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  1. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Yeah it's a bummer but very happy to have a home to go back to! Our town took a pretty big hit so we've been very fortunate
  2. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Well everybody... this tank is no more We live within Sonoma County in Glen Ellen and we were evacuated for these past two weeks due to the wildfires. Thankfully our house survived but unfortunately for almost the entire time we were evacuated our house was without power. All you reefers know what that means! I was really bummed to lose everything but I'm already thinking about what's next
  3. Brad's ADA 60f Mangrove Tunnel

    Looking good! What is that in the sand? Kinda looks like sea grass???
  4. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Here is a list on my main page with a little more detail. Congrats on the new tank! Tank: Eheim Aquastyle 9G Sump: Mr. Aqua 7G with DIY baffles Flow/Filtration: Ecotech MP10 in the main tank, Eheim Compact+ 2000 as a return pump Lighting: Nanobox Tide w/ Bluefish Mini, Stock Eheim Aquastyle light for the sump Heating: 200w Jager I also use two BRS 1.1ml dosers for dosing two part and a autotopoff.com dual float switch ato.
  5. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Howdy CM! Busy with traveling for work so it's been hard to keep the tank pleasing to the eye. What better than to just go ahead and get a clam for the tank right? I'm looking at getting a maxima but I've been down in LA for going on three weeks now so we'll see how the tank is looking when I get home in a few days!
  6. •••Another Box of Water•••

    When in doubt, go turbo
  7. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Nice, make it happen What aquarium are you rocking nowadays? Thread yet?
  8. Justin's Mixed 9G

    I just moved stuff around yesterday. Trying to make room for some other stuff and make what's in there a little happier as far as lighting and flow. If all goes according to plan I should have a clam in there sometime soon. Trying to carve out a space for it! Do you have a tank right now?
  9. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Tank is looking incredible! Did you get the mounts for your light sorted?
  10. Lucky pup! Looks like a great trip. I've been all around there but still haven't made it to Mono Wait, did you say @DaveFason is coming out to teach us to fly fish next weekend? Sound like a good plan
  11. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Thanks! Thanks Dave! The light is great - just what I was looking for. Pretty much! I was using and I'm still using Fritz salt. I called them up and they sent me out a new box which tested on the mark.
  12. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Haha well I tricked him into posing by feeding the tank shortly before taking that shot I do love having a YWG. I've had one in pretty much every one of my tanks - great character. He needs another pistol shrimp friend though!
  13. Justin's Mixed 9G

    VID_20170602_140819147 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr Forgot to mention I also picked up a porcelain crab. Check this out...keep in mind I only bought one! Took me a sec to figure out which was which
  14. Justin's Mixed 9G

    Okay a real update with an FTS that I've been promising probably for months now IMG_9800 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr So obviously the tank has changed a bit. I rescaped and all was going well until... I started using a bad batch of salt. I was using it for about a month and then the tank started crashing. After a water test found I had an alk level of around 5... I lost a lot of flesh on most of my LPS so corals are still a bit off. I have a branching frogspawn I'm nursing in low light and flow in the sump that lost a bunch of heads but the ones that survived are recovering nicely. The hammer has bounced back and is trying to split it's existing head and also grow a new one so it's very deflated. Took a few other photos. Not the best macros as it was all handheld but here yah go! IMG_9804 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr IMG_9823 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr Goby peekin IMG_9830 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr The freshwater tank has been doing well! submerge the driftwood completely as I had gnats making babies up in there... I also trimmed up the succulents and some plants and of course added the new light Dave sent me! I noticed after I put the camera away that I had some glare on the tank, sorry about that. IMG_9836 by Justin Desrosiers, on Flickr
  15. Justin's Mixed 9G

    My tank hasn't been this clean in a long time! Get one