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  1. WTF is this for? AC70 Media Basket!

    Stevie, will you ever make something like this for the CPR HOB fuge, I have the medium Thank you Phil
  2. Atomic's 28g JBJ Nanocube

    Atomic, are you sure that's not Bryopsis? If so snails or anything else will not eat it....I hope it's not. Phil
  3. unknown crab and pod

    I would keep the chiton a very good thing to have in a reef...... Phil
  4. Bongo Shrimp's 25g Tide Pool

    Bongo, aren't you worried that the tweezers will hurt him? He grabs pretty hard....... Phil
  5. 72W T5HO enough for 20H?

    Much easier to find the 24" bulbs, I have both and can't find the 18" T5's Phil
  6. Something mowed down my blue cloves...

    What are Blue Cloves? Thank you, Phil
  7. Lillie's 15G

    amnesiak, how did you dose the garlic? Thank you Phil
  8. Yardboy, You have a great thread here and a super tank. Keep up with it, I really enjoy your humor Phil

  10. Sea cucumber question.

    Thanks, this is a very good link..... Phil
  11. Chemipure Elite

    Boyd, the man that started the company has been saying that for many years..... Phil