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  1. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    Nice to see this thread is still alive. Lol. How have u been pickle ? Wife still breeding cockatiels?
  2. Eric's Clownfish Breeding Thread (Retired)

    thx 6G. it was very sad and i was upset bagging them all up and shipping them out yesterday. F$#**NG fedex killed a few on the trip and it was i stressed the most about. so my fears came true. i hate shipping. but i will be fixing it. if i get into a better situation in the future i might get another pair or 2 to keep me up and into breeding. a side note. my clarkii that i sent, actually laid eggs in the bag during shipping. its the same thing that Dr Joyce Wilkerson had to her when got her clarkii. it was in her book.
  3. Eric's Clownfish Breeding Thread (Retired)

    Due to several factors like moving, health and others i am getting out of breeding. i sold every pair except for 1, i kept my rods onyx pair to maybe raise a few once in a while. they are living in retirement in my solana high on the hog, in the huge rbta. i will come here often and give help and info where ever i can help out. I wish everyone else who is breeding the best. Good luck and keep at it, its frustrating, but rewarding. I shipped my fish out yesterday and the guy showed up and bought and dismantled the system.
  4. ! New Book On Breeding And Raising Clownfish

    awesome. i want a signed one like you promised. hehe
  5. mine is gonna be cheap too. some red leds and a screen. Rich, whats the benifit for using ozone? i seen Doni used it for a while but stopped.
  6. Wanted to get a few different opinions on different types of filtration for my broodstock system an wanted to see what everyone else is using or planning to build. on my 200+gal broodstock system i have a SRO 5000xt and it does a great job. Protein skimmers are only about 30% effective and they do a great job. but for the other 50% - 70% i want to keep my water cleaner. my water always has a yellow tinge to is cause i feed so much. i feed 2 large ice cube size frozen cubes and pellet and some flake for my 15 pairs in the system. so there is alot of food and wasted food and poop. only other thing i do for water quality is water changes. i am not trying to replace water changes, just making the water cleaner. i will still do my monthly water changes, i know i should do more but i cant seem to get the energy to do them more than once a month.i want to try something different. i know some do bio balls and i might want to try them. but i want to get everyones opinion is on an Algae Turf Scrubber or ATS. i read a few threads and discussions on several sites and it seems like a great way to remove and polish the water better. instead of algae all over the tank sides, you grow it on a screen and lots of people have amazing results. i see many people with reef tanks use it to battle algae and cyano problems to great results. so i want to build one for my system and the growout system i am still building. the new calculations are now based off feeding and food and not water volume and tank size. since us breeders feed alot more than most people, our scrubbers will be bigger than most. anyone use bioballs to great success? how many per do you need per gal? i am not to familiar with BB cause i never used them. i know they do a decent job and i am not sure what they do, but what i remember they cnvert ammonia and nitrites to nitrates. and a ATS will do that and the algae will use the nitrates also. so i want to get some input and comments on what everyone thinks about ATS's. i am gonna use 1w or 3w red 660nm leds and you dont need many. hardest thing is to protect the electronics. so i want to get some acrylic and built a case to have it in. i did my calculations and based off of them i need a screen size of 120 sq inches. so i want to make my screen 10x12 or so. and i would only need 6 red leds. i might do 1w leds so i can place them closer and not get a spotlight effect and have better growth. so instead of 6 each side i might do 8 x 1w reds on each side. i been thinking that the more clean the water is, the more healthy the clowns will be. and i think the eggs laid will be healthier for the 8 or so days that we keep them with the parents. i know if i tested my ammonia and nitrates it will be thru the roof and i dont like to use parent water for the fry or eggs during the hatching. so if the water is cleaner and then i could use some more parent water and it will be cleaner. plus i wont have to scrub the algae off the glass. i know that algae all over inside the tank will help the parents feel comfortable that they can lay eggs in the dirty tank cause the fry food would be sustained in their minds. i want to try any simple and clean techniques to help my babies and broodstock be better and healthier. would love some feedback or ideas good, bad, indifferent.
  7. Rich do you have any true males possibly for sale? I am getting a laying snowcasso and want to pair her with something special. Since she is laying I want as close to a proven or true male as I can get. Just want to make sure I am giving her a male able to fertilize as soon as I can. You or know anyone who has a BA, onyx or a grade a Picasso ?
  8. a Wisconsin Reef... my experiences in aquaculture

    Do you ( or anyone else for that matter) have a male onyx BA or a grade A Picasso your hiding somewhere for sale? Getting a laying snowcasso and she needs a better mate than a reg occy she has now.
  9. get any stitches in your brow? i bought a screw backer outer kit for stripped bolts. well worth the 20 bucks or so. what did you put on your new system to save yourself $$? i did truelumen stripes on all my tanks and one hammerhead pump. only other pump is on my SRO-5000xt. i noticed a good drop in my electric bill but i am always looking for other ways to drop my bill. only thing that sucks that my system is in my basement which is underground and is cool all year so i need 4 - 5 400w heaters to keep it at 83.
  10. Gold stripe maroon clowns or something else

    they will do fine in your tank. it will take them almost 3 - 5 years to get that big and they might not even get that big. i got massive clarkii and a big gsm, both bredding pairs and the largest is my clarkii and they are in a 10gal section in my breeding setup. my gsm are in a 9gal section. they will be happy in your tank for a few years before you need to remove them. if you upgrade the lighting and add a bta then they will barely move from that nem either.
  11. Eric's Clownfish Breeding Thread (Retired)

    Monthly update. hehe went on a buying spree buying a few pairs to add to my madness. i think i like collecting clowns more than breeding now. sort of scary. I bought 4 new laying pairs recently and added them to the system. i did buy a darwin pair a month or 2 ago. waiting for them to start back spawning. but my new 3 pairs are a C-quest black onyx. these are jet black and are identical to my rods onyx pair since they are both from C-Quest stock. 4 days after arriving from the mid west they resumed laying for me. they put down a nice nest and i was pleasantly suprised that they laid so quick after shipping. the original owner is a great guy and took great care in this pair and it shows. stunning pair. excited to have two onyx pairs laying now. hopefully i can pump out some onyx soon. i got another occy pair and put the big female with a super snow i got from Eileen and i am expecting great things from them. my other occy female is laying sporadically and the 2nd one isnt laying yet. the 1st and 2nd occy femals i got are both 8 years old and i was hoping they would be laying more for me. i also got an allardi pair. kinda off the wall but since they were laying i had to have them. they are a clarkii complex but they look different. really pretty fish. hope to get them laying again, i dont know if there is a market for allardi or not, i doubt it; haha but i got them cheap and i love them. i got a massive massive clarkii pair also. they are very pretty and did i say huge? they are larger than my other clarkii pair. i got these cause the stripes got a blue tint to them and are stunning. i am actually donating my fist pair of clarkii to a lfs so they can do lectures and education with kids on breeding fish and stuff like that. so they are going to a good place and hopefully it will spark someone to start a saltwater tank and try to raise some clowns. i kinda slacked off a while in feeding the pairs cause i wasnt feeling well for a few weeks. but i am feeding them more and more and hopefully some get spawning again. only ones been laying good for me were my rods and my gsm pairs. now my darwin f x super black ice m has laid again and left the eggs till the end this time. nice nest and the male did a great job. i will try to raise the next batch. 1st clarkii pair and tomatoes, darwins, all stopped laying cause of my laziness. i was running my temps up to 85, but i lowered the temps down to 83. few reasons, one to keep my heaters from working alot and 2nd i think temps over 81 up to 83 is sufficient. anyone disagree?
  12. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    nice process on your new growout room. i got 4 pairs recently and i am maxed out for space. wife would have my you know what if i added more. maxed out at 15 pairs. hehe what are you (or anyone else) keeping your broodstock and the fry temps at? i had my stock at 85 and the fry was 83. so i lowered the broodstock to 83. not sure if having that high was doing any good or not. i kinda think anything over 81 is gravy so 83 is a good set temp.
  13. How to Fight Back When Your Photo is Stolen—

    fyi. also some of the online pic hosting sites namely photobucket specifically states that if you post a pic online you loose all rights to it and anyone can use it. but it is a D-bag move to not ask permission to use something that doesnt belong to you if you using that pic for financial gain, not from the pic but for what the pic represents. i love this thread. need more of them. i would love to water mark my pics without paying alot for photoshop. any other programs to watermark pics that are affordable?
  14. WTB: Sanjay's Black Photon Clownfish

    They will darken alot. I just got a breeding pair of allardi this week. Don't see to many of these around.
  15. WTB: Sanjay's Black Photon Clownfish

    he lost the female and there is no more photons. or semi even. his newer male is sterile and he switched it out recently. but a nice adult pair would be sweet.