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  1. Hmm, thanks for the advice. I did read an article about something that sounded similar to this to which cleaning agents that contained alcohol in them allowed for this type of growth... Honestly i wouldnt mind the stuff so much if it wasnt such an eye soar. It hangs off of the live rock, powerheads, and filter output... Hopefully this stuff does eventually just die off... Would anything in a clean-up crew eat this?
  2. Alright Guys, Prepare yourself for this..... I'm not sure exactly what this White Slime is but if I had to take a guess, I would say it is bacteria from the die off of the Live-Rock that is in the tank. I do not have my test kits yet (awaiting shipment), so I cant tell you my current levels although, I am currently on the third week of my cycle. This white slime seems to grow faster (longer) in the light but if i'm not mistaken, bacteria does not need light to grow....I am very lost and hopefully somebody will be able to help me out with this. I appreciate everyone taking the time to check this out! *Key point here, I am using RO/DI water. Pic from reef central - http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/attachme...mp;d=1275177759 (SAME PIC AS ABOVE) Thanks, Johnny
  3. Is it Possible for the CPR Aquafuge to hang on the side wall of a 20 long? The width of my 20 Long is 12.5". Lemme know guys, Chett89
  4. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Wow, your tank is amazing ^^. Although, at this point of time i'm not yet that "thrilled" with LEDs and am almost afraid to even carry out an DIY approach with them. I feel that MH is for me as of now...with the only drawback so far being that I wont get that "trippy" atininc look with a MH. ZOOman, my distance should only be about 12-13 inches, seeing as my tanks height is 12 inches. With a 2-3 inch sand bed and maybe a 3 inch riser for the fixture, should this light be enough to cover that? Do you guys think that If I retrofitted a strip of stunner LEDs onto the MH fixture that I would be able to achieve the antinic look? Does anyone have an idea of how I could achieve an antinic feel with a MH? Also, I have looked at reviews for FNI's MH (150w) but nothing is recent enough or really applies to a 20 gallon long. Any members on here have the FNI fixture and would be willing to share with me some comments on how they feel about it? Thanks for the input and feedback guys, - Johnny
  5. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    -Zooman, Thanks for the awesome replies, you have been very helpful to me through your posts (I am sure helpful to others as well). So guys, especially to those who are familiar with FishNeedIt fixtures, I have come up with two conclusions. They are the following: Option 1- Go with the MH. I am almost sure on MH because of the shimmer effect that I absolutely love and the total area that a single bulbs light can reach (Eventually I will have a 23" HOB fuge behind the display tank and feel that I can sap some of the light for it from the MH). The following Link is for Option 1- http://www.fishneedit.com/150w-metal-halide-pendant-lig.html - Question on Option 1: I want a blue tint and I dont feel that their 14k gives off enough of a blue for me so I am thinking about going with the 20k. Will I achieve substantial growth from that 20k bulb alone. Also, if I discover that these bulbs are complete garbage, I will probably just go with the phoenix 14k bulb. Finally, I love that how antinics make coral colors jump out at you, how could I achieve that with MH? They state you can attach T5s onto the FNI's metal halide fixture, but the halide will probably be many inches away from the waters surface....? Option 2 - Go with the T5's. FNI has a T5 fixture that fits my tank perfectly in length (30") and has 4, 24-watt bulbs that I will be able to customize to my liking's. Although with the T5 route I will not gain that shimmer effect or extra lighting for my fuge. The following link is for Option 2- http://www.fishneedit.com/30in-4bulbs-fixtu304.html - Questions on Option 2: I heard mixed reviews on these bulbs but the fixtures seem to be ok, anybody have anything they can add to this concerning bulbs or fixture? Also, is there a way I could obtain some sort of a shimmer effect eventually by retrofitting some sort of cheap LEDs to the fixture? Finally, if I chose this route, would 2 antinics and 2 10ks be good for growth? Honestly, I am taking your guys' opinions seriously with this and more than likely what gets the most votes is what I will finally decide on. (no voting mechanism, obviously) Please, open up the flood gates of opinions. I have searched for this topic, but nothing specifically narrows down to two choices like I have. Thanks guys, - Johnny
  6. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Zooman, I'm sorry I came across like that, clearly I didn't word the question or response correctly... Your post was extremely usefull to me and I am grateful for you taking the time to write it up... Now I guess what I am having trouble with is deciding to go with either mh or LEDs. Is The 150 watt 14k fixture previously posted a good light spread for a tank thats 30 inches long, and is the 14k bulb enough of a light spectrum for basically any type of coral?
  7. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Cool, but basically nobody answered the questions :-/. Can anyone give me any input about this http://www.fishneedit.com/150w-metal-halide-pendant-lig.html metal halide over a 20 long. If your answer is to "go search" please just pass by. I'm looking for advice from people who have the fixtures that I have asked questions about.... Thanks, Johnny
  8. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Quick question - Would this MH alone be enough for all coral types and also give me that antinic glow? http://www.fishneedit.com/150w-metal-halide-pendant-lig.html I would pick the 14k bulb Anybody have comments or reviews on this fixture? - Or would it be overkill to get the MH With the two T-5's? I would rather stick with the single MH if I could. Thank guys, Johnny
  9. Lighting a 20-gallon long

    Alright guys so I'm planning on a new nano-reef build. Fortunately, although it being the cheapest of the total equipment required, I have a 20 gallon long AGA chillin in my garage waiting to get used. The Deminsions are the following 30x12x12.5 (inches). Now I am really excited about this tank because it's a nice, long tank and also this will be my first LED setup. I have been reading the thread about the cheap Japanese LEDs (ebay) and how successful they really can be. Although, I have yet to venture into LEDs so I have some questions, they are the following: 1. How many of these LEDs should I get given my Deminsions? 2. Because my tank is fairly shallow, how high should I go above the surface of the water? 3. Can I mount these lights to wood? I plan on making a custom hood. 4. Honestly, I still don't understand the wiring and where the actual power source comes from (he stated extension cord, female)? 5. Is there a good, fair priced alternative led fixture (non-DIY) that's already out there and perfect for my tanks deminsions? I understand things pretty quickly so if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, it's late for me and I am writing this on an iPad, sighhh, so please excuse the the grammatical errors, I won't let them happen in the future When this is figured out there will be a journal for my aquatic adventure so stay tuned. Looking forward to your responses, Johnny
  10. Hey all im looking to buy a nova extreme pro 20" for my BC. Thanks, Chett89