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  1. Yeah, the only thing I know of that eats asterina's are harlequins. I know he isn't eating them cuz I watched him scrape one off his claw on the rock. Weird. I got him some clams the other day and he went farking nuts at lights out. Grabbed one and ran from one end of the tank to the other for about 5 minutes (wtf is that about?) then sat down and decimated it. 5 clams met their maker when the lights went back on . I found live mussles (Publix FTW) and dumped them in (they float apparently until they decide to head to the bottom) he shot out of the sand climbed up the side of the tank and snatched one down. If there is ever a crab NFL (like the bud bowl only with more appendage removal) I will make bank with CJ. He is a very happy crab and thanks you mightily. Are all crabs this smart? He had figured out within the first week who I was and where to stand if he was hungry. He will even go so far as to tell me no, he doesn't want scallop again by putting it down on a rock and going back to the feeding corner and wiggling his eye stalks at me (he likes a krill prawn mix and uh some kinda fish I bought from walmart. Whiting maybe I forget). He also deliberately digs up the mangroves, I'm not sure if he is commenting on my crappy tank design or if its just fun to do. Anywho, best crab EVER and I can't thank you enough
  2. I like the fuzzy wuzzy urchins, but I can't say as I have a grand attachment to the pokey ones (please excuse my overly technical taxonomic urchin descriptions). I like chitons A tank full would be awesome. Any idea's on why CJ cannot abide asterina stars? He definitely isn't eating them, I'm starting to think he is just maybe a little mentally retarded and mistakes them for snails now and again.
  3. He is very much a bad a$$ crab. He and the lionfish have been "discussing" some things lately. The lion ignored him right up until John discovered that ghost shrimp are tasty. Its funny as hell watching the big a$$ crab run full blast and bury himself when he gets caught shrimp hunting. I built a sort of ramp off the rock side so we get to watch the crab dive, glide and then bury himself. Invert Olympics ftw. Small clams eh? Sounds like a plan. I don't think I could feed him crabs that's just....harsh. Are there any clean up options CJ won't eat? The crab leaves me alone when I scrub the algae, but the lion has discovered I am the source of tasty treats and wants to see whatever is in my hand. He folds all his fins back but I'd rather not risk getting stung again. Been there, done that have no interest in a repeat T shirt.
  4. crab. OK so I have a fountain crab (or box or shame face whatever you personally CALAPPA FLAMMEA ). We call him John Maloney (or Conky John hence the post title. What can I say I am easily amused) They eat snails, this is not a surprise to me but I had a couple of turbos who I needed to temporarily house in the crab den. I figured I would just feed Johns big fat crab butt a buncha times throughout the day and he would leave them be. I have been really sick and unable to do much anyway and my partner just left for Iraq on another contract this means feeding him is like the highlight of my crappy day so I figured everything would be fine. He is SUPPOSED to be lazy and thus contented to lay around and be fed. But NOOOOOO the bastard crab is a ravenous eating beast, which would be awesome if I didn't like snails. I have been feeding him (on average) 4-5 times a day. 1 Large scallop or half a scallop and some krill and prawn at each feeding. At his last feeding I leave whatever he didn't finish and another small chunk of scallop or whatever so he has something to snack on when he gets up to roam around. His only other tank mate is a black peacock lion and they share a 55g. The tank bottom is halved one side being bare bottomed with a bunch of live rock chunks and rubble the other side has about a 4-4 1/2" sand bed (which I am going to bump up to 5 or 6" when I get to feeling better). I managed to save 'zilla (the snail) before he cracked all the way through to the meaty center so : Question the first is for the snail Will this be sufficient for him to get around and eat and stuff? I don't have a firm grasp on how shell shape plays into feeding and movement. I made him a mini fuge and threw some cheato in it so nothing will be messing with him or trying to crack it open. He seems to be alive (some movement while I was making his little prosthetic ). Question the 2nd Input on how to feed this damn crab. As we speak he is turning over rock rubble trying to find a tasty morsel. Am I under feeding him or does John just crave the hunt? Any idea's on why he is killing my asterina stars? He doesn't eat them but if he see's one on the glass it gets a wack or two. Edited because I can't spell worth a dang.
  5. ochtodes for trade only

    Aww man this sucks. I want those I have some "pink predea" and "rare red branching"macro's I got from LAReef but it's currently being rehabbe'd from piss poor shipping. When/if it pink's or if you want a frag of the branching stuff maybe we can hit up a deal then. I don't have accurate names because I haven't pestered John about it yet
  6. AWESOME way to keep your zoas/palys healthy!

    Well, I am obviously a frigid reefer as I have never given any of my coral a BJ Have to give it a shot and see what pop's up Seriously though, good suggestion. It's one of those prophylactic things that you don't really do or think about usually until something goes awry.
  7. Cause for Giant Jellyfish Swarms ID'd

    Yeah, I fully expect to get spam in the near future involving the magic penis enlarging powers of the giant jellyfish tentacle.
  8. It's one thing to take a risk on wild, it's quite another to take one on species. You really need a more tactical approach because it is fairly easy to mis-identify a mantis, and there IS a difference. No disrespect intended itz, and I am glad your livestock is well. It's just not a risk I would take
  9. FS: Purple Hornet Zoa Colony

    You should, the fact you weren't a weenie about the avatar has me pondering that toxic lava you have. Is it the same one you have up on ebay?
  10. Free frag's for the n00b/Beginner crowd

    Ok gotta slap the pause button for now. I will be getting with everyone who posted in the next day or two, and hopefully be shipping by Wednesday. If I can't get it out by Wed. it will ship Monday When more frag's are available, I or whoever has one, will bump and let you know
  11. Newbie

    UHmmmm pretty sure you meant to post here --> http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215564 but your in line
  12. Refugium Mud

    Being patient sucks. Also, where to you come up with these silly words you use? Life?? Sleep??
  13. Help these weird bug things in my reef

    Seriously though how do you have 1000's of $$ in livestock and not know what a pod is?
  14. Metallic blue-green mushrooms

  15. Free frag's for the n00b/Beginner crowd

    For the sake of clarity http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=214964