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  1. send me some!
  2. Nice! I had one of these once upon a time. cool fish.
  3. should submit this one to this months photo contest.
  4. thanks, he and my puffer are definitely my favorite fish.
  5. woah thats a cool one! I have a Rainfords but I like your's coulouration much better
  6. This piece is amazing! You've got an awesome taste in coral.
  7. Sweet!
  8. Awesome! whats the magnification on this shot?
  9. this tank has inspired me since I began this hobby. back then I even read the whole thread on RC, all 200 pages or so at the time.
  10. Nice!
  11. good idea for the shot i think i'll try that tomorrow.
  12. looks like a peanut worm, harmless imo.
  13. trippy man!
  14. Is that a longspine?