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  1. Justind823

    Reef safe paint?

    Krylon fusion has been the go to aquaria safe paint for awhile. Anything that says it bonds to plastic should do the trick
  2. Justind823

    What's the smallest All-In-One tank?

    Never say never! Anything is possible😁
  3. Justind823

    What's the smallest All-In-One tank?

    Well there's always this 😉 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Aquarium-Nano-Desktop-Aquarium-All-in-One-Filtering-Oxygen-LED-Lighting/273354730486?pageci=8051c6ee-a440-45de-a2ed-75862cb1da3e It's very cool, if I had the time I'd try to make something of it
  4. Justind823

    Ommeh's 3.5 Gallon Pico Tank - #overengineer

    Very cool dosing reservoirs! Are they purpose built from scratch or made from something else?
  5. Justind823

    Paul's new nano adventure...

    Wow great build! I'll be following along. Thanks for bumping this thread @Christopher Marks
  6. Justind823

    skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (Photo Dump 10/20)

    Good to see a Pico tank back in action! I love your goby/pistol combo Great pics, I'll be following along
  7. Justind823

    mcs shallow mantis reef

    Great tank! I'll be following along Where did you get your mantis from?
  8. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Haha nah I'm over it but thanks No pics as I've been busy with traveling for work. I'll be back this Friday so hopefully I'll get some pics up next week when I have some time off! As for the fires -- they aren't currently an issue in our area. This week is the anniversary of when they swept through last year so everyone is a little on edge. Unfortunately, the constant high fire danger is just the new norm for us in California. I have a problem...😉 But really I just fell down the rabbit hole trying to make it absolutely perfect. Hands out of the tank from now on. I have a couple of SPS up there but I'm definitely not going to be adding more with how much I've been away from the tank lately.
  9. Justind823

    Is Goniopora Really So Hard?

    Here's a good thread one of our TOTM winners started awhile back.
  10. 😍 Damn looking amazing!! Let me know when you start fragging 😉
  11. Justind823

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Haha well I ended up with both pumps in the tank. They are both on pulse at the lowest setting and other than having two pumps in the tank, I've never been happier with the flow.
  12. Justind823

    Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Bummer, what kind of heater?
  13. Justind823

    Curlyque or Aiptasia?

    Thanks all! I'm going to let it enjoy the refugium in the sump
  14. Justind823

    Curlyque or Aiptasia?

    Having trouble making a decision on this one... It hitchhiked on some chaeto that I bought from KP aquatics. I know they sell them on their site but I've never really seen one in person and I know there are many different forms of invasive aiptasia. Plus I believe these anemones are closely related. What do you guys think? It came from the right area for it to be a curlycue but help me out here. I don't plan on putting in the display. I'd just like to let it hang out in the sump.
  15. Justind823

    New tank. Bug with red legs?

    Pretty sure that's a zoanthid eating spider. Do you have zoas in the tank? Dip them if so