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  1. MrIcky

    Boiling Base Rock

    beckett's pond foam or drill holes and use acrylic rod.
  2. MrIcky

    new rockscape---cement? foam?

    Pond foam. There's a few brands, but I used Becketts. It will fuse rocks together as well, surprisingly strong stuff. also called waterfall foam I think
  3. MrIcky

    AIO advice needed

    I have my JBJ set up like: ...........^ (eshopps skimmer) v Pump|Heater|Media Rack|Chaeto| Chaeto ......................................................^eggcrate I don't have sponges anymore. I use filter floss that I change every week on top of the media rack. I have 2 pieces of eggcrate cut so they angle down on the 5th chamber to keep the chaeto from being pulled back to the pump.
  4. MrIcky

    Best AIO for sps

    Ya, lots of people have done it. Small frequent water changes. You'd just need to do a search in the pico-forum.
  5. MrIcky

    Best AIO for sps

    except Elos aren't AIO's. They are nice though and it's very possible that you could end up spending enough on upgrades for an AIO to make it close to the cost of an Elos. I don't know if there is a truly great AIO for sps out of the box. They all require modding, some are just easier to mod than others. Cadlights, RSM and Innovative Marine make a 24inch long AIO which makes it easier to find fixtures for if you want t5 or just want standard sizes instead of pendants or arms. Nanocube and Biocube both have 150w halide fixtures, both really limit your skimmer choices. The RSM's proprietary lights work surprisingly well, but they are proprietary. The RSM and the Cadlights are probably the closest to being ready right off the truck. Success is pretty mixed from what I've read with the LED fixtures that come stock on some models of Nanocube and Cadlights and the Innovative Marine. My opinion is if you really want an AIO, figure on spending at least as much as the tank itself cost in mods to make it SPS worthy. Some people have had success with less, but they are exceptions. It may sound like I'm down on them, I'm not- I own one (a Nanocube). Just letting you know that AIO's really aren't if you want to go the SPS tank route.
  6. MrIcky

    How long can an empty tank sit?

    my personal experience is that as long as it has been somewhat cleaned, climate controlled, stored level and out of sunlight...years. No treatment necessary.
  7. You want a 20ish gallon AIO tank that can handle sps for $600 and without needing to upgrade. I'm assuming that means that includes the stand. You may be able to accomplish this used, otherwise you are going to have to give somewhere (like the stand, or a smaller tank, or forego the sps). You can make a very successful AIO at that price, but SPS will be a stretch. For instance, that 22 gallon cadlights is a decent price and comes with lights. If you add the skimmer and stand your at $580. You still need to address flow and a heater (now you're at close to $700). If you went with a 20L or even a 29 at the petco sale- you can get the tank and stand for $100-150. If you aren't handy, you can put in a jbj auto top off and an internal skimmer for another $200. Then you could get a couple of par 38s or a Kessil and some hydor koralia nanos. Put a black background on it to hide the wires and you'd be golden for about anything you want to grow. I like AIOs- I have one myself, but you've set your budget too low unless you want to step into the 12-14 gallon range.
  8. MrIcky

    LED solution...Ecoxotic panorama modules

    I believe they are actually all 3w bulbs but they've only been driven at 1w, then 1.5w in the pro to have a fanless solution.
  9. MrIcky

    lighting on the 28g NC

    There are several people with the 28g reef led NC's. However off the top of my head I can only think of XIII's. I'd just go through their threads, but yes they appear to grow about anything that their husbandry skill allows.
  10. MrIcky

    Biocube HQI vs red sea max 130d

    Have you looked at Stevie's whole tank thread btw? It's huge, but it's indexed and I think it would answer a lot of your questions.
  11. MrIcky

    Biocube HQI vs red sea max 130d

    Many would disagree, but /shrug. They are definitely nice tanks. Are you a Red Sea employee?
  12. MrIcky

    Biocube HQI vs red sea max 130d

    My take on it is that the RSM is a little better if you're looking at an initial purchase, but it's not enough better to buy one as an upgrade. Keep in mind that the lights on the RSM are ok, but a downgrade from a MH so you'll either have to cope or plan on additional costs.
  13. MrIcky

    LED for my 12g Nano Cube

    I'm thinking you'll have enough light with that in a 12g. I'm running panorama's only and having good luck. There are some growth shots in my thread.
  14. MrIcky

    Ecoxotic leds

    Will it fit? I thought your goal was to fit it in the hood?
  15. MrIcky

    Ecoxotic leds

    Get the new panorama pros. Better value ratio for what you are doing. I personally get pretty good growth. I've got some pic's in my thread of growth under regular panoramas.