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  1. FS- sps, lps, softie

    What is priority shipping to NYC - 10017 Looking for some awesome zoa frags
  2. How to frag a xenia....

    alright - ill give it a shot. It looks quite awesome but its taking over a large area in my small 12g tank. I am trying to get some different corals going in there. Maybe ricordia or acans... Right now I have the following - green button polyps that are on 2 different rocks since i moved the frag plug - xenia - candy cane that has 3 heads, but laying on the substrate... is that alright? - 3 orange zoa polyps that just dont seem to want to open - green pagoda
  3. How to frag a xenia....

    awesome! I know its the "best" coral in the world but it provides a lot of life in the tank which I like. If I cut between the two rocks, I will then have two rocks with a solid size xenia on both rocks. Is there any way to get it unattached from the large rocks?
  4. How to frag a xenia....

    Hey Everyone... I have an awesome and quick growing xenia in my 12g nano. I am interested in fragging and then trading it for something else. The xenia has morphed itself to two different rocks. Anyone have any interest? ideas on how to frag?
  5. The 12g Nano

    Pictures are on the way... Will take some tonight. I just have the stock lighting that comes with the jbj12g NanoCube. Actually the entire tank is stock, I am thinking about (need to do) order an extra powerhead, Im thinking just a real small extra one to get a bit more flow cant be a bad thing
  6. The 12g Nano

    Hello Everyone I thought that I would start keeping people up to date on my tank. Over the past few months between school and work there was a little neglect on the part of the tank. Shame on me. I allowed hard purple algae to grow on the glass and things just werent doing very well. I have spent the last 2+ weeks daily cleaning and monitoring to make sure we are going in the right direction. The tank went through a baby cycle with ammonia getting up a bit and nitrate through the roof, calcium and magnesium down below normal levels. I am happy to report that after every other night water changes and daily testing we are at steady levels with 0 ammonia for 5 days and nitrates down to about 20ish (I know still a little bit) but MUCH better. Yesterday I added 3 dwarf blue hermits and 2 turbo snails to help keep the cleaning going. My blue damsel survived and looks happier then ever. My corals didnt do so well, some are hanging on, so im still keeping my fingers crossed. I am trying to think of what kinds of corals I want to get in the near future (3 weeks of steady/solid test results before I put anymore corals in). What do you all think I should get. I also want to get another fish to go with my blue damsel but he is semi territorial. Thoughts? I also apologize for the neglect I know some of you hate that, but there was a lot going on and something had to give. But not anymore, 30 minutes with the tank every other day for a little algae cleaning and small test is worth it in the long run.
  7. NY shopping spree: TODAY

    We just go to manhattan aquariums and get 25% off? Thats pretty sweet. That place has awesome stuff. I recently just went through a tough time with the tank and will need to refurbish at that point. Water params are just about normal and watching to make sure they are stable before adding anything.. speaking to nyc'ers, anyone have any macro algae they would sell? thanks
  8. Atlantic Condy Anemone

    I have a 12G nano currently trying to get it back into a flourshing tank. Ive had a damsel in their with live rock for a good bit, but now looking to make the tank much better. I recently bought a frag of a duncan which is flourishing. While I was at the LFS I also picked up an Atlantic Condy, it looked great for the first few days, gets about 8 hours of light per day, and was inflated and looked awesome. Over the past few days it has looked less inflated and been moving around a bit. I know when it is sick or dying it will look like it has "stuff" coming out of it. Right now, it just deflated, is that normal? ANyone with any insight into these guys would be great. Thanks for your help
  9. Flyrfrk33 First Nano

    A lot of new growth in the tank. There is some green and some other stuff growing on the live rock. A good amount of algae growth. I will be going to the LFS on Wed to get my CUC and let them have fun for about a week or so and then slowly add some coral/fish. Any suggestion on what I should add first, coral or fish?
  10. Flyrfrk33 First Nano

    Hey Took my water to get tested at the LFS, guy there said everything looks normal, PH was a little low because SG was a little low. I added some salt and SG now looks good as well as the PH. There is a little bit of ammonia very little nitrate now and no nitrite at all. Hopefully everything smoothes out this week
  11. New 12g Nano Cube

    Thanks a lot. I will take a look into that. Everything is still looking pretty good. SG was a little low this weekend but have that fixed and should be good to add CUC pretty soon. Ammonia still a little spiked but hopefully in a few days itll calm down. Ill test the water again tomorrow night or wed just to see where we are at.
  12. New 12g Nano Cube

    Yea there is only one plug. Im a little slow, thanks for the help How do you do the day/night cycle then?
  13. Flyrfrk33 First Nano

    I mixed it myself. Do you see something that is wrong?
  14. Flyrfrk33 First Nano

    Hey guys Here are some test results. The LR has been in since Tuesday night. I believe these are the results with the some pictures PH - 8ish Ammonia - looks like .25 but maybe a little less Nitrate - 15 Nitrite - 0 Are these normal for the amount of time the tank has been cycling? Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. New 12g Nano Cube

    Hey guys Here are some test results. The LR has been in since Tuesday night. I believe these are the results with the some pictures PH - 8ish Ammonia - looks like .25 but maybe a little less Nitrate - 15 Nitrite - 0 Are these normal for the amount of time the tank has been cycling? Any suggestions? Thanks