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  1. Modding Fluval Spec v Lighting

    Jedimaster for sure knows whats up. however, i would leave out the violets, as they have crazy par and will probably burn everything you put in there. Unless you have violet on a seperate dimmable controller that is. :-)
  2. Cycling dry rock.

    Bulk Reef Supply, pukani. Crazy light stuff... you will almost throw it over your shoulder when you try to pick it up. I tested the bacteria after about 5 weeks or so, by adding nutrients (in this case shrimp pellets) and observing the test kits. I watched ammonia spike up, slowly over a day or so go down to 0, and nitrates come up a bit and then back down (had some algae i would imagine eating that up). i then slowly... slowly added life. First a snail... watched the kits. 2 snails.. then 3.. and finally a hermit. One little critter at a time, until we are on week 7. I added my clowns and still watched the test kits, and saw everything spike a bit, and now its back to normal. Takes time for the bacteria to balance out... grow out more to handle the added nutrients, or die back with the lack of nutrients. :-)
  3. picO custom build - slow mo

    Thanks. Haha. It's hard to work with a space that is only about 6 inches wide. I'm hoping the coral and others will help shape it up. There is one final piece to go on top. Been holding out to make sure the clowns have leg room.
  4. Cycling dry rock.

    I used only dry rock myself on my latest tank. Didn't add anything. Over time (about 4 weeks) it was seeded naturally and now is fully cycled (6 weeks total) and is partially stocked. I still take it slow adding things, but you seriously don't have to do anything. +1 to the trolls. Go outside and play.
  5. Although not a PicO troubleshooting thread.. Yes, take out the sponge between chamber 2 and 3. It probably needs to be cleaned, or removed all together. P.S. I too am sad to see the threads gone. Wonder whats up with that.
  6. picO custom build - slow mo

    Got sidetracked with a surround sound install, and a weekend up in the attic. But I did manage to get the kids relocated. These are my 3 year old clowns. Lucy and Ricky. In an olan mills pose: Here they are again.. the lights make them look like maroon clowns, but they a bright vivid orange. To much for the crappy iphone cam. And a FTS showing the snails handy work. Clean up crew and some pencil tip algae on the way from reef cleaners. :-)
  7. picO custom build - slow mo

    Going to pick up the cloth to upholster the back shelf tonight. Also will post an updated pic of the tank since the big snails have had their way with it. Totally white and clean. Really suprising how quick they cleaned it up post-cycle. i find myself leaving the lights on to long, and feeding to much, just to help build more food for the snails. hehe. Stay tuned!
  8. I used adhesive backed vinyl, that PicO Aquariums sent me. its easy. Hose down the tank with windex, and then hose down the vinyl with windex. Slap it on there, get it where you like it, and start using a credit card/DL to smooth out the bubbles and push out the windex. In like 5 mins it will be stuck like glue.
  9. picO custom build - slow mo

    Sick today. But while I'm feeling down, I decided to do something with all this spare time. Hobby grade 1/8th inch oak ply. Almost stainable grain. Shelf supports built in. All the crap hanging out. Getting close but it's break time. More updates later.
  10. Your LEDs will dim in 4-5 years. Then what?

    Wizzy, Group hysteria does not constitute fact. I've heard/read no "real" evidence here.
  11. picO custom build - slow mo

    Thanks! I really hope this one works out. So far the cycle is complete, and my CUC is happily churning sand and sucking up all the green stuff everywhere. Thinking about getting a birdsnest frag and getting that started. My clowns loooooved GSP, and hosted it like crazy. I hope i can find a suitable replacement, something they will like, without starting the GSP nightmare again. My last tank had a huge outbreak of hair algae, and they loved it! It was almost heart breaking to clean the tank up as they were always hiding in it, rubbing on it, rubbing on each other while in it... I'd originally planned this to be a FOWLR, but honestly I need a bit more to take care of. The screwing around with the tank is where all the fun is. Keeping water params right, feeding, cleaning, tweaking, etc.. is the interesting parts. Its rewarding when people see the tank, and OOOO and AAAHH over it. Being in such a central location in my house, and just being as sexy as it is, I almost HAVE to do something beyond FOWLR. I will be building out the covers for the rear of the tank this weekend, and tidying up everything. Keep an eye out for a pic update. Wish me luck on the Clown relocations. My YWG and Tiger are last to go... just since my YWG has such a bad attitude, I don't want him to be first and get all territorial with the clowns. Question for you guys. If my birds nest, years down the road, builds out to be significant in size will it actually host beneficial bacteria like live rock? Just a random question.
  12. picO custom build - slow mo

    24 hour period for this piece of 50 micron filter after adding a partial clean up crew. Mmm tasty!
  13. picO custom build - slow mo

    Thanks! We wake up here for the past month and can't even believe its ours. Same for the tank! Shot of PicO skimmer. Sole occupant. Everything measured right, so he was first in. Next week his brother goes in. Week after goes the rest of the cuc. Then the clowns. Totally dry rock, cooked, still has life after a month of running. Around 6 months after livestock comes RBTA for the clowns and my enjoyment. Rockscape is a bit bare, and plain. But I'm giving the RBTA plenty of places to choose before I do anything else. Maybe a pink birdsnest at some point before then. List of goods updated. Vortech mp10w Finnex 50w heater 2 ledtric light stands 2 ledtric tru-pop par38 (painted black) PicO skimmer (shown above) Whisper 40 air pump BRS dry rock - pukani I think - 10lbs 4lbs Carib-sea white sand 2lbs of blood sweat and tears I use a 50 micron filter sock cut to fit media basket. Also have been running BRS Rox 0.8 carbon to crisp things up for photos.
  14. picO custom build - slow mo

    Lol. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. picO custom build - slow mo

    For sure... This is a temporary location, so im holding off on permanently affixing things. I'll meet you half-way and move it 90 degrees when its in its final home. For those that are curious as to where its going to be... here is a "model". Even the home is a model, as my house isn't completely built yet. (colors are different as well) The mock up is about 4 inches short as well. The extra "hang over" on the back side in Pic#2 will be the "stash spot" for everything. I will fabricate a cover that goes to the end of the granite, and back to the "pole". Control boxes, food, cables, etc... will all be stored there.