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  1. Does the screen top on anyone else's IM Fusion Nano 20 not completely cover the water? Mine fits perfectly long end-to-end, but it is about 3/4" too short in the front-to-back dimension. In other words, if I place it against the front glass, it stops about 3/4" short of the black, acrylic overflow wall. I'm just wondering if mine is defective or if they are all this way. Thanks.
  2. What did my boyfriend bring home?

    Holy algae Batman!!!
  3. Return pump isn't grounded

    man, tight fit in that middle chamber with the skimmer and two pumps, eh?
  4. Ammonia overdosed. Need advice

    How do you "accidentally" add 500ml of ammonia? Have you tested your current ammonia level in the water? Have you added any live nitrifying bacteria? What process are you using to get the cycle going? Still too many questions to answer before we can give you good advice.
  5. Return pump isn't grounded

    How is your skimmer performing? Do you "need" to turn the return pumps down?
  6. Return pump isn't grounded

    Most, if not all, of the pieces of equipment plugged into my Apex EB8 are two-prong. I have the 3-prong EB8 plugged into a properly-functioning GFCI receptacle and call it a day.
  7. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Hey man, you don't have to order those in New Orleans, they come seek you out! LOL!
  8. MACNA 2017 who's going?

    Just convinced my wife today and we are going! Making the drive down from north Louisiana. See you there!
  9. WTB ATO

    PM sent
  10. Lighting Options for IM Fusion 20

    I have an Ecotech XR15wPro Gen.4 on the RMS tank mount. Plenty of coverage and in fact, light spill.
  11. Aquascape opinions wanted please!

    Thanks for the feedback! Here is a different angle of #1 out of the tank so you can see the depth/dimensions of it.
  12. Which of these two aquascapes do you guys like the best? The single structure or two separate islands? I just used Microsoft Paint to give me an idea what two separate islands would look like. The single structure is what is in the tank now. I can also make the left-hand rock smaller if I need to. Opinions valued and appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Nuvo 20 aquascape opinions - two options

    I got some more dry rock and spent a couple hours last night setting it up and mortaring it together. I like it much better than what I currently have in the tank. It is a little more compact also, so the rock won't be so close to the glass and I'll have more open sandbed. What do you guys think compared to the original? I think it looks more natural - the original looks too much like individual rocks piled together to me. Also, what is the best way to switch out the rock? There is no livestock in the tank. I can drain and save the water easy enough, but my concern is the sand. The rock is sitting on the glass bottom and when I pull the rock out, the sand will spread out over the bottom. Do I need to remove sand or should I be able to wiggle the new rock down through it so that it too rests directly on the glass? I'm also going to experiment with coating the cemented areas with Gorilla Glue gel and throwing crushed stone powder onto it to camoflauge it. I don't like the gray color of the cement. I know it will eventually get covered...but I like instant gratification...a bad trait in reefing, I know!
  14. Just set up and cycled my new Nuvo 20 with dry rock and Dr. Tim's. I started out really liking the rockwork but the more I have looked at it the last 3 weeks, the more I am second-guessing it. What do you guys think? I suck at scaping and spent 3 days off and on coming to this final result. I realize it will transform the look completely when covered with corals, but I want to know what you all think of it as it is now. Thanks!