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  1. Tinpanva's Reef Part Deux - 60 Cube

    Oh awesome! I thought for sure this tank was taken down. Looking great! Nice shots
  2. DarkMagic's ULM $290 5g Reef

    Great little tank! I'll be following this one I really love bookshelf tanks
  3. "Semi" bacterial bloom

    It was this one: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/green-killing-machine-internal-uv-sterilizer-with-power-head-1237020?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&scid=scplp1237020&sc_intid=1237020&cm_mmc=PLA-GG-_-PTC_P_BND_PLA-GG_FY17_SCShopping-TM-_-Non+VIP+-+TM-_-58700003271149947&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos={adpos}&scid=scplp1237020&sc_intid=1237020&kwid=p26086767553&device=c&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtZzWBRD2ARIsAIPenY39aIcd5eoLAOXGKJKVJpbdGMcT5s0GLEKSXq2n6s2x-a1ode1DXSoaAtIDEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Just make sure the used one has a working bulb!
  4. "Semi" bacterial bloom

    Yea I had a bacterial bloom about a month ago. Ended up getting a cheap UV sterilizer at Petco and that was that. I think I ran it for about 5 days total
  5. "Semi" bacterial bloom

    Are you dosing aminos or feeding heavily?
  6. Custom CDA 87G

    OOOooo So what happened to the last one exactly? I'm liking what I see so far! Nice work on the sump. Looks professional
  7. FL Aquarium Coral IDs

    Top one is definitely a bubble coral. More specifically a pearl bubble coral which is why it looks a little different from the ones you might be used to seeing.
  8. NanoBox & ReefWeeds Collaboration

    Nice work! Love the design
  9. Justin's Mixed 17G

    YES! This pump is a dream compared to the Skimz. Right out of the box the quality is clear. After installing it last night I realized that with cranking the pump up to near max and tuning my overflow I can get rid of the mp10 and run solely off the return. The pump is silent and with the return tuned properly this is only a small trickle of noise. I picked up the Vivid random flow generator a little while ago and it's performing really well with the increased gph. All this said, hopefully this return pump works for the long term. I've only read good reviews about it so I feel good about my purchase. Since buying the Skimz there have been numerous one star reviews popping up.
  10. JustinReef IM nuvo 25

    Hello fellow Justin! Nice work on the stand! Glad to see it's not a bunch of 2x4s slapped together You have a nice selection of equipment there. Did you get the tank yet or are you waiting on it? When do you expect to set it up? Stocking plans?
  11. SNG's 90g.

    Woo upgrade! Your pictures are coming along nicely. FTS looks good
  12. 17 gal Kitchen Counter Reef

    Man I love this tank. Makes me want to do the exact same thing with my setup!
  13. Justin's Mixed 17G

    Just read the Seneye has some new updates to announce this week. I'm really hoping it's news of the product they teased last year - Seneye Coral. Same dongle thingie but it monitors alk! I've been looking for news on this for awhile
  14. Lol! You have so much flow in there your rocks are moving Great video! I really like duncan valley
  15. Justin's Mixed 17G

    Pistol shrimp is still alive! Clicking away and coming out to grab food. That's an interesting thought. Must be an animal instinct Haha I know what I said guys! I have some sort of bacterial bloom going on right now which makes the tank look hideous. White stringy, fluffy crap everywhere. I picked up a UV sterilizer last night and it's been working ever since so hopefully the stuff will disappear in a few days. Bacterial bloom in reef tank and dead fish in the QT both happen over the weekend...coincidence? Seems unlikely. I don't know what the heck is going on though.