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  1. June 2012 Featured Reef - nor_cal_nano

    Amazing tank, congrats!
  2. How many times do You go to the LFS

    Once every 1-2 months just to see if they have anything new in stock.
  3. Chris's JBJ28 CF

    The coral in the top pic looks like a Leptastrea. Your tank is looking good!
  4. Biocube 29 w/LEDs: A learning experience.

    Good start. Looking forward to seeing this stocked
  5. Aqua Medic Yasha - NPS nano reef

    Looking good! NPS tanks are beautiful.
  6. 30 Gallon Shallow Cube

    Looks great! I love the scape. I've been wanting to start a shallow tank for a long time now.
  7. Tank crash, years lost..

    Sorry to hear about the crash. Happened to me a while ago, lost all my sps. I too decided to do things differently since then and got some nice picasso clowns
  8. Show Off Your Wrasse

    Heres my McCoskers
  9. JMAdams BC29

    A couple more pics McCoskers Harlequin Serpent Star
  10. JMAdams BC29

    Pretty sure its an MJ900. Kinda forgot since I stopped running the reactors for a while when I didn't have any SPS. Now that I'm getting back into SPS I decided to run it again.
  11. JMAdams BC29

  12. JMAdams BC29

  13. JMAdams BC29

    JMAdams BC29 Established May 2011 Current FTS 5/22/12 -Biocube 29 -150w Sunpod with 14k Phoenix Bulb -2 Phosban Reactors with Carbon and GFO -Vortech MP10 -DA Reefkeeper Lite -JBJ ATO -Tunze 9002 Skimmer -StevieT mediabasket with Filter Floss and Chaeto -2x ORA Premium Picasso Clownfish -McCosker Flasher Wrasse -Bangaii Cardinalfish -Harlequin Serpent Star -LPS/Softies -SPS coming soon
  14. Yep. Your shrimp should still be in there somewhere.
  15. JMAdams SPS BC29

    Tank crashed last year and haven't been on to update. Lost all my SPS. Currently working on setting it back up and should be running again in the next few days. Going to be SPS dominated again and I have some new toys for the tank this time around. Will keep you updated!