow pattern for a bubble catcher, fuge -> live rock/frag area -> as well as the essential equipments. There will also be a custom LED fixture and an acrylic ATO reservoir/dosing chamber where the jug is .
  2. DIY LED fixture

  3. DIY LED fixture

    No its 1.5" angled aluminum which was bolted together. When I find some extra cash Im going to fabricate a "hood" to house the fans and possibly the screen. I really like the AI hanging kit, but am currently looking for a cheaper alternative. I work as a bicycle mechanic, so Im gonna dig around the shop tomorrow to see what I can come up with.
  4. DIY LED fixture

    BUMP ..anybody??
  5. DIY LED fixture

    I thought I would add a quick update. With such a tight budget its hard to get much of anything done! I have re-designed the fixture somewhat in favor of a more compact design. I have also scrapped the T5s. I dont think they're necessary for this light, considering the size of the tank its designed for. I need a way to hang this fixture, does anybody have any elegant solutions? I really like the look of the ATI hangers, though the AI hangers look more practical - but they're both really expensive for what they are!
  6. My DIY hang over back fuge

    This is wonderful! I love seeing people take on DIY projects to solve specific needs. Also, I have multiple tabs up in Firefox, but this one reads "My DIY hang over ... "
  7. College Coral Tank

    Have I missed something? Its been almost four update-less months. Whats up?
  8. Sounds like you were busy during this last semester! Hopefully the tank still saw some care - looking forward to updates! -P
  9. DIY LED fixture

    Thanks jfarabaugh! I forget exactly which white the Cree LED is, I'll check when I get home! The T5s are Aquablue and Blue+, two bulbs I had laying around, though Im planning on experimenting with different bulb combinations - perhaps a purple/white combination, though Im not ruling out a Blue+/Fiji Purple combo. We'll see. You are correct, the T5s/fans are NOT being controlled by the Arduino... yet. Hopefully I'll have an acrylic casing before too long. The frame design keeps changing, and I have plenty of 1/4" plywood sheets to play around with. Stay tuned for details!
  10. DIY LED fixture

    FINALLY! Ive been busy lately, but Im happy to say that Ive managed to get a working prototype of my LED unit up and running. Thanks in big part to Nano-Reef member Koyaanisqatsi's buckpuck shield for the arduino, I was able to get the LED control finalized. Knowing nothing about electronics/programming/Arduino when I started, I think I got in a bit over my head. On the plus side, turns out my programming works after all! Im still tweaking the design, but here is a teaser of the light which had started to fade into "sunset" when the picture was taken. 12 Cree Royal Blue 12 Cree 10k 2 T5HO
  11. Arduino Buckpuck Shield

    Thanks again, Mark - this shield rocks. As far as complete aquarium controllers, I remain skeptical. Though the idea of a cohesive unit remains enticing, simple redundancies, in my mind, seem much more bombproof in light of a controller failure. That being said, I haven't heard of too many controller failures. Concerning the shield, I would personally like to see options for expanding the shield - perhaps another channel for moonlighting and a power output for fans, specifically. Good luck, Peter
  12. Maestro's 57G Illuminata Rimless

    Im curious to see how that refugium turned out as well as how the LEDs are working for you Love the clean design
  13. Wiring a buckpuck to Arduino

    I see NightAtTheOpera hasn't posted for 3 months... But Im still curious how this turned (is turning?) out.
  14. Daves Shallow SPS 35g

    I hope this isn't inappropriate, but for some reason while looking at that sequence of pictures of the eel hunting, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy came to mind... So heres a video of a Benjamin Franklin impersonator playing a glass armonica. ...no? how about http://brianpeppersno.ytmnd.com/ *edit +1 "There are nights that I come home after work and just cant believe how cool it is to have a reef tank."
  15. DIY LED fixture

    taylorjonl - I see that the LED- is grounded in fig. 15 from the buckpuck datasheet. But I was under the impression that I could use the transistors from the setup in fig. 14 to boost the signal thereby giving me the ability to control multiple pucks from one PWM output from the Arduino. Would I be able to drive the pucks this way by simply splitting the line? I also see no need to include a transducer. Johnamon - I dont have enough PWM outputs to control every puck directly. Would the resistor setup you suggested be able to also split the line to control several pucks? Does "Pulse/Strobe input 5V = on" mean I can only control the LEDs on/off or does that, as I read it, indicate that I can control the LED output with the PWM signal from the arduino for the fades Im after?