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  1. XBoX360+ Reef = AWESOME PICO!

  2. Getting a Tir Color Valida to Color Up

    Any recommendations on how far. I lowered it about 6 inches earlier today. Should I go further down?
  3. I've had this tri color valida frag for 6-8 months now. I got it wit minimal color on it. Over time it has become white with a light purple base. Does anybody have any recommendations on getting this thing to color up? Currently it's placed at the top of my tank under Led's, polyps are opening up and I've seen growth. I'm thinking about putting it at the bottom of the tank to induce browning out. Then slowly move it back up. Will this work? This is an old pic, but closely resembles the coloring. Since this pic the base has turned a light purple.
  4. Acan eating hammer

    that's crazy. Did it eat the whole thing?
  5. The Shiro Tank

    I like the red/white color combo. Most people do black or brown. Nice work.
  6. Blacklight vs Actinic

    this is a sweet idea, if anything it would have some crazy coloring
  7. Makin it Rain! ATO

    this is bad a**
  8. 30 gallon AIO cube

    Pics at one month. I'll eventually figure out the lighting on my camera
  9. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    The new setup is looking good
  10. crazy pictures, reminds me of looking at slides during botany class
  11. 29 gallons of awesome

    nice looking setup Yoshii
  12. The complete LED & Dim4Controller Led Guide

    like a boss, nice work. The drill press always in the kitchen?
  13. 30 gallon AIO cube

    LFS was celebrating 5 years of business today, and I got some nice $5 acro frags. One is a rose milli and i'm not sure on the other, blue stag of some kind. Camera does not pic up the true colors, very vibrant.
  14. 30 gallon AIO cube

    I'm having some problems with polyp extension with a few of my sps, any recommendations? They seem to be opening but not fully. I've also noticed that my zoas have been shrinking in size, they are still opening but getting smaller in size.