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  1. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Here's a cell pic of the sump setup for the nem and pistol. I put in a PVC elbow and broke up the big rock to pile it on top. The pistol some how coaxed the anemone to the top of the PVC near the opening. It's really amazing how those animals work together
  2. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    The best of both worlds πŸ˜‚
  3. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Yeah everything that I got from you looks great! The pistol seems very happy to have that anemone now too Thanks CM! It's really a great relationship to watch
  4. Also, a big thanks to @ninjamyst for my gifts! Now I have some battery powered air pumps for next time we lose power! I even got some batteries...that were individually wrapped πŸ˜„ Opening presents by candle light. It was a romantic experience I finished it off with the shot of vodka that was included😎 A very merry christmas indeed!
  5. Haha I was happy to get you again. That jerky is from a place down the road from me and it's killer
  6. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Quick cell vid of the monsters that live in my sump Yes I know I have a ton of hair algae in my sump πŸ˜„ but it only grows down there so I'm not complaining!
  7. Justind823

    2 Gallon Pico Jar aka C+C Coral Factory πŸ’§

  8. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Thanks Dave!
  9. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Wow...turns out this tank is a year old already? Time flies 🀭
  10. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    A local reefer was breaking down his tank so I picked up his coral and clean up crew a week ago. He had a pistol shrimp that had never paired up with his goby hiding in the rocks so I took it home as well. It didn't look like any goby shrimp that I had seen before so I put the little guy in the sump for the time being. Turns out the shrimp isn't into gobies at all, in fact it's very fond of that hitchhiking anemone I ended up with when I bought my chaeto. Accidental symbiosis! I never thought I'd end up with a curlique/ pistol pair. The relationship is really neat to watch. Since they paired up I decided to clean the home up a bit and I added a piece of PVC for the pistol shrimp which it took to immediately. Recent pic of the anemone in the sump - I need to get a new pic of the new setup
  11. Justind823

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Looking good! I'm jealous of your ric garden... Where did you get those yellow/ lime ones closest to the bottom?
  12. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Thanks! Yea that time was rough but it could of been much worse. You know it took awhile for the chaeto to acclimate and I thought it was a goner. It's growing nicely now, not sure what I changed. I do have a heavy hand with feeding and no skimmer I love dragons breath - good choice. I hope it takes off for you. Bringing pics to the new page
  13. I'm in! Any of these things: 2 battery operated air pumps (good to have for power outage) Livestock gift card - LiveAquaria, KPAquatics, Cultivated Reef or other good sites like those I also like booze πŸ‘ Or just completely surprise me