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  1. Thanks nolanrob, pleasure doing business with you! Any questions? Just let me know!, enjoy!
  2. Media bag broke... Big mess in my Biocube :(

    If you don't want to risk contamination, or you just want to be more safe, you could just go get a new shop vac. Get the smallest one, I think it might be $30-$40 at Walmart, not sure though, but you would have your own fish vac then.
  3. WTB mini minis

    Yeah I dropped it! Last I checked you were keeping your La-z-boy warm too! My butt is sore from all the sitting...
  4. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy! Shipped today, should be there tomorrow, the wait will soon be over! Yeah, near Greenwood Now my friend, you have a PM!
  5. WTB mini minis

    I have what you want: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/308010-fs-amazing-rock-nems-mini-nems-and-devil-hand-leathers/ , sorry guys PM is key !
  6. I have noticed that too... it is very strange looking, and rather cool!
  7. You most certainly can! Just send me a PM please. Anyone else?
  8. Kevin, good to see that guy doing well. Thanks for the pics!
  9. Nate, Thanks so much for the pics! I hope you enjoy!
  10. Thanks so much for doing this! Need to get a new camera I guess.... Thank you! Reply sent!
  11. I just have the one species of mini nem. It is a mini carpet anemone, it gets 2.5in max. As pictured in the op they are pink, purple and green, through my pics don't really do their colors justice, they are very colorful. I then have one species of rock nem. They are purple, with bright neon green centers, check the op for pics. These get about 4-4.5in, very easy, very non-aggressive, and my clowns love hosting them. The above 2 mentioned are the only nems, that I keep. I have lots of both left, from an 1 in to their full grown size. Please let me know if you have any questions, or concerns, Thanks!
  12. I have plenty, I'm 100% sure I'll have them when you return, just hit me up. Thanks for the interest!
  13. Everyone, I still have lots of all these left! If anyone is interested send me a pm.
  14. The only color morph of rock nem I have is a purple skirt with neon green centers. The problem I have with pics, is that I use 14k bulbs, and I cant get these nem's colors to be accurately justified through digital cameras. I could adjust the color scale in a photo editing software, but that's just too much work and kinda lying in a way. So... anyone that has these nems can agree with me, that the pics I have don't really do their actual colors justice both with the rock and mini nems. So why post more pics...? Glad to hear about your moms tank, I need to come by and take a look. Thanks for the good words, and yes Lawnman can agree with me about the colors. Thank you! Hope you enjoy! Great to hear! Especially since it was the first attempt at shipping anemones priority. Gotta love heat packs!