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  1. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    April FTS page is now up for your submissions. Again, sorry for the delay!
  2. The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    Contestants: Please post one FTS (full tank shot) and one FES (full equipment shot) by April 30th. Thread Guidelines: The purpose of this thread is to allow contestants and other NR members to easily view the monthly progress of each tank. To keep this thread neat and tidy, please observe the following: Contestants should post a total of 2 photos in this thread (one FTS and one FES). For organizational purposes, please post them together. The FTS should highlight the contents of your tank (aquascape, corals, inverts, etc.) and the FES should show all of your equipment including lighting, sump, etc. Remember, all of the original equipment that was included with your Tom's deco-kit must be visible in your FES. Contestants must post a FES/FTS on the monthly thread every month in order to stay in the contest. Do not post comments on this thread! Contestants will appreciate comments and feedback on their individual tank threads. Do not post questions about the contest or this thread on this page. Instead, post on the main contest thread or send a pm to streetsong or gupebreedr. I know we all look forward to viewing each others great ideas and creativity. Good luck to all!
  3. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Hi everyone. Sorry for being out of contact, just a busy time of year at work. I will post the April FTS thread in the morning and pm everyone to hopefully boost our motivation. Let's keep this thing going!
  4. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Too late, just bought 2 BRS two-part dosing pumps. I programmed them on my RKL and they are working great so far.
  5. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Thanks! My only challenge was convincing the wife that I "needed" a tank this size.
  6. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Here's a question that maybe someone can answer: I just cleaned my sump, vacumed the white flaky gunk from my 2-part depositing at the bottom. I don't have a great deal of flow in my sump in general. I am going to start using dosing pumps this week. Will the problem be solved just because they will add supplements so slowly or is only stronger flow going to solve the issue? hmmm.
  8. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Thanks guys!
  9. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Well, I started dosing 2-part from BRS about 1,1/2 months ago. I also began using the Fuel supplement from Aquavitro and regularly feeding Oysterfeast. All of these factors along with gradually increasing my AI lighting has caused a sudden growth explosion! My new watermelon chalice that is 2 weeks old has already encrusted onto a neighboring rock. I guess that I'll keep doing what I'm doing! I did order 2 BRS 2-part dosing pumps so I am excited to start automating that process. I have had issues with calc. buildup on the floor of my sump. I'm hoping that the pumps will eliminate this problem since they dose much slower than I can manually. Here's a FTS from this morning: (Better than previous ones since I'm starting to figure out the new camera.)
  10. Our Wal-Mart Pico contest entry thread

    This is really sweet! Love the horses.
  11. The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    FTS: 3/31/12 FES: No changes.
  12. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Just a couple of days to get your FTS shots posted to the March thread, everyone. I feel like excitement may have dropped off for our contestants a bit now that we are in the thick of it. How can we amp it back up?
  13. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Here's a FTS I just took. Lower center is my watermelon chalice that I picked up this past weekend.
  14. Good deal on "watermelon" chalice?

    Liquid Kingdom in Broomfield
  15. Streetsong's 76g Half-Circle of sps

    Thanks for your thoughts, Kat. I think the kalk may have been a contributing factor. I think the 2 little fishies reactor that I have worked great. But my corals looked like crap. I stopped using it about 2 months ago. Shortly after, I started amping up my lights. So I don't really know which is to blame. SPS is looking 100 times better than it ever has!