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  1. Gammorean bottlebrush

    LOL solid nerd name
  2. NanoBox Diffuser Splash Guards

    Gotta admit...I had the same experience. I actually sharpied the edge of the plate which worked well enough but ended up just going back to the old splash guard. I agree with @burtbollinger as far as the recommended adjustments I was happy to give it a shot though. I was never unhappy with the shimmer in the first place, just wanting to try it out.
  3. Must have missed it - when did you take the sump offline?
  4. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    Correct, they'll produce eggs no matter what. Free tank food in a few days!
  5. 3 Gallon Picotope!

    The tried and true picotope - great little tank! Yours is filling in nicely! She's doing her thing it's just there's no male around to fertilize the eggs.
  6. Blue clown hosting anenome

    Looks like a good old carpet anemone to me Stichodactyla gigantea I love the colors these news have
  7. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    I'm having trouble finding stories of success dealing with this. A series of Lugol's dips?
  8. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl - Skeletal Erosion Band??

    https://reefbuilders.com/2012/07/24/halofolliculina-corallasia/ That's what it looks like to me
  9. Justin's Mixed 17G

    My mp10 dry side was making a horrible whining noise. Took it apart and greased it, maybe not necessarily the right way but all better for the moment!
  10. Justin's Mixed 17G

    Turns out they have in fact paired up. I was feeding the fish and the pistol shrimp crawled out from behind him! Now pistol shrimp would just go and make a burrow big enough for the goby... You’re right! The goby will feed the pistol shrimp it’s paired up with. I did observe my yellow watchman doing this. “Some species of goby also appear to feed their shrimps, spitting food into the burrow, and even without such deliberate actions it's possible that the shrimps may feed on fragments of food that the gobies drop.”
  11. Ninja's Fluval Evo 13.5 - New Pics

    Nice! I didn’t know this tank was still up! Looking great
  12. Real Reefer's 5g AIO DIY

    Very cool! Love all the DIY in here. Are you you pulling the trigger on cutting acrylic for the light? Will you be installing a fan in the finished product? Any pics of the cabinet you made? Following along!
  13. Justin's Mixed 17G

    Good news! I found where the pistol shrimp has been hiding! The pistol I received is truly tiny and is now living in within a rock in the front right of the tank. I think the goby knows the shrimp is there and is creeping in close proximity in hopes of pairing up. I'm sure they'll meet one of these days once the pistol becomes more comfortable. I placed some food outside of the rock and it scurried out grabbed it and quickly shot back into the rock.
  14. Hypes SPS Dropoff Peninsula-New Skimmer

    Really though, this tank has been setup a year! We all need more pics