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  1. I want your dead fish

    mice paws... More cell phone pics..
  2. I want your dead fish

    Now for only 2.2 million dollars, preserve yourself for ever..... You now have the option of 3 new colours!
  3. I want your dead fish

    It will stain, but we will have to test if it stains selectivly to look cool enough.
  4. I want your dead fish

    Plant staining is usually for microscopic examination, Im not sure how macroscopic staining would go...
  5. I want your dead fish

    Yes, this was invented as a plant product. Check out the website, we have a lot of plant pics up there. I also want to clear a leaf off my Madagascar lace leaf. Haven't tried dying any plants tho. Finish is food grade glycerin.
  6. I want your dead fish

    A lot will depend on the specimens, and this is something we are working on finding out. Some of those above are still a work in progress too.
  7. I want your dead fish

    Yep, a lot of these have been put in the smallest vials for space concerns. I don't want to carry display pieces to and from the lab lol.
  8. I want your dead fish

    And now for some of our first fish... Cell phone pics for now, sorry. one fish two fish red fish mostly blue fish And some more things in the works... and one more shot:
  9. I want your dead fish

    I am working to fix that... Tracking down cooler fish than feeders as well as ironing out staining protocols. I hope to have fish on the kickstarter before time's up. I just got a bag full of quater sized FW angelfish, kinda sad, but they'll look way cooler clear than rotting in the trash! And no chance to post pics, sorry guys. My laptops harddrive crashed the other day, so I'm still trying to fix that... I think I just need to get a new harddrive. :/
  10. I want your dead fish

    Amay, if you get the feral pig, I'll drive it out to you... I'm really hoping to get some fish prizes on the list, but I have a little fine tuning to do there first.
  11. I want your dead fish

    We have gone live on our kick starter! Check us out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1955047740/taxiclear-art-through-biology More pictures tonight too!
  12. I want your dead fish

    Im actually in touch with the professor who did a lot of the specimens in that article, he swnt me his protocol, which takes upwards if 2-3 weeks to finish a specimen from a fresh frog. Crazy, huh? The method I've helped develop,takes less than a week from start to finish.
  13. I want your dead fish

    Big chains will not even talk to us, it doesn't go well with their corporate structure. It really has put me off of buying even dry goods from them. Not going to rant here tho. A few LFS owners have been able to help us out, and we are grateful with what we can get from them, which isn't much either. Thankfully. I've been trying to get an intro to some wholesalers, particularly importers, they get a lot of DOAs. Its not easy. This has really limited us to working with mice primarily.
  14. I want your dead fish

    So, how creepy does that make me for making them??? lol
  15. Markushka's 20 Long Rimless Tank

    whats all this then???