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  1. Fish bridge question

    They're all right next to eachother. Small 6 gallon cubes. No sump. Never worked with a sump nor do i have the space for it. Not interested in seeing the fish cross from one tank to another. Just looking into sharing watervolume for stability. When it comes to technical stuff i tend to get lost. So any help would be awesome
  2. Fish bridge question

    Hey everyone. Not a big poster but here it goes. I'm looking to connect three tanks with the fish bridge thing. They're all on equal level. How would you guys go about on this? Is it just a simple matter of using an external filter and putting the intake in tank one and the outflow in tank 3? With fish bridges running from 1 to 2 to 3 Not looking for the effect of the fish in the tubes as much as i am just looking into a shared water volume. Plus the external filter would give me some more space for filter media. Overall stability thing, i guess Thanks
  3. Mushrooms

    Imagine all those mushrooms hosting sexy shrimp and maybe certain anemone shrimp. i can see the blues in your lighting and the parts where your blues and lights reach looks awesome! Lights are certainly enough. I just like every part of the lit, haha I see reallll potential in this tank It just needs a good cleaning, hahaha^^
  4. Kill the Paly

    I have to disagree..... Those paly's aren't ugly at all.
  5. Mushrooms

    Omg!! This tank is amazing o_0 want! You could really make the colors pop on those shrooms by adding some nice blue lighting. Top it off with some cool inverts stick in some tonga branches for more hight in this scape and damn!
  6. Crab Hitchhiker

    It is pretty, though! So symmetrically colored in black and white. Awesome! I'm sure someone would love to have such a distinctively colored creature
  7. Designer shrooms, Nebula Ricordea

    Wow, i can buy a colony with 20 polyps for 40 or 50 euros even less..... american prices are ridiculous!
  8. Shrimp ID

    Pederson shrimp
  9. Hitchhiker Coral ID

    Thalassianthus aster, perhaps?
  10. Something On The Bottom Of My Brain

    Looks like its mesenterial filaments.
  11. beautiful tiny anemone id

    oh yeah, totally agree with you! too pretty to kill!! hmm maybe I should just borrow my sisters fancy camera and try to capture the colors!! phone pics will do for now. haha not able to ship them out i'm afraid they would have to travel to a different continent. dutch guy, here!! well not completely, dual nationality.
  12. beautiful tiny anemone id

    It is possible that they simply need to grow into their adult form. Thanks steely!! I'll try to document the growth of these little ones.
  13. beautiful tiny anemone id

    Yeah definitely not chucking them out just yet. If they turn out to be majano's i'll make a living selling then as horsehead nebulanemone's
  14. beautiful tiny anemone id

    if they are they are the prettiest out there it's a crummy pic. but in real life they are orange and green and purple. sounds like a strange color combo for majano. but it certainly is possible
  15. so I bought a piece of live rock at a poopy lfs some pally's on it, some shrooms. beneath it a snotty blob, which turned out to be a huge epicystis crucifer. and some freakishly stunning anemone's it's entire foot is like green electricity runs through it. bright green tentacles. oral disc is like looking at a gass nebula from outter space. orange,purple,white specks and green. one of them split after upgrading my lighting, so that's what's throwing me off from thinking they're baby rock anemone's. they range in size van 4 to 8 mm and have been growing. all of them have their feet tucked into a tiny crevice and move from crevice by slowly crawling along the rock. they take food actively and curl up into little balls. so no doubt they are anemone's. any guesses what they could be? and of course ####ty pic's