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  1. Have you tried placing it low and angling it up towards the surface? Deflecting the flow like that should help a bit. Not sure what your setup is like but just a thought
  2. Sure, let me know! You're first on the list
  3. Innovative Marine Auqa Gadget Desktop Wavelink DC powerhead (165 - 1500 GPH) $50 OBO In perfect working condition Used for about 3 months - vinegar soaked and ready for action
  4. Yes!! Now we're talking. Can't believe you found one of those brand new 😂
  5. Hard to tell from the picture but how big is it? Odd you didn't find anything beneath the burrow. My guess - depending on the size - would be a spaghetti worm. They use their gland secretions to form sand around their burrow similar to that but usually there is more of a pronounced stalk. Just a guess though! Sure is weird
  6. Sorry, I only ever used the tupperware container I linked in my previous post - no bucket but similar concept.
  7. As far as the shrimp/ goby pair goes, I think you could get away with a Hi Fin/ Candy Cane. They both stay pretty small and once they have established a den they really don't move around much
  8. MAME would be the cleanest way to go!
  9. Sounds like a fun project! The bucket sump is a good plan - I made a sump out of a tupperware container awhile back. I immediately thought of something I made that you might find useful if you do end up going that route. The biggest problem with having a sump like that would be micro bubbles unless you're planning on using a filter sock or adding chambers. I made an acrylic box with couple of 90 degree pvc elbows. It's kind of hard to see in these pictures but it's all I have of the thing. Eliminated the micro bubbles completely. If you're interested I could do a quick drawing of it for you. I wish I took better pictures of it back then!
  10. Yea nice coral list! You'll be there before you know it. Not sure if you're looking to add anything else but as far as the ato goes this might be a nice addition to hide it in, maybe the heater as well. Kinda like the one I had on my old Mini S http://www.xpaqua.com/Flexi.html
  11. Oh nice! I gave up on the whole thing but I'd take one if you're into it. It would be fun to mess around with
  12. What kind of camera? Are you planning on getting an ATO? As far as what corals I would like to see... Well are you trying for SPS, LPS, softies, mixed?