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  1. I'm regularly traveling for work so I'm able to check up on it when I'm not at home. Makes me feel better when I leave the tank for over a week...sometimes even two!
  2. Bummer! Can you order it with the discount anyway and have it shipped whenever it's back in stock? If not you might try emailing them - they'd probably hook you up. They're customer service has always been good to me
  3. Hmm I gave up on chaeto because of the same problem. Maybe I'll pick this up and try it out again, thanks for the tip! How long have you been using the supplement for? Any nuisance algae increase?
  4. Haha yea, I admit I've been checking it daily 😁 Webcams have come a long way huh?
  5. Those are nifty! I'm ordering some right now Tank is looking great - you have some crazy flow going on in there. Looks like the SPS are loving it!
  6. Nice setup! That IKEA stand is the perfect fit! Nice work there. I'll be following along
  7. Woo hoo! Back in action! Looking forward to watching this tank grow!
  8. Yea just a cheap Wyze camera - I was pleasantly surprised at the picture!
  9. Finally got a webcam setup for those work trips!
  10. Anyone have any news on the Seneye Coral product? It's been awhile now and I can't find any info other than their site which has said it's in development for the past year now. Reefbuilders made an announcement going on 2 years ago. https://reefbuilders.com/2017/10/18/seneye-coral-monitors-alkalinity-for-just-200/ I'm not holding out for it but I would try it out if it becomes available so just curious on the status. I haven't heard anything from their customer service about it either.
  11. There's this from Oceanbox Designs - it says discontinued for some reason but you could probably contact them to have one made. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/oceanbox-designs-mr-aqua-aio-reef-conversion/ These are also an off the shelf option https://www.marinedepot.com/XP_Aqua_Flexi_Surface_Skimmer_Media_Reactor_with_Magnet_Mount_Internal_Filter-XP_Aqua-0X1863-FIFRIT-vi.html?utm_source=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=mdcsegooglebase2&utm_content=0X1863&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4qvlBRDiARIsAHme6ot7hMy3oG3wKB088hYd4FmnO7xAYn33Uuk3xLMR2CwsCgKKfnUcJBAaAladEALw_wcB Just a couple of options for you there or you can of course go filterless
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